Guest Speaker: Kristan T. Harris

Presentation: “The Hidden History of Giants,” Saturday, UWM Ballroom West

HIdden History of Giants

Kristan T. Harris is a top traffic journalist for alternative news TV/talk radio program The Rundown Live. Harris has been featured on multiple national radio programs regarding his research into esoteric books, hidden history and secret societies.

Harris will present a compelling presentation of his extensive research of giant human skeletons. The investigation effort included using the Library of Congress database, local archaeological society records and historical documents – which resulted in unearthing over 1,000 American newspaper articles claiming to discover remains of giant human skeletons.

Many of these articles connect legitimate institutions, colleges and real scientists as well as local Indian effigy mounds. Harris has interviewed and collaborated with both skeptics and top researchers in the subject of giant humans and recently was acknowledged in Jim Vieira (History Channel’s In Search of the Lost Giants) and Hugh Newman’s (Ancient Aliens) recent book Giants on Record: America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files.

The Rundown

and his site American Intelligence Report:

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