Vendors of the Week 23: Jason Braun



Jason is a writer and illustrator who works from his cabin/studio in the woods of rural Wisconsin. He graduated with a BFA from UW-Milwaukee in 1998 and worked as a graphic designer for several years before leaving the corporate world in order to focus on his art. In addition to his RPG credits, which include: Goblinoid Games, Chaotic Henchmen Productions, Black Blade Publishing, and Rob Kuntz’s Pied Piper Publishing, Jason creates crisp commercial illustrations, festival and theatrical posters, whimsical paintings, and pet portraits.

Jason is a cat whisperer, an ordained Dudeist minister and enjoys camping, horror movies, and Irish whiskey.


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Vendors of the Week 22: Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

PIM Ediburgh

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM) is a Milwaukee, WI based paranormal phenomena investigative group. We conduct investigations in private homes and businesses that report paranormal activity, using the scientific method and various equipment in an attempt to separate the explainable from the unexplainable.


PIM is participating in the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference with a Friday night investigation of the Milwaukee Theater (sold out!), a workshop on EMF readings, and a screening of a documentary about them is part of the Sunday Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Film Fest line up.

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Special Activity: Ghost Story Open Mic

Sunday, UWM Ballroom West, with your hosts with the mosts, Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics!

Open-Mic-Media-Detail-CCHere’s how this idea came about. Con director Tea Krulos noticed last year at our first con that a number of people were enjoying having an environment where they could talk about their own supernatural experiences. People were talking to investigation groups on the vendor floor, podcasters recorded some of their stories, and Krulos himself heard a few hair-raising tales.

Later, Krulos was on assignment with M magazine writing a short round up of open mic nights around town– comedy, music, poetry, etc.– and the idea hit him like a peanut butter truck crashing into a jelly factory…Ghost Story Open Mic.

This is how it’ll work. Think of a story you’d like to share. Maybe it’s something eerie that you’ve experienced directly, or a creepy story told to you by a relative or friend. Or maybe it’s a story that frightened you around the campfire when you were young. Sign up at the ticket and registration table and you’ll be given a 5 minute timeslot for the open mic. First come, first serve, so show up early to sign up. Don’t be shy– you’re among friends!


Horror host Deadgar Winter (right) and co-host Celeste Parker

Our open mic emcees are horror host Deadgar Winter, and his co-host Celeste Parker, stars of Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics. Deadgar and his entourage of Deadgirls screen classic cult favorite B horror and sci fi movies interspersed with their own with skits and commentary.

Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics airs in Kenosha and Milwaukee on Channel 16 and Channel 987 in Jefferson County. For more details, check out:

You can also see archived episodes on YouTube and Vimeo.

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Panel Discussion: Best UFO Reports 2016

Saturday, UWM Ballroom West

Moderator: Nick Roesler (Beyond Deep Black Radio) Panel: Chase Kloetzke (Mutual UFO Network) and Kevin Malek (UFO Wisconsin Research Team).

What are UFOs and where do they come from? This discussion will talk about some of the most compelling UFO cases reported so far in 2016. Our ufology experts will talk about case studies from around the country, the world, and from Wisconsin.

Our panel moderator is Nick Roesler, author of In Focus: Photographic Evidence of Unconventional Flying Objects and host of Beyond Deep Black Radio on KGRA.

Chase Kloetzke has been with MUFON (the largest UFO research organization in the world) since 1996 and is currently MUFON’s Deputy Director of Investigations and Special Case Manager. Read a full bio on her here:

Kevin Malek is a paranormal historian and founder of the Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society. He is also a ufologist and field investigator for the UFO Wisconsin Research Team. He is a contributing writer for Supernatural Magazine and one of the hosts of the paranormal radio show Paraversal Universe on the Paranormal King Radio Network. He also serves as a conspiracy analyst for Ultimate Conspiracies, Apocalypse Nation, and the PKRN. Kevin and his wife Jennifer Scelsi-Malek run the Northwoods Paranormal Resource Center in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.
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floating bag-2

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Blurry Photos podcast * Brew City Paranormal * International Cryptozoology Museum * Dawn’s Dark Treasures * Donovan Scherer * Madison Ghost Walk * Haunted Rockford * Old Baraboo Inn * Badger Bus Tours * Ghostly Gadgets * Tea Krulos (book preview) * Witchsconsin Project * Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee * Minnesota Krampus * Monette Bebow- Reinhard * Cait May Illustration * Kat Green * Muddy Water Press * Universal Awareness Center * Chase Kloetzke * Fate magazine
Ratbatspider * Bucket O’ Blood Books and Records * David Beyer, Jr. * American Science & Surplus * Cult of Weird * and more!

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mpc tote-3

Photos by Wendy Schreier Photography


Vendor of the Week 20-21: American Science & Surplus

outside store

Here at American Science & Surplus we are fascinated by discovery and invention. And we are dedicated to having fun along the way. We offer an eclectic range of products, many with a science or educational tilt to them, others simply handy or amusing. Value is important, and whenever we can, we carry surplus at prices well below retail. We love closeouts, inventory overruns, mis-manufactures, and items whose time has not come.

Front 2Store locations
Milwaukee, 6901 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Chicago, 5316 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Geneva/ West Chicago, 33W361 Roosevelt Road (Route 36)

Toll free: 888-SCIPLUS (888-724-7587)




Front 3

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Panel Discussion:Haunted Road Trip


Sunday, UWM Ballroom West

: Mike Huberty (See You on the Other Side podcast, Minneapolis Ghost Walks) Panel:  Mike Hoke (Cedarburg Ghost & Dark History Walking Tours), Lisa Van Buskirk (Madison Ghost Walks), Kathi Kresol (Haunted Rockford, author of Murder & Mayhem in Rockford, Illinois).

Pack a lunch, fill up the ol’ gas tank, and hit the open road in search of ghost stories! Our panel moderator is Mike Huberty, who explores the paranormal on a podcast he co-hosts called See You on the Other Side. He also runs a Minneapolis ghost walking tour and will talk to a panel of tour guides and experts that will tell you about some places you can visit within a couple hours drive of Milwaukee.

You’ll hear the lore behind eerie historical locations in Madison, Cedarburg, and Rockford that are open to the public, so you can plan a fall drive to go take a look and explore for yourself.

MPC Tours

We have three tours associated with this year’s Milwaukee Paranormal Conference and we encourage you to get tickets now as all of these have a very limited capacity.

Milwaukee Ghosts- Tours and Investigations has their Third Ward Walking Tour the night of Sat., Oct. 15 after the con.. Meets outside Milwaukee Public Market, 7:30pm. More info here:

Forest Home Cemetery Walking Tour, is taking place Sunday morning, 10:30am-noon (meet at cemetery office at 10:15am). Historical tour with guide Robert Giese. Tour is $7, includes a souvenir booklet. Tickets are limited to 30 and can be purchased on the MPC Indiegogo fundraiser page:

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Guest Speaker: Katrina Weidman


Shepherd Express presents: “Q & A with Katrina Weidman of Paranormal Lockdown,” Saturday, Wisconsin Room

Katrina Weidman became actively involved in paranormal research while attending Penn State University. While pursuing degrees in Integrative Arts and Theater and a minor in music technology, she was also able to pursue her passion for the paranormal by becoming case manager for the famed Paranormal Research Society (originally founded as a Penn State student organization). PRS (and Katrina) became the focus of the A&E channel docudrama Paranormal State, which aired from 2007-2011.

Katrina then served as host to the Chiller channel’s Real Fear: the Truth Behind the Movies, which explored horror movies based on actual events. It has been rated Chiller’s number one original program.

Katrina currently co-stars (along with Nick Groff, of Ghost Adventures) on the hit Destination America show Paranormal Lockdown. The popular and acclaimed first season that aired earlier this year led to a renewal for a second season. A Halloween 2-hour special airs just a couple weeks after our conference, on October 28. That special will document Katrina and Nick (along with Haunted Collector star John Zaffis) on their investigation of the Black Monk House in Yorkshire, England.

At the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, Katrina will be featured in a special Q and A session facilitated by Mike Huberty and Wendy Lynn Staats, hosts of the podcast See You On The Other Side. They’ll talk about Katrina’s experiences on the first season of Paranormal Lockdown, and what we can expect for season 2. It’ll be followed by a Q and A from the audience, and an autograph session.


art592This presentation is made possible by the Shepherd Express, Milwaukee’s weekly alternative. Be a reader, not a follower:

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Panel Discussion: Searching for Wisconsin’s Sasquatch


Bigfoot? Prints found on a 2014 WPI Hunts the Truth expedition,

Saturday, UWM Ballroom West

Moderator: Sanjay R. Singhal (Beyond the Forest Radio). Panel: Author and researcher Linda S. Godfrey, Jay Bachochin (WPI Hunts the Truth), Larry and Jen Dopke (WI chapter of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization).

Bigfoot, one of the star cases of cryptozoology, has been spotted in states coast to coast and, according to our panel, is no stranger to Wisconsin. Our panel consists of people who have actually gone out into the field in Wisconsin to locations like Kettle Moraine State Forest and beyond to seek evidence of this elusive mystery. They’ve had some interesting encounters along the way and will share some of the unusual (and at times frightening!) experiences they’ve had.

Our panel includes:

Linda S. Godfrey, cryptozoology researcher and author of classics like The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf, Weird Wisconsin, American Monsters, and many more.

Jay Bachochin of the investigation group WPI Hunts the Truth has led several expeditions looking for Bigfoot and is wrapping up a documentary on his search titled Into the Woods.

Larry and Jen Dopke are leaders of the local branch of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO is the group  represented on the show Finding Bigfoot) and have led several Wisconsin expeditions for the organization, in addition to filing reports from witnesses. (See an example HERE from earlier this year.)

Our moderator Sanjay R. Singhal is an investigator and host of the Beyond the Forest Radio show, in which he shares his own experiences and talks to other field researchers.

You can catch Sanjay interviewing the Dopkes TONIGHT (Aug.2) on Beyond the Forest.

7pm CST:

Additionally, a trailer was just released for Into the Woods, that stars panelist Jay Bachochin and documents his research along with Mary Marshall, who we’re glad to say is also a 2016 guest speaker.

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