Guest Speaker: Kristan T. Harris

Presentation: "The Hidden History of Giants," Saturday, UWM Ballroom West Kristan T. Harris is a top traffic journalist for alternative news TV/talk radio program The Rundown Live. Harris has been featured on multiple national radio programs regarding his research into esoteric books, hidden history and secret societies. Harris will present a compelling presentation of his … Continue reading Guest Speaker: Kristan T. Harris

Guest Announcements, Round 2

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference is happening October 15 and 16 at the UWM campus. In our last post, we announced our first round of guest speakers, including Loren Coleman, Chad Lewis, Mary Marshall, Allison Jornlin, Celesté Contreras, Summerwind Restoration Society, and Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee. We also announced two panels, "Searching  for Wisconsin's Sasquatch" and "Haunted Road … Continue reading Guest Announcements, Round 2