Vendor of the Week 09-10: Dark Star Ministry

DARK STAR MINISTRY is born from the bloodline of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim. The Von Nettesheim family and our associate deacons are here to help you understand as best we can your unique situation, questions, or problems involving the ‘paranormal,’ ‘supernatural,’ and ‘occult.’ We are able to aid in most any circumstance , and can supply guidance as needed. DARK STAR combines both scientific and occult tools to get satisfactory results. Suggested donations are quite reasonable, including barter. No one has ever been turned away for inability to pay.


WE ARE HERE TO HELP.13181002_616895855153473_949932291_n

Client satisfaction and privacy is of our highest concern.

We Help Heal the Haunted!



-Haunting Investigation

-Spiritual House Cleansing

-Poltergeist and Demonology Specialists
-Dream Analysis and Counseling

-Sleep Paralysis Assistance

-Ritual/ Ceremonial Drumming
-Ordained Ministry Services
We are available to assist paranormal teams and other ministries and faiths as needed.

For additional information and appointments, please contact Miss Vicki at:

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference tickets available here:


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