Discount Merch and Wheel-O-Prizes at Friday the 13th Fest!

Friday the 13th Fest II: Dirty Thirties Carnival is coming up next week. In addition to music by The MilBillies and exciting dance performances from Skully Sati, Jeannette Daft, Nina Nazir, and  Dimitra (AND a mini-reptile zoo display from the Fox Valley Herpetological Society) we will be tabling with DISCOUNTED Milwaukee Paranormal Conference merch and will have a game you can play to win some unique prizes!


Please note these discounted prices are only available at the Friday the 13th Show.

2016 logo T-shirts: $8


2016 logo tank tops: $7

They Walk Among Us, MPC fundraiser comp double CD with 22 local bands!: $4


Coffee mugs: $5


Wooden pins: $5


Color program poster print: $8


Stickers: $1


For just a $1 suggested donation you can spin the (say it with me) WHEEL.O.PRIZES!

You’ll land on spaces that will read Spin Again, Epic Fail, Candy (entitling you to one piece of candy) or PRIZE! We’ll keep spinning until all the prizes are gone.

Our sensational prizes include:

Free tarot reading from Skully Sati


Remote controlled flying shark (no party is complete without it!)


Free drink ticket for Riverwest Public House


A copy of Godzilla vs the Smog Monster DVD


Signed copy of Palookaville by Tea Krulos


Milwaukee Paranormal Conference t-shirt, coffee mug, wooden pin, and poster print (see photos above!)

Wobble head alien buddy

They Walk Among Us double comp CD


Ballyhoo preview issue by Tea Krulos and David Beyer, Jr.


Want to promote your business, product, craft, or service? Contribute a prize to this list and we’ll update and promote it before the show. E-mail:


Milwaukee Paranormal Conference needs financial support to pay off it’s debts. You can make a donation here:

They Walk Among Us CD Release Show and Krampus Fest

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference volunteer Scotty Damned has done an amazing job putting together a benefit CD for the conference titled “They Walk Among Us.” We were blown away by the response from local punk, metal, (and other genres) bands who contributed tracks to this comp. Thanks to all bands that participated!


Here’s the track listing:

“What The Dark Conceals” – Slug Shell
“Dirty Skyline” – Samyaza
“Old Dark House” – The Dead Morticians
“Wolf’s Tongue” – Black Frost
“Helewe” – H1Z1
“Loneliness Quotient” – The First Rule
“Hogsback Road” – Ratbatspider
“…And Then You Die” – Play Dead
“The Shakes” – Bad Bread
“Same Shit, Different Dick” – The Meatcurtains
“Koala” – Billy Dreamer
“Weak Excuses” – 40 Oz Fist
“Of Miracles” – West View
“Irritated” – Dwelling In Desolation
“Floating Face Down” – Blood On The Playground
“They’re Coming To Get You Barbara” – Put Her In The Trunk
“Locked In A Box “- Creepy Little Things
“Asphyxia” – Once The Sun
“Cursed To Wander” – Cursed To Wander
“O_O “- Cold Ghosts
“For Those In Amber” – Astral/ Subastral
“Bigfoot Polka” – Sunspot

Artist Brian Defferding (creator of the graphic novel School: A Ghost Story) illustrated the album cover art, packed with paranormal and horror character favorites. To celebrate the CD’s release, we’re hosting a show Friday, December 16 (8pm) at Frank’s Power Plant (2800 S.Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View). Several of the bands contributing tracks to the CD are playing sets, including: Bad Bread, Black Frost, 40oz Fist, The Dead Morticians, and H1Z1.

We are also billing this as a Krampus Fest with the hopes that people show up dressed as Krampus or other Christmas horror characters. We are hoping to build interest into an annual Krampus themed event in Milwaukee.


Minnesota Krampus at Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

Admission is just $6, $10 includes a copy of the CD. The CD will also be available in our Square store after the show. Proceeds from the show’s door and CD sales help fundraise for the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference. Successful fundraising is imperative for the conference to continue. Help us out by attending this show and getting this CD packed with local talent.


Facebook event page:

Thinning the Herd by Eric Montag

We’re thrilled to give you a Halloween treat– the winners of the Cult of Weird/ Milwaukee Paranormal Conference short fiction contest. We absolutely thrilled that all of our story winners (and honorable mentions) have been narrated by the extremely talented Darren Marlar on his Weird Darkness program. Light some candles and listen here:

And check out more Weird Darkness programs/ submit stories to Darren here:

We had 40 entries in our contest, a lot of unique and chilling takes. The only contest requirements were a 1500 word limit, a paranormal theme, and Wisconsin as a backdrop. Our top three stories were separated by a mere one point margin. Here is our third place contest winner.


Thinning the Herd

By Eric Montag

My name is Harry Swinton, and when I went looking for Leonard Crowley, I was Police Chief Swinton. My youngest brother, Isaac, was a volunteer deputy, and he went with me. So did my younger brother Carl, a retired school teacher who had moved to the Northwoods.

Isaac owned a successful taxidermy business. He called one evening to tell me that Mr. Crowley, an Ill-Annoyan with a nearby cabin, had brought him a buck’s head to mount. He told me that he was certain that something had gnawed through the deer’s neck to separate the head from the body. He had even found five puncture wounds at the base of the deer head, and that the arrangement of these wounds suggested that whatever had done the gnawing had a thumb. He said, “Something held that deer down and chewed through its neck.”

And further, he also told me that he didn’t like the looks of Mr. Crowley. Said the old guy looked like a nut, and it might not be a bad idea to stop by Crowley’s cabin and do a friendly check-up. Just to remind him that he wasn’t in a lawless territory. Isaac even got our brother Carl involved. Each got the other wound up with theories about Crowley torturing animals, or running some kind of dog fighting scheme.

I told them that I’d go myself. It wasn’t the first time I’d done such a thing to get a good look around a place. Isaac went on badgering me, and reminded me that I was the only full-time officer in town, and it wasn’t smart for me to go alone. I told Isaac that he could ride along in the cruiser and wait in the car while I did the talking. He agreed. And then he invited Carl. Both agreed to wait in the cruiser.

I knew which cabin Crowley owned, and we went there. I parked behind Crowley’s car, a black Lexus with Illinois plates and tinted windows that looked out of place in the middle of the woods.  It was damn cold that day, with a biting wind that made my eyes water and nose burn. But that didn’t stop my brothers from joining me as I walked up to the cabin door. I had just enough time to cuss at them before the cabin door opened.

It was my first good look at Leonard Crowley. I had never seen him before. He was tall, maybe six four, with gray hair pulled back in a loose tail behind his head. He was wearing jeans that were tore up on his left side, and a flannel shirt that looked like it had been put on by someone who was just learning to put on shirts. There were buttons, but some were unbuttoned and some were buttoned wrong. Parts of his skin showed. He flashed us a grin that looked friendly from farther back and descended the stairs of his tiny porch. He was a little older than me, maybe mid sixties, but he moved smoothly, like there were oiled machine parts beneath his skin. “I help you?” he asked as we approached each other.

I introduced myself and told him that I had gotten some reports from hunters about a pack of wolves or wild dogs in the area harassing and killing animals. I asked him if he had seen any evidence of that.

As he approached, I could smell him. Even with the wind, I could smell wet dog. Only one thing smells like wet dog, and that’s wet dog. “I haven’t seen anything of the kind,” Crowley said. He was still smiling, except his smile looked less friendly. More like a gash in his face. Despite several days of beard growth, I could see that the corners of his mouth were raw.

I told him that I assumed he was a hunter, and I’d just come to warn him about potential wolves. Then I asked if he had any dogs that might get hurt by a pack of wolves. He didn’t answer me right away. Instead, he turned his smile to Isaac. Crowley was close now, and I could see his eyes. They were yellow. I wondered what kind of guy wears yellow contacts. “I am a hunter,” he said, “but I’ve got no dogs. I hate dogs.” I didn’t like how Crowley was looking at my brother.

“What do you shoot?” Isaac asked.

“Whatever’s handy,” Crowley said. “Aren’t you the owner of that little shop that I was in yesterday? Isaac, right? Isaac Swinton. And you two are Swintons, too.” He nodded like he had just told a little joke. “Three Swinton brothers, come all this way out to the woods to see me. How about that?”

Isaac crossed his arms in front of him as the wind picked up. “Just checking up. For your safety, Mister Crowley.”

Crowley nodded again, and turned back to me. The wind didn’t seem to bother him at all. It flapped the loose flannel around his body, but he didn’t so much as shiver. “Perhaps you three would like to come inside? We can talk about all this business where it isn’t so cold.”

“No,” Carl said. I turned to him, and saw that he was staring over at the edge of the clearing. There wasn’t too much snow on the ground to tell that there were dead animals over there. A deer, a cow, and something else that had either black or dark brown fur. From where I stood, it looked like a small bear. Or maybe a large bear. I wondered what in the hell was a bear doing out in winter.

Crowley followed Carl’s gaze. “The cold gets animals great and small. I found that cow there, froze to death. Must have wandered away from its herd. Meat’s probably okay.” It looked like the thought of a cow freezing to death amused him, and I decided to get my brothers out of there. Isaac, the fool, had left his gun in the cruiser, Carl had no gun at all, and I did not like Leonard Crowley one tiny bit. I told him that we had others to check in with, and thanked him for his time. Then he stuck a hand out for me to shake.  I didn’t realize until I had already taken it that my gun was hanging on my right side, and it would be unreachable if Crowley didn’t let my hand go. He did let it go, but before he did, he bent toward me, and sniffed. He sniffed me, and thanked us for stopping by to warn him. I remember that sniffing sound very well. I hear it in my nightmares now.

We left. On the way back to town, I asked Carl and Isaac what they made of Leonard Crowley. They both agreed that he was “odd,” but Carl reminded us that being odd was not a criminal offense. And he didn’t think that Mr. Crowley was into animal torture at all. He suggested that maybe Crowley was just a man who was passing off dead animals as hunting trophies. Isaac, the one who had gotten us all involved to begin with, agreed. He even said that he was probably wrong about the puncture marks. Probably just sloppy knife work, and not worth pursuing further. We should drop it.

That was the last we ever talked about it, the three of us. We came face to face with something evil that day, and we looked away and pretended it wasn’t there. Crowley had been completely without fear before us, and we had turned tail and not looked back. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I am sure that he came to the Northwoods just to see us. Must have heard about three little Swinton brothers, and had to come see.

Carl didn’t have to live with that knowledge long. He died a month later. Heart attack while shoveling his driveway.

Isaac abruptly decided to close his taxidermy business. Didn’t even try to sell it, just packed up and left town. Told me he had the urge to move to a bigger city where there was more to do. Maybe live in an apartment building in downtown Minneapolis. And that’s what he did. Except that two months after moving, he vanished. I have not heard from him since.

I moved to Wausau, into the senior community that I live in now. There are lots of people around me, and I like that. But two nights ago, I woke up and saw a black Lexus parked in the parking lot. I could not go back to sleep. I stayed up last night to watch, and saw the Lexus again.

I’m going to stay inside and keep my gun handy, but I’m also going to write this down. Just in case.

Leonard Crowley.

Black Lexus.

Chicago, Illinois.

If you meet him, don’t look away.

Please support the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference and our programming by making a donation today. More info:

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2016 Report

By Tea Krulos, Milwaukee Paranormal Conference director

I want to start by thanking all the conference guest speakers, volunteers, vendors, attendees, everyone who participated in the event. I think it was a great conference and proud I was able to get so many wonderful people to work with me. We brought a few guest speakers– Loren Coleman, Katrina Weidman, Elizabeth Saint, Chase Kloetzke– to Milwaukee for the first time.

We worked hard to create an event that had cultural relevance and was accessible to both people heavily involved in paranormal research and people who were attending a conference like this for the first time.

I’m going to go through things day by day. I’m going to focus on the positive– and I’m glad to say there’s a lot. That being said, 2016 was a major learning experience for us and I think I realize a lot of ways we can do a really great but more cost effective event in the future.

Friday, October 14

There was some confusion in our advertising. Was this a 3 day or a 2 day event? It was a 2 day event with some pre-conference activity the night before. Some people apparently thought there was one price point: $75. Tickets actually ranged from $10-$75, the $75 being a ticket level that included a dinner party, 2 days of conference, Raven’s Ball, and a gift bag.

VIP Dinner Party


L-R: Keynote speaker Loren Coleman, conference director Tea Krulos, special guest Katrina Weidman

Our VIP dinner party was held at the Mitchell Park Pavilion on the Lagoon and was for conference guest speakers and people who paid for a VIP pass. It was a nice social event, a chance for guest speakers to meet each other and conference attendees. We had great food from a guest Chef and wonderful music from cellist Janet Schiff. VIP sales led to the event breaking even. Breaking even isn’t bad, but we were hoping the event would act as a fundraiser for other parts of the conference. It was such a good time, we would definitely consider doing something similar in 2017.


Guest speaker Mary Marshall explains a mystery to her table.

Paranormal Social Mixer at 42 Ale House

42 Ale House is awesome, our DJ Max Holiday was awesome, thanks much to BR Productions and the Racine Paranormal Investigators for help setting up the party room. It was fun talking to people, attendance was lower than the big dance party we expected. Perhaps people were wisely resting up for the big day that followed.

Milwaukee Theater Investigation with Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Ghosts Third Ward Walking Tour

PIM did two investigation sessions Friday night, both of which were SOLD OUT. We hear there was strange activity captured– theater seats moving on their own and a ghostly toliet flush. We’ll pass on any evidence/ reports PIM puts out on investigation. Sounds like an intriguing night! Our friend Allison Jornlin’s Milwaukee Ghosts-Tours and Investigations also hosted Third Ward walking tours Friday and Saturday night, both also SOLD OUT.

Saturday, October 15

Big day number 1! So much going on, so let’s break it down room by room.

Vendor & Exhibition Hall

I thought the vendor floor looked really great, just what I envisioned– a great mix of authors, artists, investigation and tour groups, lots of stuff that defies categorization. We had 50 tables and a wide variety of people and interests represented. The ballroom was a nice facility for it.


Our correspondents Kristan T. Harris and Cat Ries talk with special guest Butch Patrick, who signed autographs on the vendor floor Saturday. Photo by Amanda Lillian Photography.


Astralfae was one of 50 vendors on our vendor floor. They sold charms, bath salts, and all sorts of good smelling stuff.  Photo by Amanda Lillian Photography.


Guest speaker Jay Bachochin tabled with info on his group WPI Hunts the Truth, one of several paranormal investigation groups represented on the vendor floor. Photo by Amanda Lillian Photography.


Our MPC-TV Live table livestreamed on Facebook and featured interviews between podcasters and other media interviewing conference guests. Here Kristin Ryan of Bloody Mary podcast interviews guest Katrina Weidman (Paranormal Lockdown).

Room 191

Saturday featured workshops by Brew City Paranormal, Ron Schaefer, Society for Anomalous Studies, and Dark Star Ministry. Lots of positive feedback, the room really worked out well.


Dark Star Ministry had a great crowd for their “Ouija and Tarot: Occult Tools and the Paranormal” workshop.

Ballroom West

Everything went well in Ballroom West, and the room was often pretty full. We had presentations from Celeste Contreras, Kristan T. Harris as well as the “Best UFO Reports 2016” and “Searching for Wisconsin’s Sasquatch” panels.


First panel of the conference was a well attended “Best UFO Reports 2016” w/ Nick Roesler, Kevin Malek, and Chase Kloetzke.


Kristan T. Harris gives a “Hidden History of Giants” talk.

Wisconsin Room

Really solid and well attended presentations by Linda S. Godfrey, Allison Jornlin, Mary Marshall, Q and A w/ Katrina Weidman, The Roswell Debate, Loren Coleman.


Allison Jornlin gave a well received “Milwaukee Forteana vol.II” talk and was awarded the 2016 Wisconsin Researcher of the Year Award.


Mike Huberty and Wendy Staats interviewed Katrina Weidman onstage and the audience was treated to some exclusive sneak peek footage of the upcoming Paranormal Lockdown Halloween Special!


The Roswell Debate! It happened! Mark O’Connell (left) and Donald Schmitt engaged in a debate moderated by David Henning of Lakeland College (in the foreground). Many said it was much more civil than the Trump vs Clinton debates! Con director Tea Krulos will be writing an article on the debate in the near future.


Keynote speaker Loren Coleman gave a presentation in Milwaukee for the first time. He gave con director Tea Krulos a great honor– a limited (only 20) replica of the International Cryptozoology Museum.


And we actually have an award for Loren! I was so overwhelmed rushing between 4 different rooms I forgot to get onstage to give Loren our first ever Lifetime Achievement Award. It will be shipped out to him soon. Thanks for all of your work in the field of cryptozoology, Loren!

The Raven’s Ball

The Raven’s Ball after party at the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center was a wonderful event. Attendance needed to be a bit higher, but the environment and performances were perfect. The Irish Center was great to work with and we’d love to do a similar event next year.


Special guests Sunspot opened the show. A lot of their songs fits into a paranormal theme so be sure to check out their music.


Quasimondo Theater did an AMAZING performance inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.”


Special surprise guest Mark Borchardt gave a dramatic reading of “The Raven” to go along with the performance.


Local folk group Gnarrenschiff teamed up for a performance with Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance.



Dead Man’s Carnival also rolled out some amazing performances.


Prof. Pinkerton and the Magnificents scorched it!


Lots of great costumes entered in a variety of categories. We were seriously impressed!


Head Judge Christen Johnson announces contestants. DJs Subspace closed the night out with dancing in the lounge. Skully Sati read tarot and Michele Blaylock did intuitive readings.

Sunday, October 16

Forest Home Cemetery Tour


We were worried about rain, but it turned out to be a beautiful fall morning. Our volunteer Brooke coordinated check in and had a very positive report on the tour, which was SOLD OUT. We would definitely do this again next year and might offer a morning and afternoon tour instead of just one.

Vendor & Exhibition Hall

Day 2 saw a couple of new vendors switch in. Here’s some more photos from the vendor floor.


American Science & Surplus. So much cool stuff, like Bigfoot Christmas tree ornaments.


Creepy cool Grave Digger Candles.


The 88Nine Mystery Sound Booth was a fun, interactive experience. We are going to try to get the three listening station programs uploaded to our website so you can listen if you missed it.

Room 191

More great workshops from Nick Roesler, Mary Marshall, luna, and Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee.


Mary Marshall leads a workshop on “Ghost and Spirit Entities.”

Ballroom West

We did three panels: “Haunted Road Trip,” “Wisconsin’s Wildest Urban Legends,” “Yow! My Business is Haunted!” and also had a reading by the winners of the MPC/ Cult of Weird short fiction contest winners.


Mike Huberty leads the “Haunted Road Trip” panel w/ Lisa Von Buskirk, Mike Hoke, and Kathi Kresol.


Tea Krulos moderates the “Wisconsin’s Wildest Urban Legends” panel with J.Nathan Couch, Valerie Kedrowski, Christina Rickman, and Charlie Hintz.


Minnesota Krampus made the most dramatic speaker entrance with a parade through the Union and vendor hall.


Minnesota Krampus surprises one of our vendors from House of the Gypsy!


Back Roads Lore parked their paranormal adventure seeking hotrods outside the Union on Spaights Plaza for a meet and greet.

Wisconsin Room

A second day of great talks.


Ursula Bielski led talks in the Wisconsin Room with a presentation on her new book “Haunted Bachelors Grove.”


Chad Lewis gave our first talk on Lake Monsters!


Elizabeth Saint of Ghosts of Shepherdstown talked on her line of Ghostly Gadgets.


Deadgar Winter and Celeste Parker hosted the Ghost Story Open Mic, a chance forr people to share their own stories. Mike Nettesheim from Dark Star Ministry shared a hair-raising story to start off.


Want to share a story? We’re doing another Ghost Story Open Mic on Oct.30 at Riverwest Public House. More info at the bottom of this post.


Renowned UFO researcher Chase Kloetzke gave our final talk and was a fantastic note to close on.

MPC Film Fest

We followed Sunday with a small film fest at the Underground Collaborative. I’m going to admit there were organization problems that were on me. I tried to do too much this year. More on that in a minute. Attendance wasn’t great, but we had a small enthusiastic crowd and some great films. Thanks to Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Fest for helping run the show.


Stephen Milek from Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival helped lead Q and As. Here he talks to Jay Bachochin and Scott Markus about their film The Hidden Truth?

See more pictures from the conference here:

Important: 2017

Will a 2017 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference happen? I hope so, I really do. I think we are developing a fantastic network of people from all over the state and beyond, I think 2016 was a huge success despite some financial setbacks. We’ve already got some great ideas brewing about some things we would do the same and things should be done differently. But first, three VERY IMPORTANT things need to happen. None of these are optional:

  1. We need to raise funds to pay back money we owe for 2016. I need to be clear– this debt is not money I spent. I lost money, and that’s a different story. The money I need to fundraise is money I owe other people. So please help. There are a list of ways you can help below.
  2. We need a Board of Directors. I did most of the organization of the event this year and my personal life suffered greatly. In order to do it again I need a board of dedicated, hardworking people that can help me organize specific components of the conference. Some examples: Volunteer Coordinator, Vendor Hall Coordinator, Guest Services, Masquerade Ball Coordinator, Sponsorships. If point one on this list happens, we will be putting up a post about all the positions we are looking for and what they entail.
  3. We need a successful campaign to raise money in advance for 2017. I can not pay for advance costs (deposits on venues, printing, insurance, etc.) again next year. I just don’t have the means. So that means even more fundraising! The board of directors will have to determine how to accomplish such a task– a series of small fundraisers, benefit shows/ tours, sponsorships, bake sale, Sasquatch car wash, successfully pre-selling conference tickets, all of the above.Back to point one. Here’s how you can help us fundraise for our immediate debt:

    -We currently have a GoFundMe rolling. Please contribute:

    -We are doing an awesome MPC Fundraiser show Sunday, Oct.30 5-7pm at the Riverwest Public House:
    -Both the Singular Fortean Society and Terrestrial Tarot are generously helping us out by donating a percent of their profits to us. Thanks so much! Click on their names to go to their sites. If you’re interested in fundraising for us, let us know:

    -Our awesome volunteer Marty is putting together a punk/metal benefit CD with a lot of awesome bands. Want to contribute? E-mail us at and we’ll pass your message on to Marty. More details, including a release party TBA.

    -Last, go to our Square store and buy our merch. We got a little of everything left over:


I want to end by saying I hope the conference can go on. I appreciate everyone’s efforts to help. There are so many awesome people involved in a variety of capacities that seeing this end right when we’re really just getting going is a heartbreaking notion to me. With your help, we can return for a great event in 2017!

MPC at Haunted Central

MPC’s Tea Krulos and Allison Jornlin are Appearing at the Haunted Central Festivities this Weekend


Milwaukee Paranormal Conference director (and author of Monster Hunters) Tea Krulos and Allison Jornlin of Milwaukee Ghosts-Tours and Investigations (and recipient of the MPC 2016 Wisconsin Researcher of the Year Award) are both happy to be at Central Library for their “Haunted Central” festivities this weekend. Tea is giving a talk titled “Wisconsin Monster Sightings” and Allison will talk on “Milwaukee’s Most Famous Ghosts.” They’ll each give the same talk twice each day in Central’s Humanities Room, so you’ll have 4 chances to see them. Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, Oct.22, Humanities Room

6:30-7pm: Tea Krulos

7:15-7:45pm: Allison Jornlin

8-8:30pm: Tea

8:45-9:15pm: Allison

Sunday, Oct.23, Humanities Room

1:30-2pm: Allison

2:15-2:45pm: Tea

3-3:30pm: Allison

3:45-4:15pm:  Tea

There’s lots of other cool stuff going on at Haunted Central including activities, photo booths, crafting, a scream contest, a screening of The Blob, and a lot more. Check out more at:

And Later That Evening…MPC is Also Teaming up with Sex Ed for Adults for a special, adult oriented presentation! @Riverwest Public House Cooperative (815 E. Locust St., MKE, 53212)

Sunday, October 23, 6pm/Free/ Must be 21 or older:Sex Ed For Adults and the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference are teaming up in October to host a one-night only event that is not to be missed!

Join us for “Unleashing Sacred Energies with Sex Magick” with featured presenters Christopher Lee Jensen of Anwar Firestorm and Vonnie Rich of Cackling Crones and Milwaukee Pagan Unity Council. They have been practicing witchcraft for over fifty years combined. Together they will be sharing the powerful secrets of Sex Magick, its history, safe practice, end results and controversies surrounding it.


We will have leftover conference merch available at a discount!

We have a fundraising effort underway to help MPC get out of debt so we can plan a 2017 event. Please contribute here:

Buy up merch, now at a discounted price:

MPC Was Great, We Need Your Help, We’re Participating in Events this Week


Conference director Tea Krulos questions audience members on the legend of Haunchyville during the “Wisconsin’s Wildest Urban Legends” panel.

It is really hard for me to list just a few highlights of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference for me. There are just too, too many. I’m hoping to give you all a more detailed day by day report about all the awesome stuff that happened over the weekend next week, but first I need to ask you something: please help us out.

Putting on an event like this is very expensive. Right now we are hosting a GoFundMe campaign to help us out of the red. This money is not going in our pocket, it is being used to pay of things like venue and to pay back loans. We are off to a strong start today, but have a ways to go. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, every bit helps. Here’s the page:

Another way people can help support us is by buying merch. We have a fair amount of merch left over including t-shirts, tank tops, wooden buttons, stickers, prints, coffee mugs, and more. You can find it all on our Square store and get it shipped or arrange a pick up with us:

I also want to plug a couple of events:

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference offers a lot of all ages programming, but we’re glad to be pairing up with Sex Ed for Adults to present an adult only “Unleashing Sacred Energies with Sex Magickwith featured presenters Christopher Lee Jensen of Anwar Firestorm and Vonnie Rich of Milwaukee Pagan Unity Council. It’s happening Sunday, October 23rd at the Riverwest Public House Cooperative (815 E. Locust St., MKE, 53212) 6pm / Must be 21 years old or older / Free
We will also be tabling with leftover conference merch, so stop in and buy some at a discount!
Facebook Event page:

Also, Tea Krulos and Allison Jornlin (winner of the 2016 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Wisconsin Researcher of the Year Award) will both have short talks as part of the Central Library’s “Haunted Central” activities this weekend. On Saturday, Oct. 22 from 5:57pm (official time for sundown) to 10pm, and Sunday, Oct.23 1-5pm the Central Library will have a variety of fun activities including a Sleepy Hollow photo booth, a screening of The Blob, mask making, displays, a screaming contest, and a stargazing session on the roof.

We’ll both be giving the same talk twice each day, so you’ll have 4 opportunities to see it.

More info:


Tea Krulos and Allison Jornlin



Paranormal Display is up at the Learning Commons @UWM’s Golda Meir Library!

This is such a cool addition to the con– between speakers walk over to the
Golda Meir Library-UWM (behind the Student Union) where they’ve set up a display of paranormal artifacts:
“Come check out our peculiar displays of paranormal books and materials in the glass cases of the Learning Commons! Feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end with our selection of chilling photographs, news articles, stories, and books. A big thank you to UWM Libraries Special Collections for providing the Learning Commons with some of the beautiful and bewitching materials that are available to you here at the library!”
Free and open to the public.

You Won’t Believe Your Ears at the 88Nine Mystery Sound Booth!

Located in the UWM Union Ballroom Lounge, just outside the vendor hall. Available for listening at the conference 10-5 Saturday, 10-4 Sunday.

Listen to 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, check out event listings and more at:

Supporting sponsors: Liquid Crescent Design, Rebel Wipes

The 88Nine Mystery Sound Booth is a chance for you to sit down at three listening stations to hear audio clips recorded by researchers in the paranormal research fields. Each station has a program that will lead you through a few clips and then you can move on to the next station.

soundbooth_posters-01Listening Station #1: Ghost Whisper EVPs

EVPs or “Electronic Voice Phenomenon” refer to strange ghostly whispers paranormal investigators pick up on their audio recording equipment while investigating haunted locations. We have sets of recordings passed on to us from local team Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (who will also be at the conference) and our friends at TnT Paranormal Investigators (with chapters in Chicago, Orlando, and other locations). What are these bone chilling whispers in the dark trying to say?


Listening Station #2: Bigfoot!soundbooth_posters-02

Jim Sherman was a 2015 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference guest speaker and is a Michigan field representative for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. He has recorded some bloodcurdling howls while out on Bigfoot expeditions that he believes is the legendary Sasquatch. Listen to these odd howls and whoops and cancel your camping plans for next summer…maybe forever.


soundbooth_posters-03Listening Station #3: Numbers Stations

During the Cold War “Numbers Stations” proliferated. These broadcasts consisted of transmissions of people counting, strains of music, random words. Spies would know what time and frequency to tune in via shortwave radio to listen to the transmission and decode them. Some mysterious numbers station still exist! We have some recordings of transmissions here with info on them provided by the Numbers Stations Research and Information Center, a website run by researchers who catalog numbers station activity.

In addition to our sponsor 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, we want to thank our supporting sponsors Liquid Crescent Design and Rebel Wipes who helped put the booth together and the organizations mentioned that let us use their audio files. Stop by and take a listen!

Art provided by David Beyer Jr. (ghost) Tea Krulos (Bigfoot) and Margot Lange (Numbers Stations).

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MPC Workshops

All of our conference workshops are located in Room 191, at the end of the hall next to the UWM Ballroom. There is no additional fee and you do not need to sign up, but seating is available on a first come, first serve basis.

These more intimate presentations will teach you about a variety of topics, from how to take a proper Electromagnetic Field (EMF) reading on a paranormal investigation to how to examine a photo of a UFO to how to interpret the significance of dreams or numbers.


13390912_1297045923646561_367104733_n12:15-1:00pm: Brew City Paranormal, “Paranormal Investigating: NOT as seen on TV”

What are paranormal investigations really like? How do they compare to what you see on TV? Is the evidence they get all real? Brew City Paranormal will be covering all of this and more in their presentation.



ron1:15-2:00pm: Ron Schaefer, “Dreams as an Introduction to Self-Knowledge and Development”

Ron Schaefer uses simple basic shamanic techniques as well as general
discussion to help people explore the worlds of their dreams and use them
as a guide to inner light, healing, communion with their guardian spirits, and
general creativity.  He teaches some simple techniques one can use on

their own whenever and wherever they choose.


logo-final-20122:15-3:00pm: Society for Anomalous Studies, “Historical Hauntings: Supporting Historical Properties through the Paranormal”

The Society for Anomalous Studies is a paranormal research cooperative that specializes in investigating historical properties. By partnering with historical societies to develop paranormal themed fundraising events the group has had exclusive access to some of the grand old houses and buildings in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Presented by group members Cindy Heinen and Randy Sunby, this work shop will not only discuss the unique considerations, research and investigation development the group takes when working in museum homesteads but also share some of the paranormal evidence they have captured.


13180941_616896328486759_630673716_n3:15-4:00pm: Dark Star Ministry, “Ouija and Tarot: Occult Tools and the Paranormal”

We will be discussing Dark Star Ministry’s hybrid method of paranormal investigation, using occult tools such as tarot, ouija, gazing spheres, and psychic sensitivity. We may even attempt in a ‘remote viewing’ exercise!




image112:00-12:45pm: Nick Roesler, “Examining UFO Photos”

Nick Roesler is the author of In Focus: Photographic Evidence of Unconventional Flying Objects, a user’s manual for the correct methodology of applying photography to the study of UFOs. He’ll help you examine some classic UFO photos to review their legitimacy.



10907030_10152659997946313_1995485389_o1:00-1:45pm: Mary Marshall, “Ghost and Spirit Entities”

An overview of the how culture plays an important role in understanding ghost activity. Learn about the different type of haunting and phenomenon. Various types of entities, their behavior, capabilities, and interactions with us, and how to best handle it will be explained.  Psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects will be examined. Real paranormal investigation cases will be discussed.



12994544_699936380148450_1529858717773828489_n2:00-2:45pm: luna, “Numerology 101: the Significance of Numbers”

Do you have a LUCKY number? Do you notice the same numbers over and over? This workshop will delve into the world of numbers for the fun of uncovering more meaning in our lives! This workshop will offer information on numbers 1 through 9, how the alphabet translates into numbers with an easy chart and how to figure out all your personal numbers such as your life and birth path numbers, personal year and name numbers.
luna will guide you through as you figure out your personal numbers and how they are working in your life!

PIM Ediburgh3:00-3:45pm: Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee, “Paranormal Tech: Why do we use it and how it works: EMF baseline reading tutorial”

Ever wondered why certain pieces of equipment are used in paranormal investigation or wondered what the differences are between all the EMF detectors? If so, this workshop is for you. The Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee will be discussing some of the commonly used pieces of equipment in the field and why it is used. PIM will also be on hand to field any questions you might have about any of the equipment that you have seen on TV or used yourself. The workshop will conclude with a brief tutorial on how to properly take EMF baseline readings.


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Join us at First Thursday @ Shaker’s Cigar Bar, October 6!

It’s a Milwaukee Paranormal Conference pre-pre-conference event– a night of fantastic music, discount ghost tours, excellent beverages, a raffle of unique items, and a chance to look at our conference program hot off the press!


Supporting sponsor: Shaker’s Cigar Bar

Prof. Pinkerton and the Magnificents bring a performance of American roots music to Shaker’s Cigar Bar every first Thursday of the month, and we’re glad to be joining them Thursday, October 6 (first tour starts at 7pm, show is at 8pm).


Shaker’s is participating by giving paranormal conference fans a special deal on this night– Shaker’s Original Ghost Tours are half off. Normally $20, the 7pm and 8:30pm tours will be just $10. There will also be a special on the 9:30pm Shaker’s 2.0 Tour– normally $25, this one is just $15! Shaker’s also offers an excellent selection of food, drink (including a signature Ghost Ale), and cigars.

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference will be hosting a raffle. Tickets are just $1 each and prizes include Dead Man’s Carnival tickets, passes and merch from the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, signed books from conference authors, ghost soap, and more! Pick up a copy of our program ($1 suggested donation), look at our impressive conference lineup, and read the winner of our short fiction contest.

Let the paranormal festivities begin!

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