Vendor & Exhibitor Hall

  1. Stinky Goblin Emporium
  2. Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society
  3. Linda S. Godfrey
  4. Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee
  5. Singular Fortean Society
  6. Ghost Research Society
  7. Heidi Hollis
  8. Dark Star Ministries
  9. Dark Star Ministries
  10. Deadgar Winter
  11. The Paranormal MD
  12. Brie Nelson and Logan Chitwood
  13. Milwaukee Ghosts-Tours and Investigations
  14. Astralfae
  15. Share International
  16. Corey Schjoth/ Phantasmagoria Photography
  17. Zombie Squad
  18. Blurry Photos podcast
  19. See You On the Other Side podcast/ Madison Ghost Walk/ Waukesha Ghost Walk
  20. Dead Man’s Carnival
  21. Medieval Elements
  22. Firefly Reiki and Readings
  23. Mark O’Connell
  24. American Intelligence Report
  25. Soul Purpose Energy Healing
  26. PRL Productions
  27. David Beyer Jr.
  28. Illinois MUFON
  29. Addo
  30. Old Baraboo Inn

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