You Won’t Believe Your Ears at the 88Nine Mystery Sound Booth!

Located in the UWM Union Ballroom Lounge, just outside the vendor hall. Available for listening at the conference 10-5 Saturday, 10-4 Sunday.

Listen to 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, check out event listings and more at:

Supporting sponsors: Liquid Crescent Design, Rebel Wipes

The 88Nine Mystery Sound Booth is a chance for you to sit down at three listening stations to hear audio clips recorded by researchers in the paranormal research fields. Each station has a program that will lead you through a few clips and then you can move on to the next station.

soundbooth_posters-01Listening Station #1: Ghost Whisper EVPs

EVPs or “Electronic Voice Phenomenon” refer to strange ghostly whispers paranormal investigators pick up on their audio recording equipment while investigating haunted locations. We have sets of recordings passed on to us from local team Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (who will also be at the conference) and our friends at TnT Paranormal Investigators (with chapters in Chicago, Orlando, and other locations). What are these bone chilling whispers in the dark trying to say?


Listening Station #2: Bigfoot!soundbooth_posters-02

Jim Sherman was a 2015 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference guest speaker and is a Michigan field representative for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. He has recorded some bloodcurdling howls while out on Bigfoot expeditions that he believes is the legendary Sasquatch. Listen to these odd howls and whoops and cancel your camping plans for next summer…maybe forever.


soundbooth_posters-03Listening Station #3: Numbers Stations

During the Cold War “Numbers Stations” proliferated. These broadcasts consisted of transmissions of people counting, strains of music, random words. Spies would know what time and frequency to tune in via shortwave radio to listen to the transmission and decode them. Some mysterious numbers station still exist! We have some recordings of transmissions here with info on them provided by the Numbers Stations Research and Information Center, a website run by researchers who catalog numbers station activity.

In addition to our sponsor 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, we want to thank our supporting sponsors Liquid Crescent Design and Rebel Wipes who helped put the booth together and the organizations mentioned that let us use their audio files. Stop by and take a listen!

Art provided by David Beyer Jr. (ghost) Tea Krulos (Bigfoot) and Margot Lange (Numbers Stations).

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MPC Workshops

All of our conference workshops are located in Room 191, at the end of the hall next to the UWM Ballroom. There is no additional fee and you do not need to sign up, but seating is available on a first come, first serve basis.

These more intimate presentations will teach you about a variety of topics, from how to take a proper Electromagnetic Field (EMF) reading on a paranormal investigation to how to examine a photo of a UFO to how to interpret the significance of dreams or numbers.


13390912_1297045923646561_367104733_n12:15-1:00pm: Brew City Paranormal, “Paranormal Investigating: NOT as seen on TV”

What are paranormal investigations really like? How do they compare to what you see on TV? Is the evidence they get all real? Brew City Paranormal will be covering all of this and more in their presentation.



ron1:15-2:00pm: Ron Schaefer, “Dreams as an Introduction to Self-Knowledge and Development”

Ron Schaefer uses simple basic shamanic techniques as well as general
discussion to help people explore the worlds of their dreams and use them
as a guide to inner light, healing, communion with their guardian spirits, and
general creativity.  He teaches some simple techniques one can use on

their own whenever and wherever they choose.


logo-final-20122:15-3:00pm: Society for Anomalous Studies, “Historical Hauntings: Supporting Historical Properties through the Paranormal”

The Society for Anomalous Studies is a paranormal research cooperative that specializes in investigating historical properties. By partnering with historical societies to develop paranormal themed fundraising events the group has had exclusive access to some of the grand old houses and buildings in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Presented by group members Cindy Heinen and Randy Sunby, this work shop will not only discuss the unique considerations, research and investigation development the group takes when working in museum homesteads but also share some of the paranormal evidence they have captured.


13180941_616896328486759_630673716_n3:15-4:00pm: Dark Star Ministry, “Ouija and Tarot: Occult Tools and the Paranormal”

We will be discussing Dark Star Ministry’s hybrid method of paranormal investigation, using occult tools such as tarot, ouija, gazing spheres, and psychic sensitivity. We may even attempt in a ‘remote viewing’ exercise!




image112:00-12:45pm: Nick Roesler, “Examining UFO Photos”

Nick Roesler is the author of In Focus: Photographic Evidence of Unconventional Flying Objects, a user’s manual for the correct methodology of applying photography to the study of UFOs. He’ll help you examine some classic UFO photos to review their legitimacy.



10907030_10152659997946313_1995485389_o1:00-1:45pm: Mary Marshall, “Ghost and Spirit Entities”

An overview of the how culture plays an important role in understanding ghost activity. Learn about the different type of haunting and phenomenon. Various types of entities, their behavior, capabilities, and interactions with us, and how to best handle it will be explained.  Psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects will be examined. Real paranormal investigation cases will be discussed.



12994544_699936380148450_1529858717773828489_n2:00-2:45pm: luna, “Numerology 101: the Significance of Numbers”

Do you have a LUCKY number? Do you notice the same numbers over and over? This workshop will delve into the world of numbers for the fun of uncovering more meaning in our lives! This workshop will offer information on numbers 1 through 9, how the alphabet translates into numbers with an easy chart and how to figure out all your personal numbers such as your life and birth path numbers, personal year and name numbers.
luna will guide you through as you figure out your personal numbers and how they are working in your life!

PIM Ediburgh3:00-3:45pm: Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee, “Paranormal Tech: Why do we use it and how it works: EMF baseline reading tutorial”

Ever wondered why certain pieces of equipment are used in paranormal investigation or wondered what the differences are between all the EMF detectors? If so, this workshop is for you. The Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee will be discussing some of the commonly used pieces of equipment in the field and why it is used. PIM will also be on hand to field any questions you might have about any of the equipment that you have seen on TV or used yourself. The workshop will conclude with a brief tutorial on how to properly take EMF baseline readings.


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Vendors of the Week 22: Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

PIM Ediburgh

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM) is a Milwaukee, WI based paranormal phenomena investigative group. We conduct investigations in private homes and businesses that report paranormal activity, using the scientific method and various equipment in an attempt to separate the explainable from the unexplainable.


PIM is participating in the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference with a Friday night investigation of the Milwaukee Theater (sold out!), a workshop on EMF readings, and a screening of a documentary about them is part of the Sunday Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Film Fest line up.

Help make the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference happen by pre-ordering tickets and merch today!


More Outer Con Announced–3rd Ward and Forest Home Cemetery tours!

We originally called these events “After Con” but “Outer Con” may or may not be a better term. These are fun and interesting things for you to do the weekend of the conference if you want a little extra experience. These events are endorsed by us, but most of them are organized by the groups hosting them, not the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference. Most of them have a very limited space, so buy ’em while they’re available.

-We previously announced an investigation with the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Theater the night of Friday, October 14. This was such a popular option that the first investigation session SOLD OUT. A second session has just 9 available spots left (and probably less by the time you read this. You can find more and buy tickets here:

New Announcements


Historic Third Ward Walking Tour, Saturday, Oct.15, 7:30pm

Milwaukee Ghosts-Tours and Investigations is offering a walking tour of the Historic Third Ward, Saturday, Oct. 157:30 pm, meet outside Milwaukee Public Market (Northwest corner). On the tour you’ll learn history about the area that used to be a 19th century ghetto known as the “Bloody Third” as well as modern reports of paranormal activity. Limited to 20 people! Find out more here:

MKE Tour-5
Forest Home Cemetery Walking Tour
, Sunday, Oct.16, 10:30am

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference has partnered with Forest Home Cemetery to offer a 90 minute walking tour the morning of Sunday, Oct.16, 10:30am-noon.

MKE Tour-4Forest Home, which held it’s first burial in 1850, is a 200 acre garden cemetery and the resting place of the most famous names in Milwaukee history, including beer barons, politicians, inventors, industrialists and other influential people.

This tour is just $6 and includes a souvenir booklet with a map of the cemetery and bios on some of the famous people there. This tour is limited to 30 people. If there is a strong interest, we may try to arrange a second tour time. Meet at 10:15 sharp outside the Forest Home Cemetery office. Please note that this is not a ghost tour or a paranormal investigation, but a historical tour of the cemetery and it’s famous residents.

MKE Tour-6Here’s some info on the tour guide:

Robert Giese: A Milwaukee history buff who has given tours with Historic Milwaukee for a number of years. He has written extensively about Milwaukee’s brewing families, most of them at Forest Home, and developed the Beer Barons tour as an extension of his research.

Bob has also developed a tour on Famous Milwaukeeans who helped create the industrial past and shaped Milwaukee industry and culture for the past 175 years. His Mayors tour is one of our newer tours. Forest Home Cemetery is the final resting place to 27 of Milwaukee’s 44 mayors.

You can get tickets to this tour here:

Forest Home Cemetery photos by Wendy Schreier Photography

Join the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee @ Milwaukee Theatre


We’re happy to announce the first of our “After Con” activities (although this one is technically before the con), which will also include walking tours and a stargazing session. Please note that while we do endorse these activities, they are not organized by Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, so questions should directed to the organizations who are hosting them.

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM) have put together a session where people can join the team as they investigate the Milwaukee Theatre in downtown Milwaukee for October 14, the Friday night before the conference, 9:30-11:30pm. If you are buying a VIP ticket, you have plenty of time to get over there after our Friday night VIP dinner. Tickets for the investigation are $40.

There are only 25 available tickets for this investigation, so sign up today!

You can buy tickets, find more info on PIM, and read a history of the Milwaukee Theatre and claims of paranormal activity in the historic theater here:


2015: After Con

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference runs 12-7pm at the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center on June 6, 2015. We have several interesting, unique, and fun activities for you to participate in after the conference. Here’s your options.

 Milwaukee Ghosts–Tours and Investigations: Third Ward Ghost Walk

Explore the haunted history of the “Bloody Third” on Milwaukee’s original ghost tour!  Meet in front of the Milwaukee Public Market (400 N. Water Street, St. Paul Ave. & Water St.) at 7:30 and embark on a 90 minute walking tour full of surprising and spooky tales of ghosts, curses and monsters from past and present.  Purchase tickets via Eventbrite:



Historic Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee: Investigation at the Historic Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear (839 N. 11th Street)

Join PIM as they investigate the Historic Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear, housed in an 1869 building. The museum has claims of hauntings and this is your chance to participate in an active paranormal investigation. PIM is offering two time slots to join them: 8:00-10:00pm and 10:30-12:30am. Tickets are $30 per session.

You can find more info on the Chudnow’s history, rules for the event, and purchase tickets here:



Shaker’s Cigar Bar

Official After Party: Shaker’s Cigar Bar (422 S. 2nd Street)

The official Milwaukee Paranormal Conference after party is at Shaker’s Cigar Bar, “Milwaukee’s Haunted Bar!” The party starts after the con and features music by Sir Pinkerton & the Magnificents along with special circus guests. Entertainment starts at 9pm.

Hangman Tours will be offering five tours during the night, Shaker’s Ghost Tour (7:00 & 8:30pm), Shakers Tour 2.0 (10pm), Milwauking Dead (8pm), The Cream City Cannibal (10pm), and The Whoring 20’s (and other decades, 6pm). For additional times for groups of 10 or more, please contact: You can find more info on the tours, where they start, and prices at: or stop by their booth on the conference floor.



Sir Pinkerton & the Magnificants

2015: Screening Sessions

Screening documentaries, show previews, and film shorts is a goal for Milwaukee Paranormal Conference in future years. This year, because of our tight one day schedule, we have one hour set aside for a screening session and will be showing parts of two documentaries. Both screenings include a talk session with the documentary directors.

EOTP_poster_web ECHOES OF THE PAST (2015), directed by David Gloyd.

Focused on a mix of history and the paranormal, “Echoes of The Past” is a journey into one of America’s greatest unknown ghost towns. Directed by David Gloyd, this documentary focuses on the once great town of Pere Cheney, Michigan, which has been abandoned for nearly a century. See what remains after plague and fire erased the potential state capitol from the map and listen to the local legends and sightings that have kept locals from venturing out to this location late at night.

movie poster - PIM (web)

P.I.M.: A PARANORMAL DOCUMENTARY (2015), directed by Bradley James Kroll.

Ghost hunters, sensitives, paranormal investigators; what does it all mean? Lead by Noah Leigh, the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (P.I.M.) investigate most of Wisconsin’s historically haunted landmarks with their scientific approach, teamwork, and state of the art equipment. Find out why they do what they do, what goes into a scientific approach, and what they’ve found along the way. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it can’t see you.

2015 Speakers: Paranormal Investigation and Ghost Stories


NOAH LEIGH: “Explained Paranormal: Explanations for Common Reports of Paranormal Activity”

Founder and Lead Investigator, Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee
Noah Leigh founded the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee in 2007. He has been interested by the paranormal since he was a child but has never had a personal experience. He believes that most paranormal claims can be explained but the sheer volume of claims are too many to dismiss completely and considers himself skeptically optimistic. Noah is a trained scientist with a BA in Biology and two MS degrees, one in Epidemiology and one in Cell Biology and he is employed as a scientist. Noah uses his scientific training to conduct PIM’s investigations as much as a controlled experiment as possible and believes that true evidence of the paranormal needs to be determined via careful experimentation and measurements. Noah has conducted classes through the West Allis/West Milwaukee and Cudahy recreation departments as well as UW-Waukesha talking about the history of paranormal investigation and proper equipment use. Noah firmly believe that utilizing the best that science currently has to offer combined with thinking outside the box will be the best way to find answers regarding the paranormal.

Promo PhotoWebsite:

ALLISON JORNLIN: “Milwaukee Forteana”

Founder, Milwaukee Ghosts– Tours and Investigations

Could Milwaukee be even stranger than you realize? This presentation by Allison Jornlin from features ghost stories and other weird tales from Milwaukee history. Is your television a gateway to another dimension? Can a ghost confess to murder? Do unspeakable creatures lurk in the shadows of our fair city? The fascinating answers to these questions and more will be revealed in this essential primer to Milwaukee mysteries and legends.



MELISSA TANNER: “Use of Response Techniques – Provoking vs Trigger Objects”

Founder and Lead Investigator, TnT Paranormal Investigations

Melissa has held an interest in the paranormal since growing up in SW Missouri and being exposed to civil war battlefields and mining sites where activity was reported. Melissa is part skeptic and part believer and loves to try to debunk reported sightings. Before, starting TnT Paranormal Investigations, Melissa has investigated with several paranormal groups, as well as investigated at some of the most haunted locations in America. She has over 8 years of paranormal investigation experience and has used those experiences to hone her skills as a paranormal investigator. Melissa is also the editor and a contributor for the newsletter Bumps in the Night, a TnT Paranormal monthly newsletter.

Melissa, along with co-founder Annette Turner, formed TnT Paranormal Investigators in the fall of 2009. Melissa and TnT Paranormal Investigators have conducted close to a hundred investigations in its short existence. Most of those investigations being for clients that have contacted us for assistance.

Melissa has spoken at over 80 conferences, libraries, historical societies, museums, and park districts on various topic related to the paranormal from the basic to being an investigator to the dangers of provoking. She has also been featured guest on several radio stations across the US and had a few television interviews. Melissa has had many interviews and articles published in newspapers, newsletters, and magazines across the US. In 2011, Melissa was featured in Season 2 of My Ghost Story with data from a local Chicago case. In 2014, Melissa was awarded the Investigator of the Year award from the Paranormal Award.

In addition to the paranormal Melissa’s interests include movies, music, reading, and playing the guitar.


PANEL: Noah Leigh, Melissa Tanner, Valerie Kedrowski (Stevens Point Paranormal)– details TBA.

TOURS and TAG-A-LONG INVESTIGATIONS: We will have a couple opportunities for joining up with ghost tours and also an event joining Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee in the field. More info soon.

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2015 Line Up

Let’s hear a round of applause for our 2015 speakers and panels! Our guests include a variety of experts on subjects of the paranormal. You’ve probably seen some of them on shows like Finding Bigfoot, My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, Monster Quest, Monsters and Mysteries, and The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence, among many other media outlets. I’d like to thank the many other people who inquired about speaking at the event. We had a limited number of speaker time slots, and those filled up quickly. We are hoping for a bigger event with more speakers in 2016.

If you click on the speaker’s name, it will lead you to their website. We will be updating this site with speaker bios and talk titles in February and March 2015. Other activities, such as potential documentary screenings, will be updated soon as info becomes available. We still have vendor tables, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities available, see respective tabs on this site. And now, without further ado…

2015 Keynote Speakers

Donald R. Schmitt, expert on UFOs and the Roswell Crash, author of UFO Crash at Roswell, Witness to Roswell, and Inside the Real Area 51: the Secret History of Wright Patterson.

Linda S. Godfrey, author of The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing America’s Werewolf, Weird Wisconsin, and American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America.

Noah Leigh, founder and lead investigator, Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee.

Paranormal Investigation/ Ghosts

Melissa Tanner, founder and lead investigator, TnT Paranormal Investigations.

Allison Jornlin, ghost historian and proprietor of Milwaukee Ghosts Tours & Investigations.

Panel: “Communicating With Clients: Dos and Don’ts,” Noah Leigh, Melissa Tanner, Valerie Kedrowski (Stevens Point Paranormal).


Tea Krulos, author, Monster Hunters: On the Trail With Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators.

Marc Eaton, professor of sociology, Ripon College.

Cryptozoology & Folklore

J. Nathan Couch, author, Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?

Jim Sherman, Michigan field representative, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (as seen on Finding Bigfoot).

Irish Folklore speaker TBA


Nick Roesler, author, In Focus: Photographic Evidence of Unconventional Flying Objects.

Mark O’Connell, biographer of Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Mutual UFO Network Chief Investigator for Wisconsin.

Documentary Screening Session

Echoes of the Past (2015), documentary featurette, director David Gloyd.

PIM: A Paranormal Documentary (2015), documentary feature, director Bradley James Kroll.

After Party: Shaker’s Cigar Bar (Milwaukee’s Haunted Bar) details TBA.

Facebook Event Page: