Special Activity: Ghost Story Open Mic

Sunday, Wisconsin Room, with your hosts with the mosts, Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics!

Open-Mic-Media-Detail-CCHere’s how this idea came about. Con director Tea Krulos noticed last year at our first con that a number of people were enjoying having an environment where they could talk about their own supernatural experiences. People were talking to investigation groups on the vendor floor, podcasters recorded some of their stories, and Krulos himself heard a few hair-raising tales.

Later, Krulos was on assignment with M magazine writing a short round up of open mic nights around town– comedy, music, poetry, etc.– and the idea hit him like a peanut butter truck crashing into a jelly factory…Ghost Story Open Mic.

This is how it’ll work. Think of a story you’d like to share. Maybe it’s something eerie that you’ve experienced directly, or a creepy story told to you by a relative or friend. Or maybe it’s a story that frightened you around the campfire when you were young. Sign up at the ticket and registration table and you’ll be given a 5 minute timeslot for the open mic. First come, first serve, so show up early to sign up. Don’t be shy– you’re among friends!


Horror host Deadgar Winter (right) and co-host Celeste Parker

Our open mic emcees are horror host Deadgar Winter, and his co-host Celeste Parker, stars of Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics. Deadgar and his entourage of Deadgirls screen classic cult favorite B horror and sci fi movies interspersed with their own with skits and commentary.

Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics airs in Kenosha and Milwaukee on Channel 16 and Channel 987 in Jefferson County. For more details, check out: deadgarwinter65.wix.com/deadgar-winter

You can also see archived episodes on YouTube and Vimeo.

Support the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference by buying tickets and merch in advance via our Indiegogo! We need your advance support to make this happen:  igg.me/at/milwaukeeparacon


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