Short Story Contest Winners!


Milwaukee Paranormal Conference and Cult of Weird launched a short story speculative fiction contest on the first day of Summer and now on this, one of the first days of Autumn, we are thrilled to announce the winners! We challenged people to write stories with a paranormal theme and a setting of Wisconsin as the backdrop. A fantastic response of 40 stories that chilled us to the bone crept into our inbox.

We had four judges for the contest– Matthew Wamser of Furrow (a UWM undergraduate literary journal), author Rachel Green (First Contact), author J. Nathan Couch (Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? and Washington County Paranormal)and Christina Rickman of Cult of Weird. They had quite a challenge and competition was fierce, but based on their totaled scoresheets, here are our winners:

1st Place: “The Devil in the Cornfield” by Zelia Edgar

2nd Place: “The Fortune Teller of Rhinelander” by Marlin Bressi

3rd Place: “Thinning the Herd” by Eric Montag

Honorable mentions:
“Stopping Sirens” by Cassie O’Rourke
“Beware the Bindlestiff” by Carolyn Toms-Neary

You will be able to read “The Devil in the Cornfield” in our conference program (accompanied with original art from Xeroine Illustration) and all three placing stories will be posted on our website on Oct. 30, Halloween Eve.

Our winning authors are invited to read their stories in a special session at the conference, Sunday, Oct. 16 4pm in Union Ballroom West, hosted by author Kat de Falla. The top three contest authors also get conference tickets and a prize pack that includes signed books, a gift from Grave Digger Candles and MPC merch. Honorable mentions will receive free conference tickets.

Thanks to everyone who participated, we appreciate your efforts and we hope to host the contest again next summer!

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Book Recommendations at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2016

A guide to some titles conference director Tea Krulos has on his shopping list

Hey, Tea here! One thing that really makes me happy about the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference is that it’s also a literary event. As an author myself, I love to geek out about books. We have a lot of talented writers in a variety of genres this year. There’s too many good titles available to even list them all, but I thought I’d give you a rundown of stuff I’d definitely like to see on my bookshelf. A lot of these titles have 2016 release dates and a few are hot off the press just in time for the con!

Remember, the holidays are happening very shortly after the con, so get some shopping done on our vendor floor– a signed book, original art, and the many other unique items on our vendor floor make great gifts! Check out the amazing vendor line up here:

Books I want to pick up from Guest Speakers (and all of these speakers will have a table on the vendor floor):

Iceman1. Neanderthal: the Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman, by Bernard Heuvelmans, afterword by Loren Coleman

Our guest speaker Loren Coleman has written dozens of books on cryptozoology and all of them are recommended. His reference book Cryptozoology A-Z was a huge help while I worked on my own book Monster Hunters. Loren will have copies of Neanderthal, written by pioneering Belgian cryptozoologist Bernard Heuvelmans, recently translated and published with a new afterword by Coleman. It ties in directly with his Milwaukee Paranormal Conference presentation:


chadlewis2. Lake Monsters of Wisconsin, by Chad Lewis

Another brand new title that fits directly into an author talk. Chad Lewis is giving a presentation of Lake Monster sightings in Wisconsin, and what better way to supplement his talk than with this book!

More info on his presentation:



97803991762413. Monster Among Us, by Linda S. Godfrey

This brand new book from Linda has an October release date. Linda has written a lot of paranormal classics, including ones of specific interest to Wisconsinites. American Monsters, Real Wolfman, Weird Wisconsin, and The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf being just a few examples. We gave Linda the “Wisconsin Researcher of the Year” award last year based on her work as a writer, so obviously we’re always excited by a new book from her and her presentation ties directly into the book.

More info on her presentation:

goatman-front-web4. Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? by J.Nathan Couch

I’ve already actually got this one on my shelf, but you might not. J. Nathan had a well received talk on Goatman last year, and for an encore we’ll talk about old Goaty on the “Wisconsin’s Wildest Urban Legends” panel.

Panel info here:




roswell5. The Children of Roswell by Donald R. Schmitt and Thomas J. Carey

This new book by Donald R. Schmitt (and co-author Thomas Carey) came out earlier this year and is based on interviews with the children of Roswell witnesses, a follow up to the author’s previous titles like Witness to Roswell. Schmitt is participating in “The Roswell Debate” but we’re not showing favoritism here– his debate rival Mark O’Connell has a book coming out in 2017 that we’re also excited to see.

More on the Roswell Debate:


chase6. Admissible: The Field Manual for Investigating UFOs, Paranormal Activity, and Strange Creatures by Chase Kloetzke and Richard Dolan

This manual covers methods for investigating pretty much everything discussed at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference and is co-authored by our guest speaker Chase Kloetzke. Hey, and a quick update on Chase– she is flying into Milwaukee directly from a case she is investigating in an undisclosed location in Peru!

More info on Chase:


61YG8qt42DL._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_7. Haunted Bachelors Grove by Ursula Bielski

This brand new book by Ursula is part of Arcadia Publishing’s “Haunted America” series, and examines a location Ursula has been researching and investigating for decades– Bachelors Grove cemetery, located outside of Chicago. I’ve had a chance to visit that location during the Chicago Dark Shores Ghost Con, so I’m excited to see this.

More info on Ursula:


Book covers8. Murder & Mayhem in Rockford, Illinois by Kathi Kresol

We’re so glad to have Kathi, proprietor of Haunted Rockford, up here for our “Haunted Road Trip” panel and to check out her research into classic crime stories.

More info on the panel:




sanjay9. Tales of the Night Watchman by Sanjay R. Singhal

Last  but not least, our panel moderator Sanjay (“Searching for Wisconsin’s Sasquatch”) has a new book out collecting short stories of supernatural themed fiction! We know Sanjay has been on some real life hair raising expeditions, which we’re sure he must have tapped into for some of these stories.

More on Sanjay’s panel:



And here’s some titles by authors you’ll find out on our vendor floor:

black bells10. Black Bells by Dawn Napier

We’re glad to have Dawn on the floor (Sunday only). She writes fantasy/ horror and all her titles sound great, but this one caught my attention for some reason I can’t quite place my finger on. Books do that sometimes.





campfire11. Monsters Around the Campfire by Donovan Scherer

We got to meet Donovan at the Milwaukee Comic Con at Serb Hall a couple months ago and he had a great set up! Donovan writes and illustrates books aimed mostly at children (most with a spooky theme, of course).  I’m going to pick this one up for my nephew.




Adventures in Death & Romance (1)12. Adventures in Death and Romance: Vrykolakas Tales by Monette Bebow-Reinhard

We got a couple signed copies of this book here at MKE Paranormal Central Station, which will be given away as prizes during the con. The book follows the adventures of vampire Arabus Drake and his encounters with the Turk army, pirates, Tories, a vindictive lawman and a wily ghost who stands between him and a woman he thinks can finally love him.


FirstContact_w10063_med13. First Contact by Kat Green

Written by authors Kat de Falla and Rachel Green (aka Kat Green) this book is about a real estate agent dealing with the paranormal. Put a SOLD sign on that!





Krampus-510x72814. The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas: Roots and Rebirth of the Folkloric Devil by Al Ridenour

This book is coming out shortly before the conference and it looks beautiful (in a hideous Krampus kind of way). I was going to say it would be a great Christmas gift, but of course St. Nick’s Day might be better.

Publisher Feral House is a sponsor of our appearance by Minnesota Krampus. Stop by their presentation for a chance to win a free copy of the book! Publisher Feral House also has a table on the vendor floor.
More Minnesota Krampus presentation info:

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Gags: Green Bay clown movie to make Milwaukee premiere at MPC Film Fest!


Sponsored by the Riverwest Currents. Supporting sponsors: Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival, MKE Production Rental

The publicity hype for Gags worked insanely well…perhaps too well, as the filmmakers still occasionally get posts on their Gags the Green Bay Clown Facebook from people in denial of Gags just being character from a movie. Launched just using a grainy picture of a creepy clown lurking underneath an overpass, Gags quickly went viral in a huge way. News outlets from around the world carried the story of how Green Bay was being “terrorized” by the phantom clown.


This photo went viral and gave the filmmakers more publicity than they could have possibly anticipated.

Eventually, the story leaked that the clown was indeed an actor and the circulating photos were publicity for a short horror film called Gags. The film does have a foot in reality and is inspired by eerie sightings of creepy clowns who pop up across the country and beyond. Last year, for example, there were reports of someone trying to freak people out by dressing in sinister clown attire in Waukesha, WI. Most recently, there have been escalating reports of menacing clowns appearing in North and South Carolina.

Now, as production to Gags wraps up, we are thrilled to announce the film’s Milwaukee premiere at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Film Fest on Sunday, Oct. 16. (A Green Bay premiere is also happening Oct.3).

Here is the film’s website:

How well did the publicity work? It appears it might have even creeped out a guy who knows a thing or two about horror:


The screening will be followed by a Q and A session with Gag’s director, Adam Krause, who will talk about the surprising viral impact of the Gags campaign.

Our film fest also has a lot of great documentaries.

Hidden Truth Poster 2016whitehall








Beast of Whitehall: the Abair Road Incident (2016) Milwaukee premiere! This documentary, part of the acclaimed Small Town Monsters doc series, examines a strange encounter several people (including a police officer) had with a 7-foot hairy creature in the Adirondacks Mountains village of Whitehall, New York.


The Hidden Truth? (2012) Filmmakers Jay Bachochin, Scott Markus, Neil Sanders examine a string of drownings in the Mississippi River in the La Crosse area. They look at theories including coincidence, a potential serial killer, or a paranormal explanation. Followed by Q and A with the filmmakers.


The Maury Island Incident (2014) This award-winning short film is based on declassified FBI memos about a UFO incident in 1947 in Washington State.


House_poster_11_DIGITALSNPoster13417685_10103440505311838_8420057446317171295_nscarystoriesmovie poster - PIM (web)


A short doc session includes:

PIM: A Paranormal Documentary, which follows local investigation team Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee. Website:

Award winning short The House is Innocent, about an eccentric couple who buys a house that used to belong to a notorious serial killer.

Pilgrimage to the Witch’s House, a rarely seen short that examines artist Mary L. Nohl’s home, known to some locals as “the Fox Point Witch’s House,” directed by Joseph R. Skow. Website:

The SuperNaturals, a short feature on a team of Real Life Superheroes that take on the challenge of investigating the paranormal.

An exclusive extended clip from Scary Stories: A Documentary, which explores the most controversial of modern children’s literature: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.              Website:

UberDork Cafe will be selling refreshments and you can get a drink at the new Underground Collaborative bar! Tickets are extremely limited, with just 105 95 available. Tickets are a cheap $6 each and include access to all screenings. They are not available with any other con pass like the Super or VIP pass. Order one now, before they run out!

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Vendor of the Week 42: Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society (NWPS)


The Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd. (NWPS) is a greater good, non-profit organization that studies, researches, investigates, and documents paranormal/supernatural phenomena. We help individuals and families deal and cope with paranormal phenomena through education, investigating, and counseling.

We are headquartered in Rhinelander, WI at the Northwoods Paranormal Resource Center, and physically cover the top third of the state of Wisconsin. We will also help anyone outside our primary coverage area by helping them find respectable and responsible paranormal teams and/or professionals in their area.
 We cover 7 categories of the unknown and unexplained. They are; Ghosts/Haunted Places, Aliens & UFOs, Cryptozoology, Metaphysics, Theology, Conspiracies, and Out Of Place Artifacts/Forbidden Archeology. Anyone with any questions or concerns regarding these 7 categories can come to us for answers and help.
 We network with other organizations to increase our success rate for helping people with their paranormal questions and concerns. We are also associated with the UFO Wisconsin Research Team, the Praesidium Warriors Of Saint Michael, and the Paranormal King Radio Network. We also do public investigation tours at the Stovewood Museum Buildings and for the Summerwind Restoration Society.
We never bill a client for a residential or commercial case, but do accept donations. References available upon request. Biographies of members can be found on our
Milwaukee Paranormal Conference tickets are available now!

Vendor of the Week 41: Dollface, Inc.


Kelly Goetzke is an artist who is very comfortable with her dark side and the evidence is in her talent. She takes the porcelain dolls that most little girls desire and molds them to mirror their very own nightmares. Although some may not be suitable for art lovers of all ages, it cannot be denied that all of her creations hold a dark beauty. Each doll is made one of a kind and should only go to homes of macabre lovers and horror appreciators. Do you dare?


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Writing Contest update!

We know some writers are probably checking our site today looking for writing contest results. We are going to have a slight delay. We received 40 entrants to the writing contest and we want to give the judges enough time to get through the all the entrants efficiently.

So, our new announcement date is a week from today, September 22. As it happens, this is a more appropriate day to announce winners as it is officially the first day of Fall and our summer writing contest was launched on the first day of Summer!

So tune back in next week for the announcement!

Meanwhile, be sure to get your conference tickets here:

Paranormal Mixer Party @ 42 Ale House

Pre-conference event, Friday, October 14, 9pm at 42 Ale House (3807 S. Packard Ave., Saint Francis, WI)


Supporting sponsors: 42 Ale House, BR Productions

The Paranormal Mixer Party is FREE and open to the public, a chance for Milwaukee Paranormal Conference attendees, guest speakers, volunteers, and organizers to hang out and socialize and get excited about the conference starting the next day.

DJ Max Holiday will be providing music, we’ll have conference tickets available, and our friends at 42 Ale House will have excellent food and drink!

Let us know you’ll be there via our event Facebook page:

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MPC-TV Live!

vintage-lightbox-sign-on-air-red (1)The MPC-TV Live! media table is happening in a corner of our vendor floor in UWM Union Ballroom East at the conference. We have four timeslots each day filled with podcasters, web shows, and other media who will be interviewing conference guests and attendees. All sessions will be livestreamed to our Facebook page! Tune in here:

Supporting sponsor: American Intelligence Report


Saturday, Oct.15

cat12-1pm: MPC-TV Conference Connection (w/ Cat Ries)

Did you know we have over 50 vendors at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference? Investigation groups, artists, authors, guest speakers, merchandisers, and so much more. To kick things off, MPC correspondent Cat Ries (NO/NO) takes you on a walk around the vendor floor to talk to people about what they got going on.



1-2pm: Bloody Mary podcastbloodymary

A podcast hosted by Kristin Ryan discussing horror movies through a lens of sexuality and feminism. Chicago comics and local celebs pick their all time favorite horror movie to discuss. Kristin will also have a table in our vendor floor.


14722264803022-3pm: The Singular Fortean Society

The Singular Fortean Society is an association of individuals dedicated to the investigation of fortean phenomena. We support a fair, holistic approach to investigation, which balances the weight of the witness’ story with objective observation, and includes all possible explanations, regardless of cultural stigma.


3-4pm Blurry Photos podcast

BlurryPhotoArtBlending comedy and the unknown, Blurry Photos is a podcast that aims to humorously shed light on the more shadowy topics the world has to offer. From cryptozoology and the paranormal to conspiracy theories and the unexplained, Blurry Photos will help educate and entertain you in a decently informational and whimsical way. The guys also have a table in our vendor floor.



4-5pm The Outlander with Heidi Hollis

Heidi Hollis is the lost of the lively and dare we say “fun” yet informative paranormal radio talk show– The Outlander! Hear past shows and get more info at her website here:

Sunday, October 16

14348816_10210422558104029_177892681_n12-1pm: MPC-TV Conference Connection (w/ Damien Jones and Julius Owens)

damienMPC has an amazing lineup of guest speakers over the weekend and MPC correspondents Damien Jones and Julius Owens (Podcast of the Century) will be sitting down to talk to a couple of our guest speakers.


13511019_1092086724197944_3020318269555301209_n1-2pm: Racine Paranormal Radio

Racine Paranormal Investigators was founded on June 27, 2014 in Racine WI. We provide confidential and professional investigations FREE OF CHARGE.

We see our investigations as opportunities to document and collect data with the latest in high tech equipment to help further understand the unknown. We use our knowledge and experience to help others who are experiencing paranormal activity as well as educate those who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the unknown.

We believe behind every haunting there is a historical story waiting to be told. We currently are serving residential homes and local business establishments in all of Wisconsin and Illinois.



2-3pm: American Intelligence Report

Intelligent news for intelligent people. Unbiased TV/talk radio and news with host (and MPC guest speaker) Kristan T. Harris. Kristan will also have a table in our vendor floor.



3-4pm: Scary Stories: A Documentary
This documentary explores the history of the most controversial work of modern children’s literature: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Director Cody Meirick will also have a table in our vendor floor (Sunday only) and will be looking for people to share their memories of reading Scary Stories.


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Tonight on The Outlander

UPDATE: Rescheduled for Friday, Sept. 16.

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference director Tea Krulos is thrilled to be a guest on The Outlander show hosted by Heidi Hollis on the Inception Radio Network.

Heidi is an author, researcher, radio show host and former Milwaukeean!

The show airs tonight at 8pm CST and you can listen here:

Got questions or comments? The call in number is: 1-888-919-2355 and the site has a live chat feature as well.

Last day of our Indiegogo. Please pre-order Milwaukee Paranormal Conference tickets here:

Vendors of the Week 26-39: Guest Speakers


The Scene on the 2015 MPC vendor floor last year. It was busy! This year we will have 50 tables spread through the UWM Ballroom East.

Time is flying! We’re going to move ahead a few spaces today by mentioning tables on our vendor floor that will be used by people who are also guest speakers at the conference. If you click on their names, it’ll take you to a web entry that will give you more information.

Stop by their tables, get a book signed, talk to them about their podcasts or radio shows, ask your most burning questions, and talk to them about all the other cool stuff they’re involved with.

26. Author and researcher Chad Lewis (Sunday only)

27. Author and researcher Linda S. Godfrey

28. Researcher Mike Hoke and researcher and author J.Nathan Couch

29. Author, researchers, ufologists Nick Roesler and Chase Kloetzke

30. Author and researcher Donald R. Schmitt

31. Researcher and tour host Allison Jornlin of Milwaukee Ghosts- Tours and Investigations

32. Researcher, author, tour host Ursula Bielski of Chicago Hauntings

33. Krampus group Minnesota Krampus

34. Inventor and star of Ghosts of Shepherdstown Elizabeth Saint

35. Sanjay R. Singhal, author and host of Beyond the Forest Radio

36. Mike Huberty and Wendy Staats and See You on the Other Side podcast/ Madison Ghost Tours

37.  Author and researcher Loren Coleman of the International Cryptozoology Museum (Saturday only)

38. Celeste Contreras, founder of Dia de los Muertos Milwaukee (Saturday only)

39. Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics, hosts of our Ghost Story Open Mic!

Support all of our awesome programming by pre-ordering tickets and merch on our Indiegogo page. Just 2 DAYS LEFT in the campaign!