Guest Speaker: Loren Coleman

Keynote Speaker 2016. Presentation: “The Minnesota Iceman: the Milwaukee Connection and More,” Saturday, Wisconsin Room


Loren Coleman has been investigating cryptozoological evidence and folklore since the Abominable Snowmen/Yetis caught his interest in 1960. He is the author, coauthor, editor of, and/or contributor to over 100 popular books on natural history mysteries and the media, including Mysterious America, Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America, Cryptozoology A to ZSuicide ClustersThe Copycat EffectTom Slick and the Search for the Yeti, The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Primates, The Field Guide to Lake Monsters and Sea Serpents, and Mothman and Other Curious Encounters. Coleman has been a consultant to television programs, and films, including the Mothman Prophecies movie and documentary in 2002, filling in for John A. Keel (who was ill) during 400 media interviews and televised appearances.

Coleman regularly appears on documentary television programs – including Finding BigfootMysteries at the MuseumMonsters and MysteriesMonsterQuestIn Search OfCBS News Sunday MorningUnsolved MysteriesAnimal XAncient AliensAncient MysteriesUnsolved MysteriesAnimal X, and other media, such as Coast to Coast AM – as an expert on strange creatures and inexplicable phenomena. His investigations have resulted in the coining of some recognized names in cryptozoology, including Dover Demon, Montauk Monster, Napes, Phantom Panthers, Cassie, and other monikers in Fortean cases, such as Phantom Clowns.

Today, as the modern popularizer of cryptozoology, and one who is termed the “world’s leading living cryptozoologist,” Loren Coleman is an honorary member of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club and other groups. He was a Life Member of the (now-defunct) International Society of Cryptozoology (ISC). He is the 1999’s Bigfoot Times’ “Bigfooter of the Year,” and is a new inductee in 2015 to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference’s “Hall of Fame.” He travels extensively to continue his fieldwork and lectures, and writes blogs and frequent articles, for example, for Fortean Times, Portland Monthly, and his two blogs.

Coleman is the founder in 2003, and present director of the nonprofit International Cryptozoology Museum, which just moved in July 2016, to a new building at Thompson’s Point, Portland, Maine. The world’s only cryptozoology museum is routinely recognized, as it was in the last few years, as one of Time Magazine’s “Seven Weirdest Museums in the World,” and on the “best of” lists by Indian Times, MSN, Jetsetter Magazine, Huffington Post, ElleDécor, Weirdee, Blog for Lifestyle and Travel, Portland Phoenix, Skyscanner, and Travel + Leisure. In 2016, Coleman and the Board of the International Cryptozoology Museum founded the new International Cryptozoology Society, to continue the work of the ISC.


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Loren will have copies of the new Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman available, and getting a signed copy from him will be a nice complimentary item to his talk. The book is by Belgian-French cryptozoology pioneer Bernard Heuvelmans, translated here in English for the first time. Loren wrote the Afterword to this edition, which brings the bizarre story of the Iceman up to date.

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