Vendor of the Week 42: Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society (NWPS)


The Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd. (NWPS) is a greater good, non-profit organization that studies, researches, investigates, and documents paranormal/supernatural phenomena. We help individuals and families deal and cope with paranormal phenomena through education, investigating, and counseling.

We are headquartered in Rhinelander, WI at the Northwoods Paranormal Resource Center, and physically cover the top third of the state of Wisconsin. We will also help anyone outside our primary coverage area by helping them find respectable and responsible paranormal teams and/or professionals in their area.
 We cover 7 categories of the unknown and unexplained. They are; Ghosts/Haunted Places, Aliens & UFOs, Cryptozoology, Metaphysics, Theology, Conspiracies, and Out Of Place Artifacts/Forbidden Archeology. Anyone with any questions or concerns regarding these 7 categories can come to us for answers and help.
 We network with other organizations to increase our success rate for helping people with their paranormal questions and concerns. We are also associated with the UFO Wisconsin Research Team, the Praesidium Warriors Of Saint Michael, and the Paranormal King Radio Network. We also do public investigation tours at the Stovewood Museum Buildings and for the Summerwind Restoration Society.
We never bill a client for a residential or commercial case, but do accept donations. References available upon request. Biographies of members can be found on our
Milwaukee Paranormal Conference tickets are available now!

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