They Walk Among Us CD Release Show and Krampus Fest

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference volunteer Scotty Damned has done an amazing job putting together a benefit CD for the conference titled “They Walk Among Us.” We were blown away by the response from local punk, metal, (and other genres) bands who contributed tracks to this comp. Thanks to all bands that participated!


Here’s the track listing:

“What The Dark Conceals” – Slug Shell
“Dirty Skyline” – Samyaza
“Old Dark House” – The Dead Morticians
“Wolf’s Tongue” – Black Frost
“Helewe” – H1Z1
“Loneliness Quotient” – The First Rule
“Hogsback Road” – Ratbatspider
“…And Then You Die” – Play Dead
“The Shakes” – Bad Bread
“Same Shit, Different Dick” – The Meatcurtains
“Koala” – Billy Dreamer
“Weak Excuses” – 40 Oz Fist
“Of Miracles” – West View
“Irritated” – Dwelling In Desolation
“Floating Face Down” – Blood On The Playground
“They’re Coming To Get You Barbara” – Put Her In The Trunk
“Locked In A Box “- Creepy Little Things
“Asphyxia” – Once The Sun
“Cursed To Wander” – Cursed To Wander
“O_O “- Cold Ghosts
“For Those In Amber” – Astral/ Subastral
“Bigfoot Polka” – Sunspot

Artist Brian Defferding (creator of the graphic novel School: A Ghost Story) illustrated the album cover art, packed with paranormal and horror character favorites. To celebrate the CD’s release, we’re hosting a show Friday, December 16 (8pm) at Frank’s Power Plant (2800 S.Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View). Several of the bands contributing tracks to the CD are playing sets, including: Bad Bread, Black Frost, 40oz Fist, The Dead Morticians, and H1Z1.

We are also billing this as a Krampus Fest with the hopes that people show up dressed as Krampus or other Christmas horror characters. We are hoping to build interest into an annual Krampus themed event in Milwaukee.


Minnesota Krampus at Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

Admission is just $6, $10 includes a copy of the CD. The CD will also be available in our Square store after the show. Proceeds from the show’s door and CD sales help fundraise for the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference. Successful fundraising is imperative for the conference to continue. Help us out by attending this show and getting this CD packed with local talent.


Facebook event page:


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