You Will Weep Paranormal Tears of Joy When You See This Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Vendor Line-up

The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference is sponsored by American Ghost Walks. MPC benefit ghost tour hosted by Tea Krulos is this Friday, August 27:

One thing that separates Milwaukee Paranormal Conference from some of your other run-of-the-mill, dusty conferences is that we’ve strived since year one to make it an event of not just paranormal themed talks, but also a celebration of local arts, crafts, authors, and musicians.

This year we have an excellent line-up of 33 vendors for our event Sept. 25 at Alverno College’s Bucyrus Center. It’s a really good mix of familiar faces and people brand new to the conference, including organizations, artists, authors, businesses and more. The conference runs 10am-5pm on September 25. It’s a free event, you just need to get your tickets by registering here:

A line-up of speakers and more info is here:

Below is a list of vendors for the Sept. 25 conference. Please note we are also doing a Witches Faire Sun. Sept. 26 at Faklandia Brewing. There is a separate line-up for vendors for that, please see this post for more details:

Vendor Floor Line-up for Sept. 25 @ Alverno

  1. American Ghost Walks
  2. Mendoza Curiosities
  3. Feral House
  4. Quixotronic
  5. ArtisticallyAnna
  6. Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee
  7. CAPs Cryptids, Anomalies, and Paranormal Society
  8. Madame Cora’s Emporium
  9. Necropolis Curios
  10. Shetan Noir
  11. Sacred Space with Marie Chevala
  12. Author J. Nathan Couch
  13. Seventh Scorpio
  14. Goddess Aida
  15. Idiorhythmic
  16. Author Amelia Cotter
  17. South East Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Team (SEWPIT)
  18. South East Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Team (SEWPIT)
  19. Twisted Dreams Film Festival
  20. Infinities Essential Oddities
  21. Sam Maranto
  22. Old Baraboo Inn
  23. Tippecanoe Herbs & Apothecary
  24. Documenting the Unknown
  25. Author Hillarie Higgins
  26. Brew City Paranormal
  27. Minnesota Ghost & Graves
  28. Cryptic Requiem Creations
  29. Friends of the Milwaukee Public Library- Bookseller
  30. Boyd House
  31. Stone Troll Studios
  32. Mary Jane’s Closet
  33. Morris Pratt Institute

    FREE TICKETS: 2021 MKE Paracon Registration | Milwaukee Paranormal Conference (

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