Milwaukee Krampusnacht Vendor of the Week: Mendoza’s Curiosities

We’re so glad to have talented artist Estephanie Mendoza on this year’s vendor floor. Este created our awesome Milwaukee Paranormal Conference art for 2021 and she’s got a beautiful selection of illustrations and crafts for Milwaukee Krampusnacht. The Krampus stuff is great, of course, but we love the fact that she created some Mari Lwyd art as well (the Mari Lwyd comes from a Welsh tradition and we’ve featured one in our Krampus Parade since 2018).

Mendoza’s Curiosities:

Tickets and more event info here:


Milwaukee Krampusnacht Merch Pre-order Open Until 11/19

For a variety of reasons, our Milwaukee Krampusnacht merch is on a tight deadline and we are limited in our offerings this year. Shirts and sweatshirts are only available through pre-order this year (there will be a few extra unisex Ts at the event, but those will go quick). Stickers, pins, and posters will be available at the event and do not need to be pre-ordered.

Below is the merch design, by Stinky Goblin Emporium (please ignore the design as it appears on Square as they cropped off part of the lettering because it’s not square shaped)

Unisex black T-shirt, S-3XL, $15-$17

Women’s cut black T-shirt, S-3XL, $15-17

Unisex longsleeve black T-shirt, S-3XL, $22-25

Unisex black zip-up hoodie, S-3XL, $35-37

THESE ARE AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ONLY. Pre-order is open until 11/19 at 5pm CST.

The items will be available for pick up at Milwaukee Krampusnacht, Dec. 5, from our merch table. You still need a ticket to get in: If you want to get an order shipped, please email with a list of what you’d like to order and we can arrange a shipment:

Discounted Milwaukee Paranormal Conference merch is also available for pickup at the event.

Here is the merch link:

Milwaukee Krampusnacht Vendor of the Week: Stinky Goblin Emporium

Stinky Goblin Emporium has been part of Milwaukee Krampusnacht since year one and they have created our incredibly awesome event/t-shirt art every year. They say they love Krampusnacht, and we certainely love them. From the Goblins’ mouth:

“Stinky Goblin Emporium loves Krampusnacht! This year we will be selling original paintings on homemade wood plaques, hand painted wooden ornaments, and some small water color paintings, most of which center around our favorite christmas demon!”


Tickets and more info on this year’s event:

And here’s Stinky Goblin’s art for this year– we will have a pre-order open on merch very soon!

Milwaukee Krampusnacht Vendor of the Week: The Hodag Store

We’re glad to welcome a new vendor to Milwaukee Krampusnacht– The Hodag Store, all the way from Rhinelander, Wisconsin. The Hodag is another horned monster that calls Wisconsin home– the legend dates back to the late 1800s when a prankster named Eugene Shepard claimed he had photographed the monster in the woods outside Rhinelander. The Hodag has since becaome a Wisconsin Legend.

The Hodag Store (538 Lincoln St., Rhinelander) is your one stop Hodag souvenir shop with over 250 items– t-shirts, stickers, games, soda, hats, pins, earrings, and much more. They’ll have a selection of merch on the Krampus Holiday Market floor and you might even see a Hodag or two in the Krampus Parade!

More info:

You can find tickets, a music line-up, and list of vendors here:

Milwaukee Krampusnacht Tickets (and Entertainment Announcements)

Milwaukee Krampusnacht planning is moving along. This has been a challenging year to plan an event, but as always, we are working hard to bring great entertainment, vendors, and performers to our event. The event is 4-10pm Sunday, Dec. 5 at the Bavarian Bierhaus (700 W. Lexington Blvd., Glendale).

Tickets are on sale now (noon CST, Halloween). The first 100 tickets are free (these will be gone within minutes) and general admission tickets are just $5. Children 12 and under are free (if they’ve been good, otherwise we’re charging them double!) We have always strived to make this an affordable event for anyone who wants to go. We do not have our Kid’s Krampus Hour tickets available yet, still trying to figure out some logistics. We’re hoping to have the Kid’s Krampus Hour tickets available Nov. 5– these will be limited to 50 and includes a special craft-making session, candy bag, and special visit by Saint Nick and Krampus.

General admission tickets available here:

The Krampus Parade is currently scheduled for 7pm. If you’re interested in being in the parade as a performer, we will have a registration form online next week. This year Milwaukee Krampusnacht is dedicated to Scott Wolter. Scott was an important part of this event– he participated every year and taught children about the Krampus tradition at our Kid’s Krampus Hour in 2018 and 19. He passed away last year and will be missed.

Scott Wolter in the Krampus Parade, 2019.

We’ve booked most of our entertainment, but expect a couple more acts to be announced in the next couple weeks.

Music line-up:

The Quilz

We’re thrilled to welcome The Quilz, a dreamy and cinematic synthwave duo to Krampusnacht!

The Quilz

Sweet Sheiks

Bringing back jazz and pop from the teens, 20s, and 30s, Sweet sheiks returns for their third Krampusnacht!

Sweet Sheiks


Weird Wisconsin rock anthems, Madison’s Sunspot returns for their second Krampusnacht!


Leaky Bellows

A Scottish Folk band focused on creating energetic arrangements of historical (and modern) bagpipe, fiddle, and harp repertoire alongside traditional songs and ballads.

Leaky Bellows


DJ 10-foot Tall Krampus (this Krampus will be DJ-ing at the outdoor bar)

Roaming Zombie Choir (they’re baaaack!)

The Krampus Holiday Market is the perfect place to get gifts for all the lovable weirdos in your life, whether they’re naughty or nice. We strived for a nice mix of vendors who have been on the floor before as well as some new faces.
Confirmed vendors:

  1. Official Milwaukee Krampusnacht Merch Station
  2. Stinky Goblin Emporium
  3. Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit
  4. Deutsche Schule Milwaukee (German Language School)
  5. Memento Moira
  6. Gebhardt Trading Company
  7. Mendoza Illustrations
  8. Necropolis Curios
  9. Feral House
  10. Stone Troll Studios
  11. Mary Jane’s Closet
  12. The Hodag Store
  13. Krystel Bub- Tarot Readings
  14. Grave Digger Candles
  15. Beyer Beware Productions
  16.  Milwaukee Pagan Unity Community
  17. Cryptic Requiem Creations
  18. Triple Moon Sisters
  19. Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics

    Facebook Event Page:
Our 2021 design by Stinky Goblin Emporium

Milwaukee Krampusnacht Vendor of the Week: Memento Moira

MILWAUKEE KRAMPUSNACHT is happening December 5 at the Bavarian Bierhaus. Tickets will be live on Halloween! As always, one of our attractions is the Krampus Holiday Market where you can find gifts for all the spooky ooky people in your life. We’ll have a range of visual art, clothing, jewelry, candles, ornaments, books, Milwaukee Krampusnacht merch and much more. Note to vendors– we’ve had many inquiries about the vendor floor, and it’s great to see so much talent out there. We are already full up this year, but hoping to expand the vendor floor next year. Drop us a line at: and we can put you on the contact list.

Memento Moira is returning as a vendor for Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2021, with dresses, bowling shirts, and messenger bags (in fabrics designed from her antique ephemera collection), jewelry, accessories, and holiday ornaments. Expect festive monsters, poisons, science, and vintage-inspired frippery. She can also be found at or on FB at

They Walk Among Us CD Release Show and Krampus Fest

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference volunteer Scotty Damned has done an amazing job putting together a benefit CD for the conference titled “They Walk Among Us.” We were blown away by the response from local punk, metal, (and other genres) bands who contributed tracks to this comp. Thanks to all bands that participated!


Here’s the track listing:

“What The Dark Conceals” – Slug Shell
“Dirty Skyline” – Samyaza
“Old Dark House” – The Dead Morticians
“Wolf’s Tongue” – Black Frost
“Helewe” – H1Z1
“Loneliness Quotient” – The First Rule
“Hogsback Road” – Ratbatspider
“…And Then You Die” – Play Dead
“The Shakes” – Bad Bread
“Same Shit, Different Dick” – The Meatcurtains
“Koala” – Billy Dreamer
“Weak Excuses” – 40 Oz Fist
“Of Miracles” – West View
“Irritated” – Dwelling In Desolation
“Floating Face Down” – Blood On The Playground
“They’re Coming To Get You Barbara” – Put Her In The Trunk
“Locked In A Box “- Creepy Little Things
“Asphyxia” – Once The Sun
“Cursed To Wander” – Cursed To Wander
“O_O “- Cold Ghosts
“For Those In Amber” – Astral/ Subastral
“Bigfoot Polka” – Sunspot

Artist Brian Defferding (creator of the graphic novel School: A Ghost Story) illustrated the album cover art, packed with paranormal and horror character favorites. To celebrate the CD’s release, we’re hosting a show Friday, December 16 (8pm) at Frank’s Power Plant (2800 S.Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View). Several of the bands contributing tracks to the CD are playing sets, including: Bad Bread, Black Frost, 40oz Fist, The Dead Morticians, and H1Z1.

We are also billing this as a Krampus Fest with the hopes that people show up dressed as Krampus or other Christmas horror characters. We are hoping to build interest into an annual Krampus themed event in Milwaukee.


Minnesota Krampus at Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

Admission is just $6, $10 includes a copy of the CD. The CD will also be available in our Square store after the show. Proceeds from the show’s door and CD sales help fundraise for the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference. Successful fundraising is imperative for the conference to continue. Help us out by attending this show and getting this CD packed with local talent.


Facebook event page:

Book Recommendations at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2016

A guide to some titles conference director Tea Krulos has on his shopping list

Hey, Tea here! One thing that really makes me happy about the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference is that it’s also a literary event. As an author myself, I love to geek out about books. We have a lot of talented writers in a variety of genres this year. There’s too many good titles available to even list them all, but I thought I’d give you a rundown of stuff I’d definitely like to see on my bookshelf. A lot of these titles have 2016 release dates and a few are hot off the press just in time for the con!

Remember, the holidays are happening very shortly after the con, so get some shopping done on our vendor floor– a signed book, original art, and the many other unique items on our vendor floor make great gifts! Check out the amazing vendor line up here:

Books I want to pick up from Guest Speakers (and all of these speakers will have a table on the vendor floor):

Iceman1. Neanderthal: the Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman, by Bernard Heuvelmans, afterword by Loren Coleman

Our guest speaker Loren Coleman has written dozens of books on cryptozoology and all of them are recommended. His reference book Cryptozoology A-Z was a huge help while I worked on my own book Monster Hunters. Loren will have copies of Neanderthal, written by pioneering Belgian cryptozoologist Bernard Heuvelmans, recently translated and published with a new afterword by Coleman. It ties in directly with his Milwaukee Paranormal Conference presentation:


chadlewis2. Lake Monsters of Wisconsin, by Chad Lewis

Another brand new title that fits directly into an author talk. Chad Lewis is giving a presentation of Lake Monster sightings in Wisconsin, and what better way to supplement his talk than with this book!

More info on his presentation:



97803991762413. Monster Among Us, by Linda S. Godfrey

This brand new book from Linda has an October release date. Linda has written a lot of paranormal classics, including ones of specific interest to Wisconsinites. American Monsters, Real Wolfman, Weird Wisconsin, and The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf being just a few examples. We gave Linda the “Wisconsin Researcher of the Year” award last year based on her work as a writer, so obviously we’re always excited by a new book from her and her presentation ties directly into the book.

More info on her presentation:

goatman-front-web4. Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? by J.Nathan Couch

I’ve already actually got this one on my shelf, but you might not. J. Nathan had a well received talk on Goatman last year, and for an encore we’ll talk about old Goaty on the “Wisconsin’s Wildest Urban Legends” panel.

Panel info here:




roswell5. The Children of Roswell by Donald R. Schmitt and Thomas J. Carey

This new book by Donald R. Schmitt (and co-author Thomas Carey) came out earlier this year and is based on interviews with the children of Roswell witnesses, a follow up to the author’s previous titles like Witness to Roswell. Schmitt is participating in “The Roswell Debate” but we’re not showing favoritism here– his debate rival Mark O’Connell has a book coming out in 2017 that we’re also excited to see.

More on the Roswell Debate:


chase6. Admissible: The Field Manual for Investigating UFOs, Paranormal Activity, and Strange Creatures by Chase Kloetzke and Richard Dolan

This manual covers methods for investigating pretty much everything discussed at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference and is co-authored by our guest speaker Chase Kloetzke. Hey, and a quick update on Chase– she is flying into Milwaukee directly from a case she is investigating in an undisclosed location in Peru!

More info on Chase:


61YG8qt42DL._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_7. Haunted Bachelors Grove by Ursula Bielski

This brand new book by Ursula is part of Arcadia Publishing’s “Haunted America” series, and examines a location Ursula has been researching and investigating for decades– Bachelors Grove cemetery, located outside of Chicago. I’ve had a chance to visit that location during the Chicago Dark Shores Ghost Con, so I’m excited to see this.

More info on Ursula:


Book covers8. Murder & Mayhem in Rockford, Illinois by Kathi Kresol

We’re so glad to have Kathi, proprietor of Haunted Rockford, up here for our “Haunted Road Trip” panel and to check out her research into classic crime stories.

More info on the panel:




sanjay9. Tales of the Night Watchman by Sanjay R. Singhal

Last  but not least, our panel moderator Sanjay (“Searching for Wisconsin’s Sasquatch”) has a new book out collecting short stories of supernatural themed fiction! We know Sanjay has been on some real life hair raising expeditions, which we’re sure he must have tapped into for some of these stories.

More on Sanjay’s panel:



And here’s some titles by authors you’ll find out on our vendor floor:

black bells10. Black Bells by Dawn Napier

We’re glad to have Dawn on the floor (Sunday only). She writes fantasy/ horror and all her titles sound great, but this one caught my attention for some reason I can’t quite place my finger on. Books do that sometimes.





campfire11. Monsters Around the Campfire by Donovan Scherer

We got to meet Donovan at the Milwaukee Comic Con at Serb Hall a couple months ago and he had a great set up! Donovan writes and illustrates books aimed mostly at children (most with a spooky theme, of course).  I’m going to pick this one up for my nephew.




Adventures in Death & Romance (1)12. Adventures in Death and Romance: Vrykolakas Tales by Monette Bebow-Reinhard

We got a couple signed copies of this book here at MKE Paranormal Central Station, which will be given away as prizes during the con. The book follows the adventures of vampire Arabus Drake and his encounters with the Turk army, pirates, Tories, a vindictive lawman and a wily ghost who stands between him and a woman he thinks can finally love him.


FirstContact_w10063_med13. First Contact by Kat Green

Written by authors Kat de Falla and Rachel Green (aka Kat Green) this book is about a real estate agent dealing with the paranormal. Put a SOLD sign on that!





Krampus-510x72814. The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas: Roots and Rebirth of the Folkloric Devil by Al Ridenour

This book is coming out shortly before the conference and it looks beautiful (in a hideous Krampus kind of way). I was going to say it would be a great Christmas gift, but of course St. Nick’s Day might be better.

Publisher Feral House is a sponsor of our appearance by Minnesota Krampus. Stop by their presentation for a chance to win a free copy of the book! Publisher Feral House also has a table on the vendor floor.
More Minnesota Krampus presentation info:

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