Join the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee @ Milwaukee Theatre


We’re happy to announce the first of our “After Con” activities (although this one is technically before the con), which will also include walking tours and a stargazing session. Please note that while we do endorse these activities, they are not organized by Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, so questions should directed to the organizations who are hosting them.

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM) have put together a session where people can join the team as they investigate the Milwaukee Theatre in downtown Milwaukee for October 14, the Friday night before the conference, 9:30-11:30pm. If you are buying a VIP ticket, you have plenty of time to get over there after our Friday night VIP dinner. Tickets for the investigation are $40.

There are only 25 available tickets for this investigation, so sign up today!

You can buy tickets, find more info on PIM, and read a history of the Milwaukee Theatre and claims of paranormal activity in the historic theater here:



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