Vendors of the Week 22: Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

PIM Ediburgh

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM) is a Milwaukee, WI based paranormal phenomena investigative group. We conduct investigations in private homes and businesses that report paranormal activity, using the scientific method and various equipment in an attempt to separate the explainable from the unexplainable.


PIM is participating in the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference with a Friday night investigation of the Milwaukee Theater (sold out!), a workshop on EMF readings, and a screening of a documentary about them is part of the Sunday Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Film Fest line up.

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Vendor of the Week 20-21: American Science & Surplus

outside store

Here at American Science & Surplus we are fascinated by discovery and invention. And we are dedicated to having fun along the way. We offer an eclectic range of products, many with a science or educational tilt to them, others simply handy or amusing. Value is important, and whenever we can, we carry surplus at prices well below retail. We love closeouts, inventory overruns, mis-manufactures, and items whose time has not come.

Front 2Store locations
Milwaukee, 6901 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Chicago, 5316 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Geneva/ West Chicago, 33W361 Roosevelt Road (Route 36)

Toll free: 888-SCIPLUS (888-724-7587)




Front 3

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Vendor of the Week 19: Dawn’s Dark Treasures


dawn con

I grew up in Waukegan, Illinois and upstate New York. My earliest memories are of re-imagining favorite cartoons on paper and inventing my own. I have a husband, three kids, and a ridiculous number of pets, mostly guinea pigs. I read adventure fantasy, horror, science-fiction, or anything else that takes me away from it all. I hope that my stories can do for others what they have done for me.


storyland__dawnnapier                  black bells

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Vendor of the Week 18: Cait May Illustration

Cait May is an artist living in Baltimore with a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She works primarily digitally, with a foundation in watercolor and brush ink.
Maryland born, Florida raised, Cait has always loved the environments around her. Whether the Catskills or the Gulf of Mexico, she finds inspiration in the flora and fauna. Cait returned to her home state for school (and because she desperately missed the snow). Raised in a crazy family of theater people, she knew from a very small age that drawing was something she was meant to do. Her work can be viewed at:
She first became interested in the paranormal when her sister started seeing a “White Robe Lady” standing outside her window on a nightly basis. What began as a simple interest has integrated itself into her artwork – which, while whimsical, still has a grounding in all things unknown.
Cait and her boyfriend Trevor write and illustrate a webcomic called “Irregular,” a story about six young cryptids trying to make their way through the human world, and learning together that family is not who you are born to, but who you find along the way. It can be read online at:
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Vendor of the Week 17: Monette Bebow-Reinhard


Bebow-Reinhard earned a master’s in history in 2006. She is responsible for the research that got the Arndt Sawmill site in Wisconsin on the National Historic Register and is now doing work on the history of Booyah. She also markets movie scripts, has two other novels being marketed, and a fifth novel coming out later this year (hopefully by conference time) called Grimms American Macabre, through All Things that Matter Press. She is also compiling a master database of all pre-contact copper artifacts found in the Americas. Be sure to shop and chat with her, she’s had a fascinating background, including gaining the right from the creator of the Bonanza series to become the only authorized Bonanza novelist.  He highly approved of her portrayal of Lincoln in her second Bonanza novel.  She can also tell you a thing or two you didn’t know about Custer’s Last Stand.

Mystic Fire Front Cover

Mystic Fire: A Civil War/Bonanza novel: With so much bloodshed in the country in 1862 would you be surprised to find a ghost or two? The Cartwrights are torn apart in this saga when runaway slaves come seeking help. With Adam and Ben gone, Hoss and Joe are expected to run the ranch, but Hoss meets up with a lady who seems quite literally, to Hop Sing, anyway, not of this world. Lincoln is also a character in this saga as he deals with his wife’s growing insanity and need for mysticism and his own desire to find a place to send the slaves out of the country, leading some in a kind of revolt against them.  You’ll find plenty of mystic fire in this novel!
 Adventures in Death & Romance (1)
Adventures in Death & Romance: Vrykolakas Tales is the first series of stories of the new Greek vampire, Arabus Drake, who as Mikos in 1503 is murdered with his love Althea and comes back seeking vengeance. But his is a cowardly soul trapped inside the corpse swarming with demons, so Althea remains in the early realm as a spirit to help him learn to control the demons.  And the stories progress from there through history as he seeks the one thing that eludes him as a vampire–acceptance by the mortal world, even as he continues to seek to quench his blood thirst. You will witness, as never before, how it feels to be vampiric, and demonic and will come to see that we all have demons we struggle with, and you might even find reason to hope for his success along the way.
You can see chapter reads on these and her other two novels at
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Vendor of the Week 16: Muddy Water Press


Alex Groh is a 2011 MIAD grad, who owns and operates Muddy Water Press in Davenport, Iowa. He provides design and specialty screen printing to advertising and marketing agencies with the goal of funding a training and teaching facility to allow artists and designers access to equipment not normally available to them.

He researches and illustrates American tall tales, hoaxes and folk tales in his time off and is currently building a poster compendium of the creatures he researches, as well as working on several other projects to introduce people to the stories behind the monsters


20160426_224328 MKE-PARACON---etsyThe-Furry-Trout

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Vendor of the Week 15: Catherine Palmeno


Catherine Palmeno is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her clients include Mattel, Disney, Hasbro, Sanrio, Dreamworks, DC, Cartoon Network, and many more. Products she has designed can be seen in stores on every continent, (except for Antarctica, but she’s hoping they open a Target there soon).

To commission work, email catherine at
To purchase prints, visit

image2 (2)image1


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Vendor of the Week 14: Kathi Kresol

Book signing

Kathi Kresol has been researching Rockford’s history for the past ten
years. She shares the fascinating stories she uncovers through her website
at , her “Voices from the Grave”column in the Rock
River Times weekly newspaper and through her tours.
Kathi is a member of Rockford Historical Society and has worked at the
Rockford Public Library for years and loves sharing her enthusiasm for
reading any way possible. She started teaching history using ghost stories
when she homeschooled her children. Kathi loved the research and the ghost
stories so much, she wanted to share them with the Rockford community. She
found the perfect solution in forming Haunted Rockford Paranormal Tours.

It has allowed her to work with some great people from all over Illinois
and Wisconsin. Kathi feels honored that she can share the stories of the
men, women, and children who settled Rockford and gave so much to create
such a rich history.


Book covers

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Vendor of the Week 13: Brew City Paranormal



Brew City Paranormal is based in Milwaukee, WI and serves the entire southeastern portion of the state. We are a group of dedicated and experienced investigators who bring professionalism to each case.  We respect your privacy and give you the level of confidentiality you desire. As always, there is no charge for our services.



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Vendor of the Week 12: David Beyer, Jr.

David Beyer, Jr. is a Milwaukee based cartoonist and illustrator. He is the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference’s Chief Art Consultant and he designed our popular logo and t-shirt last year. He is working on some original art for this year, too.


David’s comic strip– “The Twisted Adventures of Stinko”– has run monthly in the Riverwest Currents since 2006, and he is currently the 5th Currents Comics Page Editor.  His work has appeared in places such as the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, So…Buttons Comics, Image Comics, Arcana Comics, and the City Pages.  He self publishes under the name Beyer Beware Productions and has also worked as a muralist for Nationwide Bowling as well as private residents.

David holds a BFA in illustration and a studio minor in painting from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.  He also attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts for two years as well as the School of Visual Arts where his focus was on cartooning and illustration.
(Below: A print of David’s Jason Voorhees art was one of our raffle prizes at Friday the 13th Fest. Also, GROOT.)


Check out more of David’s artwork:

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