Vendor of the Week 18: Cait May Illustration

Cait May is an artist living in Baltimore with a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She works primarily digitally, with a foundation in watercolor and brush ink.
Maryland born, Florida raised, Cait has always loved the environments around her. Whether the Catskills or the Gulf of Mexico, she finds inspiration in the flora and fauna. Cait returned to her home state for school (and because she desperately missed the snow). Raised in a crazy family of theater people, she knew from a very small age that drawing was something she was meant to do. Her work can be viewed at:
She first became interested in the paranormal when her sister started seeing a “White Robe Lady” standing outside her window on a nightly basis. What began as a simple interest has integrated itself into her artwork – which, while whimsical, still has a grounding in all things unknown.
Cait and her boyfriend Trevor write and illustrate a webcomic called “Irregular,” a story about six young cryptids trying to make their way through the human world, and learning together that family is not who you are born to, but who you find along the way. It can be read online at:
Milwaukee Paranormal Conference tickets available here:

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