Milwaukee Para Con 2019

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2019: Buy tickets HERE

Presenting sponsor: Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

Additional sponsors: Singular Fortean Society and American Ghost Walks


Friday, Sept. 13: 2019 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Pre-party

MPC benefit Third Ward walking tour, led by conference director Tea Krulos. Proceeds go to conference costs. 7:30pm, tickets here:

Friday the 13th Fest VI: Haunted House. A fun night of music and burlesque at Walker’s Point Music Hall. $10, $6 if you wear a costume:

Saturday, Sept. 14: 2019 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

9AM: Vendor floor is open!


Bucyrus Room A

10AM: Shetan Noir: “Lake Monsters of the Great Lakes”

11AM: Allison Jornlin: “Milwaukee Forteana, Vol. IV”

Noon: Tobias Wayland: “The Lake Michigan Mothman: High Strangeness in the Midwest”

1PM: Ursula Bielski: “Haunts of the Devil: Ghosts of H.H. Holmes, the Worlds Fair, and Victorian Chicago”

2PM: American Ghost Walks panel: “Haunted Road Trip”

3PM: Dave Schumacher (Paranormal Research Group): “15 years of Researching Ghosts, Hauntings and Poltergeists Using Random Number Generators and Environmental Data Logging with the D.E.A.D. (Direct Environmental Acquisition Data logging) System – Advantages, Results and Next Steps”

4PM: Jay Bachochin: “Bigfooting 101”

5PM: Noah Leigh: “Common Misconceptions for Paranormal Activity”

Alumnae Hall

Noon: “Paranormal Evidence Show and Tell” with various investigation groups

1PM: Society for Anomalous Studies, “Sustained Electronic Spirit Communication- Revealing Conversations with the Unseen”

2PM: X-Files trivia

3PM: Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit, “Meet Krampus” panel

4PM: J. Nathan Couch, “Washington County Paranormal”



Instead of doing our own after party, we are encouraging our paranormal fans to attend the Night Carnival:

 Milwaukeee Paranormal Conference Vendors

  1. Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee
  2. Singular Fortean Society
  3. American Ghost Walks
  4. Author Tea Krulos
  5. Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit
  6. Medievel Elements- Handmade Chainmaille and Wirework Jewelry
  7. Memento Moira
  8. Strange Little Lands
  9. Necropolis Curios
  10. US Paranormal Research
  11. Mystic Moon Media
  12. Mystic Moon Media
  13. Saltiest Sea Witch
  14. Archimedes Azure Creations
  15. ArtisticallyAnna
  16. Kelly Main Illustration
  17. Southeastern Wisconsin Paranormal Team (SEWPIT)
  18. Stinky Goblin Emporium
  19. Beyer Beware Productions
  20. Author and Investigator Shetan Noir
  21. Moonchild Wisdom
  22. Violet Magician
  23. Author and Investigator J.Nathan Couch
  24. Chicago Hauntings
  25. Jay Bachochin/ WPI Hunts the Truth
  26. Paranormal Research Group
  27. Friends of Milwaukee Public Library Bookseller
  28. Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin
  29. Society for Anomalous Studies