Guest Speaker: Noah Leigh

Presentation: “”Based on True Events”: When Hollywood Deviates From Reality” Saturday at 1 PM, Alumnae Hall

This presentation focuses on the long career of Ed and Lorraine Warren and how the investigations they conducted over three decades were turned into successful books and movies claiming to be based on real events. However, although entertaining, those books and movies were actually much more fiction than fact. From The Amityville Horror to A Haunting in Connecticut, learn the truth about these cases and more!

Noah Leigh, founder of Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM), is a scientist who holds master’s degrees in cell biology and epidemiology. Paranormal phenomena has always intrigued Noah, and he has made it his mission to use his scientific background to do quality research in the paranormal field.

In 2007, Noah set out to assemble a group of people who ascribe to his scientific approach to paranormal investigation. In the past 14 years, Noah has built a reputation in the Milwaukee area that has allowed him to investigate places such as The Milwaukee Public Museum, and The Pabst Riverside Theater. Labeling himself as “skeptically optimistic,” Noah has an open mind when it comes to the paranormal, but does not allow himself or his group to abandon common sense and scientific techniques in the pursuit of paranormal evidence.

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