Guest Speaker: Allison Jornlin

Presentation: “Milwaukee Poltergeists,” Saturday at 2 PM, Bucyrus Room

Poltergeists. They’re not your typical ghosts. Throughout world history their violent and sometimes nonsensical manifestations have kept witnesses guessing. What invisible forces are behind these destructive rampages? Many different explanations have surfaced over the centuries. Learn about poltergeists through newly uncovered local cases in Milwaukee and beyond in this one hour exploration.

Allison Jornlin has been investigating strange phenomena for more than 20 years. She developed Milwaukee’s first haunted history tour in 2008. Since then Allison has led numerous tours and presented talks on a variety of Fortean topics — poltergeists, fairies, UFOs, cryptids, demonic possession, etc. Allison currently works as a professional weirdo, writing articles for a variety of publications and developing haunted history tours for

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