Guest Speaker: Shetan Noir

Presentation: “Devils Triangle of the Great Lakes,” Saturday at 10 AM, Bucyrus Room

The Great Lakes have always been steeped in mystery and tragedy. But could the Great Lakes be home to Devils triangles too?

Shetan Noir is the active managing head writer for several magazines covering Fortean topics including Squatch GQ, Squatch Digest, Backwoods (crytozoology), G-Hunter (paranormal), Watchers (UFO), Dinosauria and Prehistoric Creatures, and Weird Travels. Shetan has also been a contributing writer to Supernatural magazine.
She specializes in paranormal travel destinations and legend trip investigations. Shetan has also written two books entitled Lake Monsters and Odd Creatures of the Great Lakes and Mothman and Other Flying Creatures of the Midwest. Shetan Noir has spent 25 years researching the paranormal and cryptozoology fields.

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