Guest Speaker: Jeff Finup

Presentation: “Finding the Weird in Your World: A Practical Guide," Saturday at 2 PM, Alumnae Hall John Keel once asserted that, “No matter where you live on this planet, someone within two hundred miles of your home has had a direct confrontation with a frightening apparition or inexplicable 'monster' within the last generation.” Included in … Continue reading Guest Speaker: Jeff Finup

Guest Speaker: Tea Krulos

Presentation: “Tea's Weird Week Birthday Party Panel,” Saturday at 1 PM, Bucyrus Room Tea Krulos was born in Milwaukee and is an award-winning journalist and author of five non-fiction books including Monster Hunters, Wisconsin & Lore, and American Madness. He is also the founder and director of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, an annual celebration of all things paranormal … Continue reading Guest Speaker: Tea Krulos

Guest Speaker: Stacy Schuerman

Presentation: “Morris Pratt Institute: Wisconsin’s School for Modern Spiritualism," Saturday at 4 PM, Bucyrus Room Started by a scientific spiritualist, Morris Pratt, in 1888, the Morris Pratt Institute is the oldest school in the world teaching Modern Spiritualism. Modern Spiritualism is the science, philosophy, and religion of communication between this physical world and the spiritual … Continue reading Guest Speaker: Stacy Schuerman

Guest Speaker: Allison Jornlin

Presentation: “Milwaukee Poltergeists," Saturday at 2 PM, Bucyrus Room Poltergeists. They're not your typical ghosts. Throughout world history their violent and sometimes nonsensical manifestations have kept witnesses guessing. What invisible forces are behind these destructive rampages? Many different explanations have surfaced over the centuries. Learn about poltergeists through newly uncovered local cases in Milwaukee and beyond in this one … Continue reading Guest Speaker: Allison Jornlin