Guest Speaker: Jeff Finup

Presentation: “Legend Tripping Wisconsin,” Saturday at 5 PM, Speaker Room A

Jeff brings you a practical guide to exploring some of Wisconsin’s best legends. Including haunted places, supernatural dares, and forgotten history.

Jeff Finup is the creator of the popular Instagram account, Badgerland Legends. He writes about legends, lore, history, oddities, cryptids, and more from the Badger State. He also is the co-host of Wisconsin Legends Podcast.


Guest Speaker: Barnaby Jones

Presentation: “What Is Cryptozoology?” Saturday at 4PM, Speaker Room A

Barnaby Jones is a cryptozoologist, the founder and lead investigator for Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society based in Wisconsin. He is also the host of Whispers from the Dark podcast and Monday Morning Monsters radio show. Alongside CAPS, Barnaby has traveled across the US in search of answers to the unknown everything from Paranormal to Bigfoot to UFOs.

Guest Speaker: Allison Jornlin

Presentation: “Milwaukee Forteana: Premonitions & Crisis Apparitions”, Saturday at 2 PM, Speaker Room A

This year’s installment of Allison’s annual Milwaukee Forteana presentation focuses on locals who foresaw terrible things. Their chilling predictions would somehow come to pass. These ill-fated Milwaukeeans experienced psychic premonitions or crisis apparitions, mysterious communications with loved ones at the moment of death.

Our 2016 Researcher of the Year recipient, Allison Jornlin, founded Milwaukee’s first ghost walk in 2008. Today she continues to research and write haunted history tours for cities throughout the U.S. and has a blast working with her brother Mike at American Ghost Walks