Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2019


Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2019: Buy tickets HERE

Presenting sponsor: Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

Additional sponsors: Singular Fortean Society and American Ghost Walks

Friday, Sept. 13: 2019 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Pre-party

Mystery Dinner Party, details TBA

MPC benefit Third Ward walking tour, led by conference director Tea Krulos. Proceeds go to conference costs. 7:30pm, tickets here:

Friday the 13th Fest VI: Haunted House. A fun night of music and burlesque at Walker’s Point Music Hall. $10, $6 if you wear a costume:

Saturday, Sept. 14: 2019 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

Please note the speakers are not in order as a schedule is still being arranged. Timeslots and speaker bio/descriptions will follow next month.


Bucyrus Room A

Shetan Noir: “Lake Monsters of the Great Lakes”

Allison Jornlin: “Milwaukee Forteana, Vol. IV”

Tobias Wayland: “The Lake Michigan Mothman: High Strangeness in the Midwest”

Ursula Bielski: “Haunts of the Devil: Ghosts of H.H. Holmes, the Worlds Fair, and Victorian Chicago”

Jay Bachochin: “Bigfooting 101”

Noah Leigh: “Common Misconceptions for Paranormal Activity”

Dave Schumacher (Paranormal Research Group): “15 years of Researching Ghosts, Hauntings and Poltergeists Using Random Number Generators and Environmental Data Logging with the D.E.A.D. (Direct Environmental Acquisition Data logging) System – Advantages, Results and Next Steps”

Alumnae Hall

American Ghost Walks “Haunted Road Trip” panel

Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit, “Meet Krampus” panel

X-Files Trivia

“Paranormal Evidence Show and Tell” with various investigation group

Society for Anomalous Studies, “Sustained Electronic Spirit Communication- Revealing Conversations with the Unseen”

UFO discussion, TBA


Instead of doing our own after party, we are encouraging our paranormal fans to attend the Night Carnival:


Sunday, Sept. 15: 2019 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Activities Day

Includes tours, screenings, activities, and more– details to be posted next month.


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