Twisted Monster Short Block April 4

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference is thrilled to be a sponsor of this year’s Monster Short Block at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival, next Thursday April 4, at 9pm.
We are hosting a contest on our Facebook page []– post a picture or meme of your favorite movie monster between now and Friday (March 29) at noon on our Facebook page and we’ll enter everyone who posts in a randomizing generator to select a winner for two tickets to the Monster Short Block and the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference (Sept.14)!
Speaking of, a Milwaukee Paranormal Conference fundraiser is underway here:

April 4, 9 pm – Twisted Monster Short Block – 107 minutes – Presented by Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 
Monsters fuel nightmares and make some great villains.  We assembled a block of film that feature some of the scariest monsters. It could just be the boogeyman in your room, vampires looking for their next kill, or a killer dinosaur on the loose but whatever it is sure to fill you with dread. 

  • Bump in the Night-Dir. Kaelan Selbach-Broad and Aja Selbach-Broad
  • Eyecatcher – Dir. Jun Shimizu
  • I am Not a Monster – Dir. Grace Quilligan
  • Nothing Like the Sun –  Dir. Jonas Banks
  • Peep – Dir. Zachary Dehm
  • Terrordactyl – Dir. E.K. Scarfone
  • The Thing About Beecher’s Gate – Jeremy Herbert
  • Third Wheel – Dir. Daniel DelPurgatorio

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