FRIDAY the 13th Fest Part IV: Jason Goes to Bay View

It’s a quiet community of tattoos, bakery, and craft beers. But they’re about to get a visitor that is no hipster…FRIDAY THE 13th FEST PART IV: JASON GOES TO BAY VIEW!

Frank’s Power Plant (2800 s. Kinnickinnic) $7, trivia at 8pm, show at 9pm

8pm: Horror Movie Trivia, hosted by Deadgar Winter of Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics… win cool horror prizes!


Here’s a chance to win some cool prizes– horror DVDs, merch, cool trinkets by flexing your knowledge of 80s horror movies. This trivia session is free and takes place before the show.

Ratbatspider (Brew City Horrorpunk



Dick Satan Trio (Instrumental Playboy Rock:


Skully Sati


Meet the mystical Skully Sati, Milwaukee-based performer, and proud former producer of various variety act shows, including acting as past co-producer of the popular Friday the 13th Fest shows. When she’s not telling fortunes through Tarot, she’s performing a new take on old school burlesque with her collection of ventriloquist dolls or dancing with props such as veils, canes, or her straight razor. Skully Sati beckons your full attention as she has earned the reputation to seduce and charm with her wicked and unique musings! Be sure to catch her offering Tarot, Past Life, Intuitive, and Couples readings when she’s not performing at the next Friday the 13th Fest: Jason Goes to Bay View! Befriend her on Facebook to follow what she’ll create next.

Nina Nazir


Nina Nazir has been performing Belly Dance since she was 14 years old. She specializes in classic American Cabaret style combining the class and elegance of bellydance’s Golden Age with the sassy kitch of the 1970s and an added kiss of Dark Fusion. She has performed in numerous Milwaukee area variety shows including Skully Sati productions, Dead Mans Carnival, and of course Friday the 13th fests I through IV.

Katie Kadaver


Milwaukee’s horror hottie– she puts the gore in gorgeous!

Katie Kadaver is a body positive, horror artist and one of the founders, producers and performers of Grindhouse Tease Productions. When she’s not astounding audiences with her bawdy brilliance, Ms. Kadaver can be found practicing various forms of visual art – including ghoulish make-up for horrorpunk band Ratbatspider, creating customized punk rock inspired vests and other clothing, as well as challenging society’s visual diet, by posing in alternative and horror themed pin-up photos. Katie is also a Deadgirl for horror host Deadgar Winter, of Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics.

And your Emcee, Kristin Lytie!


Kristin Lytie has performed stand up comedy in basements, laundromats, and dive bars all across the country. Originally from Northeastern Wisconsin, Kristin’s comedy is fueled by a love of all things Midwestern. An eternal optimist, she has worked in progressive politics for the past ten years as a community and labor organizer. She is about working class populist politics and has a strong DIY punk ethic, but is also passionate about classic rock and cheap beer. ​

Kristin has performed in the Altercation Comedy Festival (Austin, TX), Beast Village Comedy Festival (Des Moines, IA), Bird City Comedy Festival (Phoenix, AZ), Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival (Columbus, OH), Cream City Comedy Festival (Milwaukee, WI), Floodwater Comedy Festival (Iowa City, IA) and more. She has also funneled her love of horror movies into a podcast called Bloody Mary which discusses horror movies through a lens of sexuality and feminism. Guests have included professors, comedians, and even a dominatrix!

Facebook event:

Upcoming 2018 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference events:

July 13: Friday the 13th Fest Part V: Time Wars
October: Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, The Kraken’s Ball, Milwaukee Paranormal Film Festival
December: Milwaukee Krampusnacht


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