Guest speaker: Mary Marshall


Presentation: “Paranormal Entanglement,” Saturday, Wisconsin Room
Workshop: “Ghosts and Spirit Entities,” Sunday, Room 191

Mary helped institute and develop one of the first Paranormal Studies Program in the country that is taught at an institute of higher education. As a paranormal educator and innovator she now teaches 3 different science and cultural based paranormal studies courses, as well as workshops at various colleges and institutions.

As a paranormal investigator and researcher with over 20 years experience, Mary is the founder and director of The Paranormal MD Investigations, a scientific and technology based group located in northwest Illinois. The Paranormal MD is not limited to ghosts & hauntings. We delve into all fields and aspects of paranormal phenomenon. Keeping in mind the process of the scientific method, we always try to test our theories, and search for and document any “cause and effect” relationships. Simply put, we look for correlations and document it.

As a radio personality, Mary produces and hosts her own talk radio show titled, The Paranormal MD which airs Thursday at 7pm CST. In the past, Mary has guest hosted and co-hosted a few different radio shows over time, other than her own. Her break into radio was as a co-host on a paranormal talk show at WLIP, an AM/FM radio station. She’s frequently a guest interview on other radio shows, too. She has been a guest on a couple of television shows, as well as a documentary. To listen to the show and for more info:

Mary Marshall’s newly released book, Continuum is available for purchase. It is a sci-fi fictional story involving time travel. She is also working on a nonfiction book with the working title, Forever After. It is about her experiences and journey into and through the paranormal realm.


Milwaukee Paranormal Conference tickets available here:



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