Vendor of the Week 02: WPI Hunts the Truth


WPI Hunts the Truth was established in 2007 by Jay Bachochin and his wife Katie. They were both intrigued by the paranormal evidence they’ve seen in their lives from ghosts, UFOs and unknown creatures.

They believe there is more to their normal everyday lives. Do ghosts really exist? Are those lights in the sky just a plane? Is there really an 9′ tall hominid hiding from everybody in the deep dark woods? Or is this all simply suggestive thought or mass hysteria?  They needed to find the answers for themselves first and foremost. This is how their mission Hunt the Truth was born.

The only way to Hunt the Truth is to know where to find it. We encourage those people who have had a strange encounter to contact us. We will try to help that person validate their claims by Hunting the Truth. We will map the encounter in our data base and try to connect the dots of other similar claims. We share our findings with likeminded researchers to help further educate us all in this strange field.

Contact us:


Check out the CHRONICLES: WPI Hunts the Truth 2007-2016 video for a retrospect on the group, including captured evidence on YouTube here: CHRONICLES: WPI Hunts the Truth 2007-2016


We still have vendor tables left! Find more info and a list of who we’ve signed up so far

Con tickets available here:


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