Milwaukee Para Con Survival Guide

Milwaukee Para Con is just three days away! The reception we’ve gotten this year is just incredible– I know people are showing up from all over the Milwaukee area, Madison, Green Bay, West Bend, Chicago, even Minnesota. A lot of people have been asking me questions about the con and our venue, the gorgeous Irish Cultural & Heritage Center. I’m going to try to answer all your questions as best I can here.

Why do I need a ticket if the event is free? Where can I acquire said ticket?

Getting a head count of who would be showing up was an important step this year. Would 250 people show up? 500? 1000? We needed to know and this way we have a good idea. It was also a way to encourage donations via donation ticket options.

So yes, get a ticket. We have free tickets and a give-$3 donation-and get a sweet Milwaukee Para Con sticker options live now here:

I hear this will reach capacity and I won’t be able to get in.

You heard wrong. The ICHC is a big place and at this time, based on tickets, we aren’t worried about going over capacity.

Where do I get tickets for the After Con activities– ghost tours, tag-a-long investigation, etc.?

Check out this post for links:

Where is the venue?

The Irish Cultural & Heritage Center (ICHC) is located at: 2133 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53233
That’s the corner of 21st and Wisconsin Ave. It is very close to the Marquette campus and the Rave/ Eagle’s Ballroom. Here is there website if you’d like to read more on the venue:

What is the parking situation?

The ICHC has a limited amount of parking located behind the building. When those spots are gone, people will have to find street parking on Wisconsin Ave. or the many side streets surrounding the center. It is what it is. Show up early and find a spot!

City bus lines #30 and the Gold Line also go past the center on Wisconsin Ave. Here’s a link to the Milwaukee County Transit System route map:

Is there an ATM at the ICHC?

No! And the nearest one is probably several blocks away. Some of our vendors will be hooked up with card apps, some won’t. Please be prepared by getting cash before you arrive.

Will you be taking cash donations at the door?

Yes! We will have donation jars at the front door. All donations are being used toward things like venue rental, printing costs, travel expenses for our guest speakers, etc. People who made an online donation get a free Milwaukee Para Con sticker. These stickers are also available at our merch table for $3. We also have t-shirts for $13 ($15 for glow-in-the-dark ones). We are taking cash only at the merch table!

What about food?

I’m very happy to say UberDork Cafe will be set up at the venue as our onsite food vendor. They are going to have some great stuff. If your palate needs a different taste, there are food options ranging from fastfood to steakhouses further down Wisconsin Ave. There are several hotels in the downtown area.

If you feel like getting an alcoholic beverage at the con, the ICHC has a main level and basement level bar that will be open.

What can I do to help?

Supporting us and the merchants on the vendor floor is a huge help. Buy some books and other merch, talk to people about their groups and projects, sign up for a ghost tour, get some coffee from UberDork or a beer from the ICHC. I’d like to see this be a successful day for everyone involved.

But most importantly, you can support us by showing up and having a good time!

See you Saturday!


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