You Need an Eventbrite Ticket for this Event

MilwaukeeParanormal_032315_FHello, everyone! Time flies and the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference is rapidly approaching on June 6. Response to this event has been MASSIVE and it’s so great to know that people are looking forward to this event, and not just people from Milwaukee. I know we have people coming from Madison, Chicago, Green Bay, West Bend, Stevens Point, and who knows where else.

We’ve got a good crew of volunteers and some awesome sponsors supporting with media and services. Because we are getting such an enthusiastic response, I’m asking people to get tickets to the event from Eventbrite. I’m hoping this will give us a more accurate attendance estimate than Facebook will. This will be helpful because if we have a good estimate it will help us determine how many programs we need, what food service can expect, etc., etc.

There are two ticket options on Eventbrite: one is the completely free ticket, no service charges or anything. The other is “donation,” where you can enter any amount. If we can get even half the people attending to donate a few dollars, it will go a long way in helping us pay for flyers, conference programs, travel costs for some of our speakers, and other costs.

Print off the ticket or confirmation e-mail, show us on your mobile device, or write down the confirmation number and show it to the people at the door. Thanks much for taking a minute to do this, it will be very helpful in letting us know what to expect.

Here is the link:

P.S. People exempt from this process are: guest speakers, volunteers, media, vendors and their guests.


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