Meet the Mod Squad

TONIGHT! 7pm on Beyond the Forest Radio-- all 5 of our 2016 panel discussion moderators talk about their panels at the quickly upcoming Milwaukee Paranormal Conference! Much like Voltron or the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the panel hosts will all be assembled to talk Milwaukee Paranormal Conference on Beyond the Forest Radio. Show host Sanjay … Continue reading Meet the Mod Squad

Panel Discussion: Searching for Wisconsin’s Sasquatch

Saturday, UWM Ballroom West Moderator: Sanjay R. Singhal (Beyond the Forest Radio). Panel: Author and researcher Linda S. Godfrey, Jay Bachochin (WPI Hunts the Truth), Larry and Jen Dopke (WI chapter of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization). Bigfoot, one of the star cases of cryptozoology, has been spotted in states coast to coast and, according … Continue reading Panel Discussion: Searching for Wisconsin’s Sasquatch