The Roswell Debate


Mark O’Connell

Presentation: “The Roswell Debate,” with Donald R. Schmitt and Mark O’Connell, Saturday (Oct.15), Wisconsin Room

At a cursory glance, Donald Schmitt and Mark O’Connell have some things in common– both are Wisconsin residents, writers, and researchers of the UFO phenomenon. Both were guest speakers at our first Milwaukee Paranormal Conference last year. Both also have found inspiration from pioneering UFO researcher Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

However, they don’t quite see eye-to-eye.

The issue put forth in this debate: the alleged 1947 crash of a UFO at Roswell, undeniably the most famous UFO case of all time, explored thoroughly in books and the inspiration for TV shows, movies, and other popular culture.

Some of the things likely to be debated– the impact the Roswell case has had on UFO research, the credibility and relevance of the Roswell case, the Roswell Slides, and more.


Donald R. Schmitt

We are excited to host our first Milwaukee Paranormal Conference debate and we think this is a great opportunity to hear different perspectives on UFO research and the Roswell case.

Schmitt will have his books available, including his latest, Children of Roswell (2016). O’Connell’s new book, The Close Encounters Man, will be released in May of 2017.

The debate will be moderated by David Henning, head of Lakeland College’s debate and forensics program. Henning has over 30 years of debate experience. His students will assist in the debate.

KGRAlogoSPECIALborderWe are also happy to say that if you can’t make it to Milwaukee for the conference, you’ll be able to listen to the debate anywhere in the world thanks to a live broadcast from our media sponsors KGRA Radio.


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Roswell  101 Gallery


The front page of the Roswell Daily Record, July 8, 1947


RAAF Major Jesse Marcel displays pieces of a weather balloon, the official story of what was found crashed outside of Roswell. Many Ufologists say this story is a cover up.


One of the Roswell Slides released last year. Schmitt was a member of the team who revealed the slides, found in a collection in an attic. It was later determined the pictures actually show the mummified remains of a child on display in a museum.


Schmitt’s first book, released in 1991, became a best seller and part of the early 90s UFO-mania.


Dr. J. Allen Hynek was a pioneering ufologist. Schmitt is the former co-director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies and O’Connell is currently wrapping up a biography of Dr. Hynek.



BREAKING: Does Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Speaker Donald Schmitt Have the Smoking Gun on Roswell?

Yesterday we announced our line up of speakers ( for the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, including keynote speakers Linda S. Godfrey, Noah Leigh, and Donald Schmitt. The latter also made news yesterday by announcing that he will be unveiling what could be “the smoking gun” on the Roswell UFO crash of 1947: the Roswell Slides.

Schmitt and his research partner, Tom Carey, say they were given the slides by an undisclosed party. The origin of the slides is explained as thus:

“Some years ago, while an attic was being cleaned out, a chest was found containing many Kodachrome slides. Two Kodachrome slides were later found to have separately hidden in an envelope within the inner lining of the chest’s lid. The chest and it’s contents were traced and found to have belonged to an intriguing, childless couple [Bernerd and Hilda Blair Ray] that are now deceased.”

You can read more of the press release here:

Schmitt, Carey, and astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell will be presenting the slides in an event that will be livestreamed in Mexico City on May 5, 2015, just one month before the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.

Are these slides going to be the incredible proof of extra-terrestrials the world has been waiting for? That is an answer I don’t have, but I’m very curious and excited to see what happens May 5 and then hear Donald Schmitt tell us about the case in person at his presentation here in Milwaukee. It will be a “slideshow” to remember!