American Ghost Walks Krampus Parade Registration Form

Milwaukee Krampusnacht is happening on Dec. 5 at the Bavarian Bierhaus. A highlight of the event is our annual Krampus Parade, which is sponsored this year by American Ghost Walks. The parade is at 7PM outside in the Bavarian Bierhaus’s beer garden grounds.

We encourage anyone that has a costume inspired by Krampus or other holiday monsters to participate in the parade. The parade also features angels handing out candy. Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit is a Milwaukee-based group of performers who participate in Krampusnacht and other events. You can find more info on them here:

The Krampusnacht Witches are also part of the parade and do a witch’s dance after the parade. If you want to join in, talk to Women in Motion- Kenosha:

You do not need to have a group affiliation to participate, though, just a costume and a willingness to have fun. Just fill out the form below, with your name, email, and info on the character you are portraying. Parade performers get one free admission for themselves to the event.

Parade assembles in the parade green room (in the basement Winestubbe) at 6:30pm. Any questions, feel free to email:

Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2021 is dedicated to the memory of Scott Wolter, pictured here at the first Milwaukee Krampusnacht in 2017. Photo by C.M. DeSpears

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