Kick up Your Hooves at the Cream City Hostel

Photos by Peter DiAntoni

Hey bud! Tired after a long day of chasing screaming children? Those chains dragging you down? Well, we got a great place for you to kick up those hooves at the end of the day, right here at the Cream City Hostel. We’ve got affordable bunks for you to crash in after Krampusnacht whether you’re a Krampus or just someone enjoying the party. It’s a great option if you’re visiting town and want to head out Friday morning (or later in the weekend) instead of late Thursday night.


Accommodations range from private rooms to 12-bunk dorms– plenty of room for your entire Krampus pack.

We’re offering a 10% discount if you use the code Krampus on check out. This discount code is good for December 4th-8th in case you’re making Krampusnacht a mini-vacation. You can book here:


Check-in starts at 3pm, plenty of time to get settled before heading over to Bavarian Bierhaus.


Our shared kitchen is a great place to get together to make a cauldron of eye of newt and spider soup…


…or just have a bowl of cereal.

Here’s some things Krampusnacht attendees will like:

-Locker space for each person in each room (and the staff is able to store larger items for you).

-Comfortable beds, each with their own light and outlet.

-We’re close to the Bavarian Bierhaus, about 4 miles/ 10 minute drive. If you don’t want to drive, join the bicycle Ride to Krampusnacht (CLICK HERE)– the hostel rents bikes on site. The number 15 bus goes from the hostel to the Bierhaus.

-Knowledgable staff of Krampus fans can direct you on places close by to get something to eat and other needs.


Hostel guests get free coffee or tea in the morning, just be careful not to burn your tongue!


Our facilities are so clean, you’d swear an angel stopped by.


Our cozy lounge is a great place to relax and socialize.


We got all sorts of reindeer games in the lounge.


Wanna be roommates?

Milwaukee Krampusnacht info and tickets can be found here:


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