Milwaukee Krampus Parade 2019 Registration

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The most exciting moment of Milwaukee Krampusnacht (December 5, at the Bavarian Bierhouse. Find more info and tickets at: is the American Science & Surplus Milwaukee Krampus Parade! Every year out parade has featured a wonderful collection of characters, including Krampus, angels, Saint Nick, and other folklore characters like the Welsh Mari Lwyd, the Italian Befana (and other witches!). We encourage other traditions to participate. There are Gryla and the Yule Lads of Icelandic tradition, the Kallikantzaros from Greece, and others.

This year our parade will start at 8pm and ends with a performance by Spielmannszug Milwaukee— this drum and bugle corps has been around since 1957! There will also be a performance of the “Witch’s Dance” and other entertainment.

Our parade is open to all who want to participate. You do not need to be part of a group, and you do not need to be German or Austrian to be Krampus. Our costumes range from crafty homemade ones to store-bought ones to hand-carved masks from Austria. If you have a costume, you are welcome here.

Here’s a couple of good resources for you: Al Ridenour’s book The Krampus And The Old, Dark Christmas Roots and Rebirth of the Folkloric Devil is highly recommended and filled with beautiful photos of Krampus and other similar traditions.

Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit is a local group that meets regularly to discuss costuming and other aspects of Krampus life. Here is their Facebook page:

To provide an accurate headcount and as a security measure, we do require that all parade participants fill out the form below by December 1. This year parade participants will be checking in with a volunteer in the parade green room.  When registration has closed, all parade participants will be e-mailed info on the parade.




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