Register for the 2018 Milwaukee Krampus Parade

Milwaukee Krampusnacht is happening December 5 at the Bavarian Bierhaus! The parade will take place the evening of Dec. 5 on the Bavarian Bierhaus grounds. More info including exact time, route, and rules will be sent out closer to the date. It’s important for us to get a head count to see what areas we’re strong in and which we need help in.

If you’re interested in helping organize or learning more about being a Krampus, attend our monthly meetings/ workshops. The best way to get updates is to join the Milwaukee Krampus Facebook group:

Here is what the Milwaukee Krampus Parade is looking for:

The reason for the season! We had a strong Krampus showing last year and hope to have a huge Krampus entourage this year. We’re open to all Krampus styles– traditional, creative, storebought, whatever will make you part of the Krampus crew!


Angels soothe the burn of the Krampus by being friendly and handing out candy to the poor kids. Angel costumes are open to your interpretation.

Besides Krampus, many other cultures have eerie holiday traditions. There’s the Welsh tradition of the Mari Lwyd, the Italian witch Befana (who appears on Epiphany), the Icelandic ogress Gryla, her sons the Yule Lads and the killer Yule Cat. We are welcoming of anyone who wants to participate dressed as these or other characters from Christmastime lore!

Mari Lwyd

This year we’re trying to have a few simple floats this year, ones that can be pulled by hand or a small motorized vehicle (like a golf cart)/ shopping cart floats. We’re open to ideas, just talk to us about them.

We want to expand on our orchestra this year. You’ll need to learn a couple Christmas standards (ugly sweater optional, but encouraged). Let us know what instrument you play, we will be setting up a couple of practice sessions. This year we also want to add a “Krampus Drum Corps.” to add more menace, percussion of any kind accepted.

To register for the parade, please fill out the form below!




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