Your Krampus Parade Guide

krampusparade final

Krampus parade sponsored by Great Northern Distillery:

The parade route starts behind Lakefront Brewery and heads east on the Riverwalk. The parade will be along the side closest to the river. The procession heads up to a green square area (kid area), does a lap around it, and then heads back on the Riverwalk the direction it came, does a lap in an enclosed area near Lakefront (kid area) then marches into Lakefront Brewery.

Parade rules
-Parade starts 7PM sharp.
-If you have kids, please bring them to the two big kid areas pictured in the map above. The one closest to Lakefront will be the last visit on the parade. PLEASE keep your kids under control and keep them away from Commerce St and away from the river side of the Riverwalk.
-There are riverside condos along the route. Do not climb on their porches, stairwells, or other parts of their property.
-Please don’t interfere with the parade. Let it march on. Angels will be handing out candy…don’t be grabby with them.
-If you have a ticket to get in, please follow the parade and line up to get in. Only those with tickets will get into Lakefront Brewery. If you don’t, we’ll see you next year!

Here are some of the characters you’ll see in our Krampus Parade:

Krampus and Saint Nick

Krampus is a 1,500 year-old pagan ritual to disperse the ghosts of winter. He shows up with Saint Nick on December 5th , the eve of Saint Nick Day. This is called “Krampusnacht” (Krampus Night). On this night Krampus visits the houses of children to see if they have been good or bad this year on a “Krampuslauf” (Krampus Run). If good, they will get a sweet treat. If bad, Krampus will beat them with a switch, put them in a sack, and drag them off to the nether world to be punished. Krampus walks in the shadow of Saint Nick , This is the yin and yang of this ritual. You will also see angels and a farmhand that helps Nick with his visitation.

Our Angels will be handing out candy, too!

Other Christmas entities
We are glad to say we will be joined in the parade by:

Befana (Italian tradition)

Befana the Christmas Witch is joining us a little early. She usually visits Italian children on Epiphany Eve (Jan.5) and much like Saint Nick, delivers candy to good children and something lest tasty like coal or an onion to bad children. Being a tidy housekeeper, she always sweeps the floor before she leaves your house.

Jólakötturinn (Icelandic tradition)


Icelandic tradition says that children who work hard and finish their chores will be rewarded with new clothes. Those are good to have because Jólakötturinn, the giant Yule Cat, is on the prowl looking to eat children that don’t have new clothes.

Mari Lwyd (Welsh tradition)
The Mari Lwyd is a wassailing tradition from South Wales. A group of men would escort the Mari Lwyd from house to house, where they would sing a song requesting to be let in. The home inhabitants would respond with a song of their own, before letting the Mari Lwyd party in for refreshments.

Jack Frost  (English/ American folklore)

There are similar characters to Jack Frost in folklore around the world, depicted as a sprite-like mischief maker or sometimes hero. Jack Frost is a personification of frost, ice, snow, and winter.

Wisconsin Burners are also sending some Krampus characters who will be performing poi dancing! Music will be provided by our Ugly Sweater Orchestra. They’ll be playing “Deck the Halls” and “O Tannenbaum.” Sing along!

After the event we will have a Krampusnacht after party: Kramp’n and Dance’n at Riverwest Public House (815 E. Locust St.), starting at 10pm. Free event with DJ Michael Weiss, a charity Wheel-O-Prizes (win candy, a prize, or…uh oh, a whipping from Krampus!) and drink specials including a Krampus Rum Punch, made with Great Northern Distilling’s Opportunity Rum!
Event page:


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