We Want You For the Krampus Parade!



The first ever Milwaukee Krampusnacht is happening Tuesday, December 5, at Lakefront Brewery! It’s a free event and we will have cool vendors, music, and food and drink sold by Lakefront Brewery. We will be kicking it off at 7pm with a Krampus parade. Here’s info for those who want to participate as well as spectators.

Krampuses: The more Krampuses the better, we say. Some of you might see the elaborate costumes with hand carved masks from the Alps and might feel inadequate– don’t. We encourage Krampus costumes of any kind. Be creative with what you have. Do something Krampus inspired. Here’s just a few pictures for ideas, but there’s many more interpretations out there. Use your Google-fu for more:


Ain’t no party like a Krampus party.


Miss Krampus


Last minute/ lazy? Costumes like this are available from Halloween costume suppliers.


Mostly makeup.


Angels and Guides: Not feeling quite so devilish? We have an equally important role for you, too. After the Krampuses do a proper job of terrifying, the Angels sooth that burn by handing out candy to children. We are open to what your interpretation of what an angelic entity is.

Other Christmas folklore entities: We’re not Krampus elitists! Many cultures have interesting characters as part of their holiday folklore. In Iceland, for example, children are told if they do their chores on time, they will be rewarded with new clothes. If not…well, Jólakötturinn the Yule Cat will stop by and eat them. In France Hans Trapp, a creepy woodsman figure, fills the role of Krampus. While Santa delivers presents, Hans Trapp delivers whoopings. If you’re interesting in portraying a character from Christmas folklore, let us know, we’d love to hear about it!

Ugly Sweater Orchestra: We need a solid group of percussionists and horn players for the parade. We will do a mix of some primal sounding drumming, but will also bust out a couple classics, so you should know or be able to learn “Deck the Halls” and “O Tannenbaum” (and maybe one more). Oh yeah– and you need to wear an ugly Christmas sweater.

Spectators PLEASE READ: We are getting inquiries along the lines of “is this event too scary for my offspring age BLANK?” That is up to your discretion as a parent. Google “Krampus” and make a determination. Some of the costumes are scary, the Krampuses will be menacing (as they should be!) and there will be loud noises, but it is all in good fun. Please give the parade room and don’t interfere with it. Angels will be handing out candy.

Exact route will be posted, but it will start on the Riverwalk behind Lakefront Brewery, head towards Humboldt, at some point cut over to Commerce Street and head back to the brewery. You can lineup anywhere on the route. It will be quite a sight!

Participants should fill out the form below so we can get a proper head count. PARADE CLOSED.

We will have a “Krampus build day” and event planning meeting at the Riverwest Public House, Sunday, November 26 Noon-5pm. Stop in and work on your costume, bring and share supplies, and socialize!

Milwaukee Krampusnacht FB page: https://www.facebook.com/events/351333011975290/



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