Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Sunday Schedule


Hello, Milwaukee Paranormal Conference fans! We will be announcing more details about our Friday the 13th show and our activities day on Saturday, Oct. 14 soon! Oct. 14 will include tours, tag-along investigations, lunch meetings, a Bigfoot hike, the Milwaukee Paranormal Film Fest a UFO presentation session and more!

For now, check out our line-up (subject to change) for our main conference event. Tickets for the day are $10. Please support us by buying your ticket


Milwaukee Paranormal Conference @ Irish Cultural and Heritage Center (2133 W. Wisconsin Ave.)

Hallamor Schedule

10-11: Allison Jornlin, “Milwaukee Forteana Vol. III”

11-12: Noah Leigh, “Based on True Events: When Hollywood Deviates From Reality”

12-1: Linda S. Godfrey, “Back to Bray Road”

1-2: Mary Marshall,”Paranormal Investigating in the Outdoors”

2-3: Dale Kaczmarek, “Ghost Photography”

3-4: Tobias Wayland, “The Chicago Flying Humanoid and Other Cases”

4-5: Heidi Hollis, “Who are the Shadow People and the Hat Man?”

Paranormal Pub Series Schedule 

11-12: Kristan T. Harris “Magic Behind Words: A Discussion on Secret Societies and Symbolism”

12-1: Society for Anomalous Studies, “Historical Hauntings: Supporting Local Historical Societies through Paranormal Fundraising”

1-2: Haunted Road Trip panel discussion. Moderator: Mike Huberty (See You on the Other Side podcast). Guests:  J. Nathan Couch (Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk), Valerie Kedrowski (Stevens Point Paranormal Club), Shelly Wells (Old Baraboo Inn).

2-3: Ghost Story Open Mic, hosted by Deadgar Winter and the Deadgirls

3-4: Kevin Nelson, “Techniques of a Legend Hunter: How to Unearth Obscure Legends and Lore.”

Workshops Room schedule

11-12: Zombie Squad, “Prepping for the Unkown”

12-1: Robert Schoenecker, “Milwaukee Krampusnacht Planning Session”

1-2: “What Would D.B. Cooper Do?” discussion with Mike VanAkkeren

2-3: Nathan, Patrick, and Dustin Abplanalp, Fernando Martinez, and Mike Johnson, “Bigfooting 101”

3-4: Dark Star Ministry, “Spirit Communication”

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