Special Guests: Back Roads Lore


Sunday, 2:00-3:30, Spaights Plaza (located outside, directly behind Student Union, Level 1)

Back Roads Lore Meet and Greet! (Meet Chad Lewis, Noah Voss, Kevin Lee Nelson and more importantly – their muscle cars!)

These award winning authors of nearly 30 books have had their research, investigation and expeditions cited in dozens of cross-industry publications as well as appearances on TV and radio in over 40 countries. Get the scoop of what happens when the cameras are turned off on their own gritty web series, and what dastardly actions are designed behind the scenes of your favorite paranormal TV show as these three have worked in front of and behind the camera for productions shown on The History Channel, Sci Fi, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, ABC Family, Animal Planet, The CW, Lionsgate Films and too many more to list.

Discover all the dark details that were too wild to put into their books, and see up close their muscle cars that carry them around the country on their real-life supernatural adventures. Watch wild footage of Chad and Noah’s daring rescue of a historic 80’ paddlewheel boat full of tourists as the sun sets over The Mississippi River mid-Lake Monster expedition.

Hear their perspective from on the ground interviews following Officer George Wheeler’s deadly encounter with a UFO in Wisconsin, their reality bending time in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, multiple crop circle investigations, hunting Bigfoot in British Columbia, their passage through the very Kecksburg Pennsylvania woods where the government recovered something that crashed from space, and even though thousands of visitors flock to the Mysterious Paulding Light of Michigan on summer weekends, the guys can walk you through the highs of their hopes going into this investigation and what to do with the lows of mundanely solving the unsolved.

See video of their near death -15 degree camping expedition through Canada and to that of Lake Wendigo, rumored lair to cannibalistic monsters and home to the last documented wiindigookaanzhimowin to ever be performed in the United States by the Ojibew.

Talk with Chad about his time wandering the musty dark halls of Count Dracula’s Castle in Romania or ask him what it’s like hunting Tata Duende through Central America. Ask Noah what it was like to orienteer through the forests of the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts, alone, at night, on the heels of child-torturing cults, or what it is like to cross the moat of Montjuic Castle in Spain, home to countless deaths over the last 400 years. Test Kevin on any uncommon book, anywhere, as he currently has one of the largest collections of fine and rare occult books in the Midwest, or ask him about the mysterious mistpouffers of Lake Michigan that remain unexplained too this day!

Website: BackRoadsLore.com

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