Gags: Green Bay clown movie to make Milwaukee premiere at MPC Film Fest!


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The publicity hype for Gags worked insanely well…perhaps too well, as the filmmakers still occasionally get posts on their Gags the Green Bay Clown Facebook from people in denial of Gags just being character from a movie. Launched just using a grainy picture of a creepy clown lurking underneath an overpass, Gags quickly went viral in a huge way. News outlets from around the world carried the story of how Green Bay was being “terrorized” by the phantom clown.


This photo went viral and gave the filmmakers more publicity than they could have possibly anticipated.

Eventually, the story leaked that the clown was indeed an actor and the circulating photos were publicity for a short horror film called Gags. The film does have a foot in reality and is inspired by eerie sightings of creepy clowns who pop up across the country and beyond. Last year, for example, there were reports of someone trying to freak people out by dressing in sinister clown attire in Waukesha, WI. Most recently, there have been escalating reports of menacing clowns appearing in North and South Carolina.

Now, as production to Gags wraps up, we are thrilled to announce the film’s Milwaukee premiere at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Film Fest on Sunday, Oct. 16. (A Green Bay premiere is also happening Oct.3).

Here is the film’s website:

How well did the publicity work? It appears it might have even creeped out a guy who knows a thing or two about horror:


The screening will be followed by a Q and A session with Gag’s director, Adam Krause, who will talk about the surprising viral impact of the Gags campaign.

Our film fest also has a lot of great documentaries.

Hidden Truth Poster 2016whitehall








Beast of Whitehall: the Abair Road Incident (2016) Milwaukee premiere! This documentary, part of the acclaimed Small Town Monsters doc series, examines a strange encounter several people (including a police officer) had with a 7-foot hairy creature in the Adirondacks Mountains village of Whitehall, New York.


The Hidden Truth? (2012) Filmmakers Jay Bachochin, Scott Markus, Neil Sanders examine a string of drownings in the Mississippi River in the La Crosse area. They look at theories including coincidence, a potential serial killer, or a paranormal explanation. Followed by Q and A with the filmmakers.


The Maury Island Incident (2014) This award-winning short film is based on declassified FBI memos about a UFO incident in 1947 in Washington State.


House_poster_11_DIGITALSNPoster13417685_10103440505311838_8420057446317171295_nscarystoriesmovie poster - PIM (web)


A short doc session includes:

PIM: A Paranormal Documentary, which follows local investigation team Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee. Website:

Award winning short The House is Innocent, about an eccentric couple who buys a house that used to belong to a notorious serial killer.

Pilgrimage to the Witch’s House, a rarely seen short that examines artist Mary L. Nohl’s home, known to some locals as “the Fox Point Witch’s House,” directed by Joseph R. Skow. Website:

The SuperNaturals, a short feature on a team of Real Life Superheroes that take on the challenge of investigating the paranormal.

An exclusive extended clip from Scary Stories: A Documentary, which explores the most controversial of modern children’s literature: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.              Website:

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Now Announcing the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Film Fest!

We have an absolutely fantastic screening session that will take place Sunday evening after the conference events at UWM have concluded. This film fest will take place at the Underground Collaborative, a performance space in the basement level of the Grand Ave. Mall in downtown Milwaukee. Tickets to this screening are not included with any pass and must be bought separately. They are the low, low price of $6 and allow you access to all of the screenings. Tickets are limited to just 105, so buy yours today:

Beast of Whitehall: The Abair Road Incident (2016) 40 minutes


August, 1976: Three teens driving on an isolated stretch of road somewhere in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York has a brush with a bizarre creature. Standing over 7 feet tall and covered with hair, they referred to it as a “beast.” Hours later, Abair Road was crawling with local and state police. Many of them recounted seeing the creature as well.

As the weeks and months passed, more individuals came forward with their own sightings. The Abair Incident became the impetus for a rash of sightings around the town of Whitehall that continues to this day. Today, Whitehall is frequently referred to as the “Bigfoot Capitol of the East.”

Beast of Whitehall documents the long history of sightings in and around the tiny village of Whitehall , New York, and its impact on the culture and people who live in the Adirondack mountains. Delving into the story of the Abair Incident with eyewitness interviews and detailed accounts, this film takes you on an in-depth, terrifying journey into the events that transpired in 1976.

Directed by Seth Breedlove. This screening is made possible by Small Town Monsters, the production company and documentary series this film is part of.

P.I.M.: A Paranormal Documentary (2016) 60 minutes (followed by Q and A session w/ the filmmakers)

movie poster - PIM (web)

That noise down the hall. Uneven floorboards or the footsteps of a long dead entity? Shadowy figures in your peripheral vision. Reflection from a passing car or a sighting of a passing spirit? Are we really alone?

These questions are constantly on the mind of Noah Leigh, founder of the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee. He and his team come from a multitude of professional backgrounds, but all have one goal; to dig into the truth behind the concept of ghosts. Using a scientific approach, Noah and the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee investigate claims of hauntings at popular Wisconsin and Illinois locations. But the truth they uncover is not always just “your imagination playing tricks on you.”

Directed by: Bradley James Kroll, cinematography by Aaron Powers, edited by Bradley James Kroll and Luke Lindemeyer.

The Hidden Truth? (2012) 63 minutes (followed by Q and A session w/ the filmmakers)

Hidden Truth Poster 2016

Since 1997, nine college men have drowned in the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Some are blaming a serial killer, some believe coincidence, but could it be…something paranormal?

Directed by Scott Markus, produced by Scott Markus, Jay Bachochin, Neil Sanders. This screening is made possible by Hidden Truth Productions.

MPCFF Shorts Session

The House is Innocent (2015) 13 minutes


What sorts of people knowingly purchase the former residence of a notorious serial killer and the location of multiple murders? Meet Tom and Barbara, the proud new owners of the most infamous house in Sacramento, California. As the middle age couple renovate the crumbling house, encounter stares from neighbors and growing attention from local news media– they realize its going to take a whole lot more than paint and landscaping to change the community’s minds about their new home.

Winner, best documentary short at the Sidewalk Film Festival and the Rhode Island Film Festival, official selection 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

Directed by Nicholas Coles.

Pilgrimage to the Witch’s House (2012) 22 minutes (followed by Q and A with the filmmakers)


Since the 1960s the Mary Nohl Art Environment has been widely recognized as the “Fox Point Witch’s House.” This film explores the complex relationship Mary shared with the viewer and the importance of environmental context as it relates to her work.

Directed by Joseph R. Skow.

The SuperNaturals (marketing featurette, 2016) (followed by Q and A with the filmmakers)

Directed by David Gloyd (Echoes of the Past), this is the featurette being used to promote the as yet unreleased reality series “The SuperNaturals”.

“The Supernaturals” mixes the strangeness of the real life superhero subculture with the world of the paranormal. The Watchman and RazorHawk assemble a costume clad team of quirky do-gooders to seek out the truth, delving into the depths of forests, buildings, and other locations in the search for ghosts, cryptids, and UFOs. Together with experts in these fields, they’ll travel from location to location in on ongoing investigation into the paranormal as only superheroes can.

Directed by David Gloyd, created by David Gloyd and Jack Brinatte.



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