Discount Merch and Wheel-O-Prizes at Friday the 13th Fest!

Friday the 13th Fest II: Dirty Thirties Carnival is coming up next week. In addition to music by The MilBillies and exciting dance performances from Skully Sati, Jeannette Daft, Nina Nazir, and  Dimitra (AND a mini-reptile zoo display from the Fox Valley Herpetological Society) we will be tabling with DISCOUNTED Milwaukee Paranormal Conference merch and will have a game you can play to win some unique prizes!


Please note these discounted prices are only available at the Friday the 13th Show.

2016 logo T-shirts: $8


2016 logo tank tops: $7

They Walk Among Us, MPC fundraiser comp double CD with 22 local bands!: $4


Coffee mugs: $5


Wooden pins: $5


Color program poster print: $8


Stickers: $1


For just a $1 suggested donation you can spin the (say it with me) WHEEL.O.PRIZES!

You’ll land on spaces that will read Spin Again, Epic Fail, Candy (entitling you to one piece of candy) or PRIZE! We’ll keep spinning until all the prizes are gone.

Our sensational prizes include:

Free tarot reading from Skully Sati


Remote controlled flying shark (no party is complete without it!)


Free drink ticket for Riverwest Public House


A copy of Godzilla vs the Smog Monster DVD


Signed copy of Palookaville by Tea Krulos


Milwaukee Paranormal Conference t-shirt, coffee mug, wooden pin, and poster print (see photos above!)

Wobble head alien buddy

They Walk Among Us double comp CD


Ballyhoo preview issue by Tea Krulos and David Beyer, Jr.


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Friday the 13th: Dirty Thirties Carnival Line-up Revealed!

Friday the 13th Fest Part II: Dirty Thirties Carnival

Riverwest Public House (815 E. Locust) doors at 8pm, $7 admission

Music by The MilBillies, performances by Skully Sati, Nina Nazir, and Jeanette Daft. Emceed by Scotty Damned. Also featured: a mini-reptile zoo on display by the Fox Valley Herpetological Society and a Wheel-O-Prizes game.

Presented by Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

AMAZING! After a fantastic horrorpunk themed Friday the 13th Fest last May, show collaborators Tea Krulos and Skully Sati decided to return with another celebration of the notoriously unlucky day. This time around they’ve assembled a classical carnival theme with bluegrass music and sideshow style performance. There will be acts involving swords, snakes, veils, and more! You’ll not be disappointed, but you may leave feeling a lil’ dirty!

Take a look at our sensational performers:

The mystical Skully Sati, a new take on old school burlesque. She seduces and charms with her wicked and unique musings!


The mesmerizing Nina Nazir, a belly-dancing beauty who entrances onlookers with her ability to perform effortlessly to any type of music including traditional belly dancing, rock, and modern fusion.


The amazing Jeannette Daft, a talented dancer who will stun you with her sword dancing skills!


The dazzling Dimitra performs mesmerizing hypnotic dances from around the world including a special dance with a LIVE serpent!


PLUCKY! Featuring guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle, Milwaukee bluegrass band The MilBillies will provide the perfect soundtrack for our Dust Bowl era themed evening. Scotty Damned (of Creepy Little Things) will act as our evening’s ringleader as emcee of the show.


LIVE! Perhaps the most unique feature of the show is a mini-reptile zoo where people can see a sampling of animals from the Fox Valley Herpetological Society (a derivative of the Madison Area Herpetological Society), a group that educates enthusiasts and the general public about frequently misunderstood reptiles and amphibians.

We’ll also have a Wheel-O-Prizes people can spin for $1 to win tarot readings, drinks, Milwaukee Paranormal Conference swag, candy, and more!

It’ll be a night to remember!

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Friday the 13th Fest Part II: Dirty Thirties Carnival


Milwaukee Paranormal Conference presents Friday the 13th Fest Part II: Dirty Thirties Carnival
Friday, January 13, Riverwest Public House (815 E. Locust St.), 8pm $7

SAVE THE DATE! Friday the 13th Fest returns in January with a fun night of music, performance, and more! This time, instead of repeating a horrorpunk line-up like we did first time around, we’re going for more of an style Americana show.

Join as as we hearken back to the Dust Bowl era with vintage sideshow acts including snakes, veils, swords, and other surprises! Be charmed and awed by the talents of Nina Nazir, Jeannette Daft, Skully Sati, and Phoenix, with musical guest, The MilBillies!

There will be a mini-reptile zoo provided by the Fox Valley Herpetological Society (a derivative of the Madison Area Herpetological Society) and a Wheel-O-Prizes to spin up treats such as Tarot readings, drinks, and more! Special guest emcee Scotty Damned (of Creepy Little Things).

Come visit the “Dirty Thirties” with us for a Friday the 13th to be remembered. You’ll not be disappointed, but you may leave feeling a lil’ dirty. 😉

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The Raven’s Ball

Raven 3 BW

Art by Estephanie Mendoza

Saturday, October 15, 8pm

Irish Cultural & Heritage Center (2133 W. Wisconsin Ave.)

Tickets: $8 advance/ $10 door:

Sponsored by Alcoholmanac

Our AMAZING official MPC party is happening Saturday, October 15, at the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center (the site of our conference last year!) at 8pm. The Raven’s Masquerade Ball has an Edgar Allan Poe theme and a lineup of thrilling entertainment.

Tickets to the ball are FREE with purchase of a 2-Day Super Pass or VIP Pass or you can purchase them a la carte for $8 on our website ($10 at the door)

Our first MPC ball has an incredible line up of talented musicians, dancers, and performers, a killer costume party, and lots more. Prof. Pinkerton of Dead Man’s Carnival is the show emcee.

Here is the line-up of performers:


Prof. Pinkerton/ Photo by The Sultan Photography

Dead Man’s Carnival

The “Great Show Un-Earthed,” the Dead Man’s Carnival is a Milwaukee based vaudevillian, circus, and burlesque show and the largest variety show in the Midwest.


Quasimondo Physical Theater with special surprise mystery guest!

The Quasimondo is an ensemble based, physical theatre with a focus on creating devised, original work, uninhibited by language. Their theatre is visceral, provocative, entertaining and evocative, challenging contemporary theatrical paradigms by exploring different forms, techniques and styles. 


From Quasimondo’s most recent production, “The Nautical Tragedy of Dick III”


Based in Madison, Wisconsin, this multi-Wisconsin Area Music Industry award winning group also has a flair for the paranormal. Sunspot members Mike and Wendy also host a podcast called See You on the Other Side and the band’s epic power pop albums include Weirdest Hits (which won 2016 Rock Album of the Year at the Madison Area Music Association awards) and American Monsters.


Gnarrenschiff and Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance

Ganrrenschiff is a local trio that plays an eastern European style of folklore. They’ll be providing live music for a special performance by the dancers of Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance!


Costume Contest 

DSC_7542 as Smart Object-1

Raven McCaw/ Photo by Mick McKiernan

Show off your costume skills and win a prize in 5 categories. The costume contest is emceed by burlesque performer Raven McCaw and award packages consisting of a variety of gifts will be presented for the following categories:

“Best Use of a Paranormal Theme”

“Best Costume Inspired by a Work of Edgar Allan Poe”

“Best Steampunk Inspired Costume”

“Best Costume Based on a character from Movie/ TV Show/Internet”

“Audience Favorite”

“Best of Show”

Our magnificent panel of judges includes: quizmaster Christen Johnson, fashion and art guru Michael Weiss, fashion designer Miranda Kay Levy, Real Life Superhero and costume designer Razorhawk, Ghosts of Shepherdstown star Elizabeth Saint, and Alcoholmanac’s own Angie West.


Team Subspace mixes visuals live while spinning Electro, Industrial, EBM, Bitpop, House, Chiptunes and more.



In the lounge areas near the bar we will have some additional things to check out:

Skully Sati (tarot card readings)
Offering spiritual guidance, clarity, and life coaching with my trusty Tarot cards and over 22 years of experience. Discover the answers you seek…

Michele Blaylock (spiritual intuitive and medium)

We are also working on a photo booth option and more!

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Friday the 13th Fest!

We’re happy to announce what we hope will become an annual tradition: a Friday the 13th fundraiser for the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference. We will be celebrating all things eerie with horror, rock n’ roll, burlesque, and other performance! Friday the 13th Fest will raise funds to help pay some of Milwaukee Paranormal Conference’s operating expenses.

This is a 21+ show and will take place Friday, May 13th at the Riverwest Public House Cooperative, 815 E. Locust St. $7 admission. Raffle tickets are $1 each or 10 for $7.





Genre: Horrorpunk

Facebook page:

Recommended track: “Night of the Sharksquatch.”



Genre: Metal
Facebook page:
Bandcamp page:
Recommended track: “Firebrand”

The Dead Morticians


Genre: Horrorpunk
Facebook page:

YouTube videos:

Recommended track: “Old Dark House”

Brain-Bats (First show! Ex-Burning Sons, Cry Coyote, and Jones Island Flood)


Genre: Bloodwave
Facebook page:

Reverb Nation page:
Reccomended track: “Roadkill from Outer Space”

With special burlesque, sideshow, and bellydance performances by:

Skully Sati


Meet the mystical Skully Sati of Midnight Bazaar Productions, proud producer of variety act shows in Milwaukee. When she’s not telling fortunes through the Art of Tarot, she’s performing a new take on old school burlesque with her collection of ventriloquist dolls or dancing with props such as veils, canes, or her straight razor. Skully Sati beckons your full attention as she seduces and charms with her wicked and unique musings…

Miss Claira Bell


Miss Claira Bell is a resident of Chicago, but has traveled all over the United States bringing her blend of circus, sideshow, burlesque, and vaudeville to the masses. An accomplished performer, Miss Bell utilizes every skill set she has to keep the audience amazed. Versed in aerials, tight wire, tap, acrobatics, fire performing, various sideshow, burlesque and clowning this girl is always a hoot. Producer of Second Saturday at the Stache, Dinder Brothers traveling circus, and Cirq du Swing this gal is pumped up and ready to strut her stuff!

Jezzibel Bates


Jezzibel is the founder and producer of The Devil’s Playground, a monthly metal burlesque event, and one of the co-founders of neo-sideshow burlesque troop Misfit Carnivale. Jezzibel performs all around the Midwest bringing her grinder, fire and sideshow routines to the masses. Welcome to the twisted mind of Jezzibel!

Nina Nazir (bellydancer)


Introducing Nina Nazir, a belly-dancing beauty who has charmed audiences for multiple shows around the Milwaukee area, including Dead Man’s Carnival and Skully Sati’s Midnight Bazaar Productions. This mesmerizing performer entrances onlookers with her ability to perform effortlessly to any type of music including traditional belly dancing, rock, and modern fusion. Prepare to be transported to wherever this talented performer takes you…she’s worth the trip.

Hosted by Colleen Gore (Rockabilly Girl Productions, Horror-O-Rama)


Photo: Destructive Images

Colleen Gore is Milwaukee’s own Lucille Ball of cosplay, horror, and comedic burlesque. This ginger hopes to tickle your funny bone and your libido!

PLUS a special guest appearance by JASON VOORHEES!

Raffle items include:

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference tickets  * two tickets to Milwaukee Ghosts- Tours and Investigations * tarot reading by Skully Sati * Signed copy of Monster Hunters by Tea Krulos * weird art * Ratbatspider CD and patch * The Dead Morticians CD and 45s * Friday the 13th lunchbox * custom vest from 3rdEyeOpen * Blu-ray copy of Bloodsucking Freaks from Twisted Dreams Film Festival * More TBA!

Feeling anxious about your luck? We will have lucky rabbit’s feet available for $1. Don’t worry, animal lovers, these are mock rabbit’s feet!

Facebook event

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference tickets will be available at the event and we will give you $7 (the cost of show admission) off of 2 Day Super Passes ($23- $7=$16!) and VIP Passes ($75-$7=$68), and $2 off our 2-Day passes ($13 instead of $15). If you can’t make it, tickets available here: