The Raven’s Ball

Raven 3 BW

Art by Estephanie Mendoza

Saturday, October 15, 8pm

Irish Cultural & Heritage Center (2133 W. Wisconsin Ave.)

Tickets: $8 advance/ $10 door:

Sponsored by Alcoholmanac

Our AMAZING official MPC party is happening Saturday, October 15, at the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center (the site of our conference last year!) at 8pm. The Raven’s Masquerade Ball has an Edgar Allan Poe theme and a lineup of thrilling entertainment.

Tickets to the ball are FREE with purchase of a 2-Day Super Pass or VIP Pass or you can purchase them a la carte for $8 on our website ($10 at the door)

Our first MPC ball has an incredible line up of talented musicians, dancers, and performers, a killer costume party, and lots more. Prof. Pinkerton of Dead Man’s Carnival is the show emcee.

Here is the line-up of performers:


Prof. Pinkerton/ Photo by The Sultan Photography

Dead Man’s Carnival

The “Great Show Un-Earthed,” the Dead Man’s Carnival is a Milwaukee based vaudevillian, circus, and burlesque show and the largest variety show in the Midwest.


Quasimondo Physical Theater with special surprise mystery guest!

The Quasimondo is an ensemble based, physical theatre with a focus on creating devised, original work, uninhibited by language. Their theatre is visceral, provocative, entertaining and evocative, challenging contemporary theatrical paradigms by exploring different forms, techniques and styles. 


From Quasimondo’s most recent production, “The Nautical Tragedy of Dick III”


Based in Madison, Wisconsin, this multi-Wisconsin Area Music Industry award winning group also has a flair for the paranormal. Sunspot members Mike and Wendy also host a podcast called See You on the Other Side and the band’s epic power pop albums include Weirdest Hits (which won 2016 Rock Album of the Year at the Madison Area Music Association awards) and American Monsters.


Gnarrenschiff and Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance

Ganrrenschiff is a local trio that plays an eastern European style of folklore. They’ll be providing live music for a special performance by the dancers of Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance!


Costume Contest 

DSC_7542 as Smart Object-1

Raven McCaw/ Photo by Mick McKiernan

Show off your costume skills and win a prize in 5 categories. The costume contest is emceed by burlesque performer Raven McCaw and award packages consisting of a variety of gifts will be presented for the following categories:

“Best Use of a Paranormal Theme”

“Best Costume Inspired by a Work of Edgar Allan Poe”

“Best Steampunk Inspired Costume”

“Best Costume Based on a character from Movie/ TV Show/Internet”

“Audience Favorite”

“Best of Show”

Our magnificent panel of judges includes: quizmaster Christen Johnson, fashion and art guru Michael Weiss, fashion designer Miranda Kay Levy, Real Life Superhero and costume designer Razorhawk, Ghosts of Shepherdstown star Elizabeth Saint, and Alcoholmanac’s own Angie West.


Team Subspace mixes visuals live while spinning Electro, Industrial, EBM, Bitpop, House, Chiptunes and more.



In the lounge areas near the bar we will have some additional things to check out:

Skully Sati (tarot card readings)
Offering spiritual guidance, clarity, and life coaching with my trusty Tarot cards and over 22 years of experience. Discover the answers you seek…

Michele Blaylock (spiritual intuitive and medium)

We are also working on a photo booth option and more!

Facebook event:





Guest speaker: Elizabeth Saint


Presentation: “Ghostly Gadgets: Engineering the Paranormal,” Sunday, Wisconsin Room

Elizabeth Saint has always demonstrated a sensitivity to the supernatural. The manifestations she first experienced at her childhood home in south Jersey are what initially led her to pursue a life trying to better understand the unexplainable. Six years ago, Elizabeth moved to the Washington D.C. area for an engineering job with the Department of Defense. The increase of activity that escalated in her apartment at that time pushed Elizabeth to deepen her understanding of the paranormal by starting to work with Maryland Paranormal Research® as a Technician and Investigator.

In 2015, Elizabeth was approached through her team along with Nick Groff (Ghost Adventures/ Paranormal Lockdown) and Bill Hartley (Greater Maryland Paranormal Society) by Chief Mike King of Shepherdstown, West Virginia to help aid explanation for the increase of paranormal activity occurring in town. Their experiences were documented and aired in 2016 on Destination America as a six-part series known as Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

Presently, Elizabeth is focusing on her engineered paranormal devices under the name Ghostly Gadgets to be made available to the public in 2017. The E-Box, as seen on season 1 of Paranormal Lockdown, is one of these designs.


GH Photo Shoot 1-9.jpg (1)

Ghosts of Shepherstown cast

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference tickets available here: