MPC Speakers, Round 1 Announced!

Here is a special Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2018 announcement!

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2018 will take place Oct.19-21 with the main conference day taking place Saturday, October 20 at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center. We are still working on a complete line-up, but for now we are ecstatic to announce the following featured talks:

-Allison Jornlin, “Milwaukee Forteana Vol. IV.” As per our tradition since year 1, Allison kicks the conference off with a talk on various strange and spooky chapters of Milwaukee’s history.

-Panel discussion: “The Chicago Mothman,” featuring Allison Jornlin (Milwaukee Ghosts- Tours and Investigations), Tobias Wayland (Singular Fortean Society), Sam Maranto (MUFON), moderated by conference director Tea Krulos. What is the mysterious winged hominid described as a “Mothman” or “Manbat” being spotted in Chicagoland (and Wisconsin!) Our panel of experts who have done fieldwork investigating weighs in.


Mutual UFO Network (WI/IL) presentation. Special guests from MUFON Wisconsin and Illinois discuss UFO sightings and research.

Milwaukee Krampus presentation. Milwaukee Krampusnacht is happening Dec. 5 and this presentation will lead you through what is going on this year. Special appearance by the Krampus pack!


-Ursula Bielski, “Haunts of the Devil: Ghosts of H.H. Holmes, the Worlds Fair, and Victorian Chicago.” Chicago’s leading ghostlorist and prolific author Ursula Bielski leads this captivating talk about the notorious H.H. Holmes and other ghosts ahead of her book with the same title due out next year.


-Tea Krulos, “My Haunted Baseball Card Collection.” Conference director Krulos leads you through his unusual baseball card collection of MLB players who have claimed they’ve encountered spirits at Milwaukee’s historic Pfister Hotel.

-Milwaukee Premiere of documentary The Bray Road Beast, featuring Q and A with filmmaker Seth Breedlove and author/ documentary subject Linda S. Godfrey.


Vendors! Vendor applications are now open for Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2018  and Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2018, including a deal on tables for both. Tables will go fast! E-mail us for a vendor application today:

Volunteers! Always looking for volunteer help with all of our events. Volunteers make these events possible. E-mail:

If you are looking to get involved with Milwaukee Krampusnacht, we are having an organizing meeting followed by a “Krampus 101” workshop Sunday, August 5, 2pm, at the Bavarian Bierhaus. FB event page:

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2018 FB event:
Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2018 FB event:


Milwaukee Krampus Kalender


Sat. Sept. 8: Meeting and Workshop: Krampus Body Building

Oct. 5-6: Windigo Fest

Oct. 6: Sci Fi Day

Sat. Oct. 20: Presentation at Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

Sun. Oct. 21: Krampus Photo Booth

Sat. Oct. 27: SE WI Witch’s Ball

Sun. Oct. 28: Meeting and Workshop: Krampus Choreography

Nov. 4: Meeting and Workshop: Mask building

Nov. 10: Racine parade

Nov. 17: Meeting and Build session and Krampuskarten workshop

Nov. 22: Christmas on KK

Nov. 23-25: Oconomowoc Christmas market

Nov. 30-Dec. 1: Krampus Fest @ Kochanski’s (music fest and benefit show)

Sat. Dec. 1: Meeting and Build session: Final Kramp Down!

Weds. Dec. 5: Milwaukee Krampusnacht @ Bavarian Bierhaus!


Friday the 13th Fest!

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference would like to give a huge thanks for everyone who participated in the event. Deadgar Winter and his Dead Girls did a fun trivia session, handing out 6 great prize baskets and comedian Kristin Lytie was a wonderful and funny host. Skully Sati, Nina Nazir, and Katie Kadaver all did fantastic horror burlesque that made cannibalism, Freddy Krueger, and Leatherface look sexy! And totally rockin sets by Dick Satan Trio and kings of Friday the 13th, Ratbatspider. Frank’s Power Plant is a great place with a great staff.


Skully Sati: Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh, she’s a maneater!


Nightmare on Kinnickinnic: Nina Nazir



Katie Kadaver shredded through Frank’s Power Plant with a chainsaw!


Dick Satan Trio (left) and Ratbatspider!

Friday the 13th Fest stars Katie Kadaver and Skully Sati are returning to Frank’s Power Plant on Saturday, April 28 for a Dead on the Dance Floor burlesque/ punk show! Facebook page:

And be sure to mark your calendars for the next Friday the 13th Fest, July 13. We got a fun idea for this one, details soon.

Support the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference by buying merch online:


Ryan Remains of Ratbatspider (left) and Deadgar Winter, host of Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics. 


David Beyer did our awesome flyer art.

FRIDAY the 13th Fest Part IV: Jason Goes to Bay View

It’s a quiet community of tattoos, bakery, and craft beers. But they’re about to get a visitor that is no hipster…FRIDAY THE 13th FEST PART IV: JASON GOES TO BAY VIEW!

Frank’s Power Plant (2800 s. Kinnickinnic) $7, trivia at 8pm, show at 9pm

8pm: Horror Movie Trivia, hosted by Deadgar Winter of Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics… win cool horror prizes!


Here’s a chance to win some cool prizes– horror DVDs, merch, cool trinkets by flexing your knowledge of 80s horror movies. This trivia session is free and takes place before the show.

Ratbatspider (Brew City Horrorpunk



Dick Satan Trio (Instrumental Playboy Rock:


Skully Sati


Meet the mystical Skully Sati, Milwaukee-based performer, and proud former producer of various variety act shows, including acting as past co-producer of the popular Friday the 13th Fest shows. When she’s not telling fortunes through Tarot, she’s performing a new take on old school burlesque with her collection of ventriloquist dolls or dancing with props such as veils, canes, or her straight razor. Skully Sati beckons your full attention as she has earned the reputation to seduce and charm with her wicked and unique musings! Be sure to catch her offering Tarot, Past Life, Intuitive, and Couples readings when she’s not performing at the next Friday the 13th Fest: Jason Goes to Bay View! Befriend her on Facebook to follow what she’ll create next.

Nina Nazir


Nina Nazir has been performing Belly Dance since she was 14 years old. She specializes in classic American Cabaret style combining the class and elegance of bellydance’s Golden Age with the sassy kitch of the 1970s and an added kiss of Dark Fusion. She has performed in numerous Milwaukee area variety shows including Skully Sati productions, Dead Mans Carnival, and of course Friday the 13th fests I through IV.

Katie Kadaver


Milwaukee’s horror hottie– she puts the gore in gorgeous!

Katie Kadaver is a body positive, horror artist and one of the founders, producers and performers of Grindhouse Tease Productions. When she’s not astounding audiences with her bawdy brilliance, Ms. Kadaver can be found practicing various forms of visual art – including ghoulish make-up for horrorpunk band Ratbatspider, creating customized punk rock inspired vests and other clothing, as well as challenging society’s visual diet, by posing in alternative and horror themed pin-up photos. Katie is also a Deadgirl for horror host Deadgar Winter, of Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics.

And your Emcee, Kristin Lytie!


Kristin Lytie has performed stand up comedy in basements, laundromats, and dive bars all across the country. Originally from Northeastern Wisconsin, Kristin’s comedy is fueled by a love of all things Midwestern. An eternal optimist, she has worked in progressive politics for the past ten years as a community and labor organizer. She is about working class populist politics and has a strong DIY punk ethic, but is also passionate about classic rock and cheap beer. ​

Kristin has performed in the Altercation Comedy Festival (Austin, TX), Beast Village Comedy Festival (Des Moines, IA), Bird City Comedy Festival (Phoenix, AZ), Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival (Columbus, OH), Cream City Comedy Festival (Milwaukee, WI), Floodwater Comedy Festival (Iowa City, IA) and more. She has also funneled her love of horror movies into a podcast called Bloody Mary which discusses horror movies through a lens of sexuality and feminism. Guests have included professors, comedians, and even a dominatrix!

Facebook event:

Upcoming 2018 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference events:

July 13: Friday the 13th Fest Part V: Time Wars
October: Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, The Kraken’s Ball, Milwaukee Paranormal Film Festival
December: Milwaukee Krampusnacht

Sad News for Milwaukee Paranormal Conference


L-R: Julius Owens, myself (Tea Krulos), conference guest speaker Mary Marshall, and Damien Jones (RIP).

Sad news today. Milwaukee Paranormal Conference participant Damien Jones has died of pneumonia. Damien was a musician, father of three, event organizer, podcaster, and all around great guy who supported his friends and their projects whenever he could.

I first met Damien 10-12 years ago, when I was tasked with directing the Riverwest Follies, an annual variety show produced by the Riverwest Currents. Damien volunteered to participate and wowed the audience with a solo percussion performance, starting onstage and then walking through the audience. “This guy is good!” was my thought at the time. A few years later, I directed the Follies again and Damien’s band, Astral/Subastral performed following the variety show. Damien graciously became the on the spot soundman for the show.

When I announced that the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference was going to happen, Damien was one of the first people to contact to tell me that he’d love to participate in some way. It was the encouraging response of people like Damien that made me feel like the event was worth doing. Damien and his Podcast of the Century co-host Julius Owens showed up to record material and Damien hosted a panel discussion with the leaders of three paranormal investigation teams.

For year 2, we set up a media table that livestreamed to Facebook, featuring various podcast and Internet radio shows. I asked Julius and Damien  to represent the conference with a grandiosely titled “MPC-TV Conference Connection” hour where they interviewed conference guest speakers. They pulled me off the floor to talk, which is one of the few times that weekend I got to sit down and talk and have fun instead of running around problem solving.

For year three, Julius and Damien returned to the conference and for our Jabberwocky’s Ball I asked Damien if Astral/Subastral would do a musical performance of Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky poem. I knew they would do something cool with it and they did, a jazzy version with the audience playing along on percussion instruments. I know that he wanted to participate in this year’s Milwaukee Krampusnacht, but was too ill to make it.

Damien was planning a show for his birthday this Friday at Company Brewing with his band and other musician friends. In my last conversation with him, I told him I would be attending. I will be, because the show is still going on as a celebration of his life.  Show proceeds will be given to Damien’s family. More event info here:

There is also an online fundraiser for Damien’s family. Please donate:

Milwaukee Krampusnacht vendor: Cut-it-Out! Studios

Cut-It-Out! Studios is a small unique front for local artist Addo Workman who’s top medium is paper and paper products. This MIAD alum will have interesting gifts for the hard to find person on your list.



Addo also designed our cute hipster Krampus cloth candy bags. If you didn’t get one with the $5 ticket, we have extras we’ll be selling at our merch table for $5.



Milwaukee Krampusnacht vendor: Beyer Beware Productions

David Beyer Jr is an illustrator and cartoonist from Milwaukee. His artwork has helped define the visual look of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Group events throughout our three years of existence.

Past clients have included Image Comics, So Buttons, Arcana Comics, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He has also worked as a muralist, and as a toy designer. He holds a BFA in illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and studied cartooning at the Joe Kubert School and the School of Visual Arts.

David will be doing a limited number of monster portrait commissions during the show. Because the event is so short, David is taking preorders for monster portraits. If you are interested in picking up your portrait during Krampusnacht, please send 1 or 2 good photographs to





Your Krampus Parade Guide

krampusparade final

Krampus parade sponsored by Great Northern Distillery:

The parade route starts behind Lakefront Brewery and heads east on the Riverwalk. The parade will be along the side closest to the river. The procession heads up to a green square area (kid area), does a lap around it, and then heads back on the Riverwalk the direction it came, does a lap in an enclosed area near Lakefront (kid area) then marches into Lakefront Brewery.

Parade rules
-Parade starts 7PM sharp.
-If you have kids, please bring them to the two big kid areas pictured in the map above. The one closest to Lakefront will be the last visit on the parade. PLEASE keep your kids under control and keep them away from Commerce St and away from the river side of the Riverwalk.
-There are riverside condos along the route. Do not climb on their porches, stairwells, or other parts of their property.
-Please don’t interfere with the parade. Let it march on. Angels will be handing out candy…don’t be grabby with them.
-If you have a ticket to get in, please follow the parade and line up to get in. Only those with tickets will get into Lakefront Brewery. If you don’t, we’ll see you next year!

Here are some of the characters you’ll see in our Krampus Parade:

Krampus and Saint Nick

Krampus is a 1,500 year-old pagan ritual to disperse the ghosts of winter. He shows up with Saint Nick on December 5th , the eve of Saint Nick Day. This is called “Krampusnacht” (Krampus Night). On this night Krampus visits the houses of children to see if they have been good or bad this year on a “Krampuslauf” (Krampus Run). If good, they will get a sweet treat. If bad, Krampus will beat them with a switch, put them in a sack, and drag them off to the nether world to be punished. Krampus walks in the shadow of Saint Nick , This is the yin and yang of this ritual. You will also see angels and a farmhand that helps Nick with his visitation.

Our Angels will be handing out candy, too!

Other Christmas entities
We are glad to say we will be joined in the parade by:

Befana (Italian tradition)

Befana the Christmas Witch is joining us a little early. She usually visits Italian children on Epiphany Eve (Jan.5) and much like Saint Nick, delivers candy to good children and something lest tasty like coal or an onion to bad children. Being a tidy housekeeper, she always sweeps the floor before she leaves your house.

Jólakötturinn (Icelandic tradition)


Icelandic tradition says that children who work hard and finish their chores will be rewarded with new clothes. Those are good to have because Jólakötturinn, the giant Yule Cat, is on the prowl looking to eat children that don’t have new clothes.

Mari Lwyd (Welsh tradition)
The Mari Lwyd is a wassailing tradition from South Wales. A group of men would escort the Mari Lwyd from house to house, where they would sing a song requesting to be let in. The home inhabitants would respond with a song of their own, before letting the Mari Lwyd party in for refreshments.

Jack Frost  (English/ American folklore)

There are similar characters to Jack Frost in folklore around the world, depicted as a sprite-like mischief maker or sometimes hero. Jack Frost is a personification of frost, ice, snow, and winter.

Wisconsin Burners are also sending some Krampus characters who will be performing poi dancing! Music will be provided by our Ugly Sweater Orchestra. They’ll be playing “Deck the Halls” and “O Tannenbaum.” Sing along!

After the event we will have a Krampusnacht after party: Kramp’n and Dance’n at Riverwest Public House (815 E. Locust St.), starting at 10pm. Free event with DJ Michael Weiss, a charity Wheel-O-Prizes (win candy, a prize, or…uh oh, a whipping from Krampus!) and drink specials including a Krampus Rum Punch, made with Great Northern Distilling’s Opportunity Rum!
Event page:

Milwaukee Krampusnacht special guests: Raven Resistance


Note: Milwaukee Krampusnacht is glad to have special guests Raven Resistance as part of our event. Please support their clothing drive and the Milwaukee Women’s Center. 

The Raven Resistance is hosting a drive for new or gently used winter coats, hats, and gloves for women and children in all sizes, and new socks and underwear for women and children to be donated to the Milwaukee Women’s Center. Over 30% of all domestic violence cases in Wisconsin occur in Milwaukee County. The Milwaukee Women’s Center is one of only two shelters in Milwaukee County specifically serving women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. Please contact Moriah Iverson at with any questions, and thank you for giving!

More info on Milwaukee Women’s Center:
Raven Resistance Facebook page: