Guest Speaker: Sam Maranto

Presentation: “Chicago Mothman: Fact vs. Fiction,” Saturday at 3 PM, Alumnae Hall

Strange unverifiable claims about a large flying creature appearing over Chicago have been popping online since 2011. Some declare it’s the Mothman, usurping the name and heritage of the legendary cryptid made famous by the late John Keel in his book The Mothman Prophecies. But what if any resemblance do purported sightings over Chicago have to the seminal 1966-1967 Mothman flap in Point Pleasant, West Virginia? Is there any truth to modern, online claims which have now extended into Wisconsin? And if not, what could be the motive for such as hoax? Profiteering, Internet trolling, a government-sponsored diversion, a PSYOP run amok, or combination of all of the above? Examine the evidence.

Sam Maranto is a UFO researcher, and currently the state director for the Illinois chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Best known for his investigations into major National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) leads including the mass sightings over Tinley Park in 2004 and the famous O’Hare Airport Gate C17 UFO of 2006. He has also appeared on Travel Channel’s UFO Hunters and been interviewed for numerous TV shows, documentaries, radio shows, and print publications.

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