Merry Krampusnacht and 2018 Schedule of Events


Photo by C.M. DeSpears:

Wow, what a fantastic evening we had last night, Milwaukee Krampusnacht was a huge success! The event organizers, Tea and Robert, would like to thank everyone who participated. The parade was fun and everyone had such great costumes! The vendors were all talented, the bands were great, and Lakefront Brewery’s staff all did such a great job. We also want to give a heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who made sure everything was running smoothly.

Are we doing it again next year? Oh yeaaaah! It’ll be a bigger event with a bigger parade and a series of workshops and build days leading up to it. Join our Facebook group here: 

We have buttons left and stickers (pre-order, shipped out on Dec. 15) and other merch at our Square store:

We had so much fun and we hope to see you at our 2018 events!

List of 2018 Events

April 13: Friday the 13th Fest (part 4)
July 13: Friday the 13th Fest (part 5)
October 19-21: Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
October 20: The Kraken’s Ball (think sea monsters, mermaids, zombie pirates, squid people, etc.!)
December 5: Milwaukee Krampusnacht (now with more Krampus!)

GND_logo (1)More Photos from our Milwaukee Krampus Parade
sponsored by Great Northern Distillery
Photos by C.M. DeSpears
parade07 parade04parade06





One thought on “Merry Krampusnacht and 2018 Schedule of Events

  1. Norm and I had a great time and my vendor sales (Craftwyrkes) were outstanding! So many venues gouge the vendors with high fees and don’t deliver – this is one venue that I intend to keep as your fee was extremely reasonable and the attendees were willing and able to buy. I was impressed with the variety and high quality of vendors and fortunate to be included in their company. Many thanks and see you next year!


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