2016 Media Info

Media Passes are available by sending an inquiry to: milwaukeeparacon@gmail.com


Media Info Sheet

Your media pass gets you access to both days of the conference (Sat. 10/15, 10am-6pm and Sunday 10/16 10am-5pm) and our Raven’s Ball after party (10/15 8pm, Irish Cultural & Heritage Center). Here’s some info about the conference:

-This is our second year. The first conference happened in June 2015 at the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center. Milwaukee author Tea Krulos had finished a non-fiction book (Monster Hunters, published by Chicago Review Press) and visualized a small conference to showcase people and subject matter he had written about in his book. The conference idea quickly snowballed and became an event with an enthusiastic support base. It immediately became clear that a year two event could be built into an even larger conference.

-Special guests being flown into Milwaukee this year include:

Loren Coleman: the world’s leading cryptozoologist. Cryptozoology is the study of mystery animals like Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, Chupacabras, etc. Loren has written dozens of books on the subject, appeared on shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Coast-to-Coast, and curates the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. In his long career of traveling and giving talks, this is his first Milwaukee appearance.

Katrina Weidman: Star of ghost hunting reality shows Paranormal State () and Paranormal Lockdown, the Destination America channel’s highest rated show of 2016. Paranormal Lockdown has a 2-hour Halloween special premiering Oct.30, followed by a second season in 2017. First Milwaukee appearance.

Chase Kloetzke: The Deputy Director of Investigations and Special Case Manager for the Mutual UFO Network, Chase has been with the group since 1996. She’s actually taking a direct flight to Milwaukee from a case she’s investigating in Peru!

Elizabeth Saint: Inventor of the Ghostly Gadgets line of ghost detecting equipment and star of Destination America’s Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

-In addition to the guests being flown in, we have many speakers from Southeastern Wisconsin and the Midwest. Be sure to check out Allison Jornlin’s talk on weird moments in Wisconsin history, and talks on strange cases in Wisconsin by Linda S. Godfrey Chad Lewis. Most of our panels are also on Wisconsin lore, including “Searching for Wisconsin’s Sasquatch” and “Wisconsin’s Wildest Urban Legends.”

-Saturday night after the conference will be celebrated with the Raven’s Ball, a masquerade ball style party at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center. Features performances by Dead Man’s Carnival, Quasimondo Theater, Sunspot, Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance, Gnarrenschiff, Subspace, and a costume contest.

-If you want to get an interview with a guest speaker, I recommend trying to approach them at their tables on the vendor floor to ask them. If you need something facilitated, try to locate director Tea Krulos or text him at 414-852-4795. Website: milwaukeeparacon.com Facebook: facebook.com/milwaukeeparanormalconference Twitter: @MKEparacon #MKEparacon2016 Instagram: @paracon_mke